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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2069 - Another Encounter
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Chapter 2069: Another Encounter

With that, the fifth prince’s eyes narrowed, and his face immediately sank. He growled, “When did this appear?”

“It should have appeared today,” the Godking replied.

Mister Shu looked away and turned towards the reporting Godkings. He was slightly stunned. Meanwhile, the fifth prince’s face had completely sunken, where his gaze was extremely icy. He growled, “Jian Chen and his group are actually still alive, and they’ve taken away a quarter of the entire Divine Medicinal Garden. On the other hand, Bai Qi and the others still haven’t returned.”

“This has exceeded my expectations. Either Bai Qi and the others have failed, or they faced some other problems and were delayed,” mister Shu said as his eyes deepened with thought.

The fifth prince fell silent for a while before ordering in a deep voice, “Everyone, stop healing! We’re setting off immediately!” This time, the fifth prince wanted to find Jian Chen with his own group of people. The heavenly resources on Jian Chen interested him greatly such that he wanted to obtain them regardless of the price.

The Godkings of the Yun family and Yun Xin left with the fifth prince quietly. The fifth prince purposefully retained this information, so they did not hear the conversation and had no clue where the fifth prince was going to this time or what he was going to do.

“Kai Ya, let’s go. No matter what happens in the Neptunean Divine Palace, we have to leave for the eighth floor as soon as possible,” Jian Chen said to Kai Ya high in the air as he ignored the Neptunean Moon.

“Do you want to go to the bottom of the lava on the eighth floor to collect fire divine crystals?” Kai Ya stared at Jian Chen.

“That’s right. A single fire divine crystal is worth ten times as much as a piece of supreme quality divine crystal of the same size. We need large amounts of divine crystals to go to other planes or directly return to the Cloud Plane. Although we have a large amount of heavenly resources with us, exchanging them for divine crystals won’t be easy, and it might even lead to some problems. Moreover, I’m not exactly willing to sell those heavenly resources, as we have so many old friends in the Tian Yuan clan who need them,” Jian Chen said in thought.

“You’ve witnessed how terrifying the lava is. Even if you have the tower, it’ll be very difficult for you to collect the fire divine crystals at the bottom of the lava. It’s not like your body can endure the terrifying lava,” Kai Ya said with some worry. She felt angst over the terrifying lava on the eighth floor, where even after she had become a Godking and her strength had increased drastically, she still did not dare to touch it.

“If we don’t try, how will we know?” Jian Chen smiled indifferently. His confidence swelled after breaking through with the Chaotic Body. Even if his body was unable to last in the lava, the Anatta Tower could protect him.

“Hmm?” At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. Like a ray of light that pierced through the darkness, his gaze was locked onto something in the distance. He was surprised as he murmured, “Why would it be them? Why have them come to the Neptunean Divine Palace as well?”

“It’s that little girl you met on the spatial battleship. She’s so weak, so what is she doing here?” Kai Ya stared into the distance as well and was greatly surprised.

“Let’s go over and have a look,” said Jian Chen before directly hurrying over with Kai Ya.

A pale-faced Zi Yun held Xiao Man tightly several dozen kilometers from Jian Chen’s location. She powerlessly stared at the Godkings around her with resentment.

The sudden appearance of the Neptunean Moon had startled the Godkings. They all stared at the moon right now, so it was a perfect time for her to run or launch a sneak attack. However, Zi Yun had lost that ability, as she was heavily injured, and her vitality was greatly drained.

A while later, the Godkings returned from the shock the appearance of the Neptunean Moon gave them, and they stared at Zi Yun once again.

“Something big is going to happen in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Let’s get the legacy from her and leave. It doesn’t matter whether this change is good or bad. I don’t think we should take part in it.”

“That’s right. Take her to a remote region, and we’ll leave immediately after getting what we want.”

Two Godkings said sternly. The appearance of the Neptunean Moon caused them great unease, casting a shadow of uncertainty in their hearts. They felt fear for the unknown.

“Everyone, you’re all mighty Godkings, yet you won’t even let a Mortal realm girl go? Aren’t you far too brutal?” At this moment, a deep voice rang out and caused the expressions of the Godkings to change as they were about to take Zi Yun away. They had all become flustered by the appearance of the Neptunean Moon, so they directed all their attention there, lowering their attention towards the surroundings completely. They actually failed to discover someone had approached the area.

The Godkings followed the voice and looked over. All they saw were two young people, one female and one male, flying over beside each other. They both seemed to be in their twenties. The man was handsome, and his face seemed resolute, giving off a heroic, war-like spirit. It was obvious that he had gone through a baptism of battles. The woman, on the other hand, was nowhere close to being alluring, but she was still pretty and possessed an otherworldly bearing.

“It’s actually just two early Godkings. But since they’ve already discovered us, we can’t let them leave to stop the information from being leaked. Let’s finish them off cleanly by sending some people later,” the Godkings sneered as they relaxed. They did nothing to stop the two, allowing the two to approach them. At the same time, they secretly discussed with one another and reached an agreement very soon.

The two people were Jian Chen and Kai Ya, obviously. They ignored the Godkings who showed different expressions as they directly flew over from afar calmly. They arrived right in front of Zi Yun.

Zi Yun clearly recognised Jian Chen and Kai Ya as well. Jian Chen had assisted them on the spatial battleship from the Cloud Plane before, taking back Xiao Man’s jade pendant from the three-eyed Demon King. Zi Yun had always felt grateful towards him for that.

Zi Yun raised her head and looked at Jian Chen and Kai Ya. She smiled weakly, “Have you come for my Chaotic Prime’s legacy as well?”

Jian Chen was surprised when he heard that, but he understood the situation very soon. He stared at Zi Yun strangely and said, “I heard that a Chaotic Prime’s dwelling appeared near the Divine Medicinal Garden a while ago, but I never thought you were the one who obtained it.” Jian Chen’s feelings were extremely mixed as he looked at Zi Yun. He had no idea whether he should loathe her or not. It was exactly because Zi Yun had gained the recognition of the legacy that many Godkings returned to the Divine Medicinal Garden, which revealed his entire operation in the garden.

If Zi Yun had obtained the legacy later, the Godkings would have returned later as well, and he would have had enough time to clean out the entire place.

Unfortunately, the rare opportunity was destroyed by Zi Yun, which filled Jian Chen with much pity.

“So you have come for the legacy. Unfortunately, even if I give the legacy to you, you won’t be able to leave with it,” Zi Yun was downcast as she glanced at the surrounding Godkings.

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