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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2075 - Against Mister Shu
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Chapter 2075: Against Mister Shu

Looking at Jian Chen’s fake smile, the fifth prince suddenly felt an ill omen, which caused his heart to suddenly sink. He could not help but think about Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya, who he had sent to kill Jian Chen before.

Hei Ya possessed a unique ability. He was able to find anyone he had seen accurately no matter how far away they were. As a result, although the Neptunean Divine Palace was large, with Hei Ya, finding Jian Chen’s group was a piece of cake.

Yet now, Jian Chen who should have been dead in the fifth prince’s eyes appeared before him in perfect condition. At the same time, he had lost contact with the siblings who should have been able to kill Jian Chen for sure.

All this pointed to the fact that the three of them had failed their operation of killing Jian Chen.

“The reason why I’ve been looking for the fifth prince is because I have something I want to tell you. It might be a relatively bad piece of news to you,” Jian Chen smiled gently as he remained composed. It was like he was not conscious of his current situation at all.

“What news?” The fifth prince asked gruffly as his complexion was horrible. He glanced at the Godking who Jian Chen had killed and gradually confirmed his thoughts.

“A few days ago, I witnessed a horrible battle in a mountain range. In the end, three Godkings died there. They were two men and one woman. However, to me, they seemed rather similar to the people who followed you. I just wonder if you recognise the three of them,” said Jian Chen.

The fifth prince immediately determined that the three people Jian Chen was speaking of were the siblings and Hei Ya. This caused his face to pale as he felt furious inside. His killing intent for Jian Chen had reached a point of no return.

“No wonder Bai Qi and the other two still haven’t returned. They’ve suffered from an accident,” the fifth prince gritted his teeth as he thought this. He did not believe that the three of them had died to someone else because with the strength Jian Chen had displayed right now, it was not impossible for him to kill the two siblings even though it would be slightly difficult.

The Godkings from the Yun family were all secretly surprised as their gazes towards Jian Chen changed.

During the days that they spent with the fifth prince, they naturally heard about Bai Qi and Bai He’s strength. They had never thought that the two siblings would die, which amazed them.

“I never thought fellow Jian Chen’s strength would be so terrifying, where even the two siblings have died to his hands. So much for me worrying,” thought Yun Lianqing. Naturally, he knew that the siblings’ death was related to Jian Chen.

At this moment, mister Shu, who stood beside the fifth prince, stepped forward. He said to Jian Chen gently, “Jian Chen, although you haven’t appeared on the Overgods’ Plaque, it’s rumored that you defeated Mo Cheng, who ranked first. You’re a hidden prodigy of great talent. Now that you’ve become a Godking and are at the same cultivation level as me, I would love to witness your strength despite lacking on my part. Please give me this opportunity.”

Mister Shu was scholarly, and he spoke very gently and politely. His voice was as soothing as the spring breeze such that people would not be able to help but take a liking towards him.

However, what mister Shu did next was the complete opposite to his appearance. As soon as he finished speaking, he exploded with terrifying speed and arrived before Jian Chen in an instance. He raised his hand and reached towards Jian Chen with lightning speed as if his hand contained a power that could lock down the surroundings.

In the moment before, mister Shu was kind and seemingly harmless, but in the next moment, he seemed to have become a vicious beast, where he was extremely terrifying. He struck out viciously and was extremely ferocious.

Jian Chen immediately felt his entire body stiffen as if a mysterious force radiated from mister Shu’s hand that wanted to lock him down. He felt like he had sunk into quicksand.

Jian Chen became grim. He rarely saw someone as powerful as mister Shu. He was on a completely different level compared to Bai Qi and Bai He. This was the greatest pressure he had ever experienced since he had become a Godking.

Even when he faced the several dozen Godkings in the surroundings, he did not experience such pressure.

Jian Chen’s gaze became extremely sharp. Mister Shu had moved just too quickly, having already approached him. At such a close distance, he could no longer use his sword with ease, so he used his left hand and struck out with Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen held nothing back in this palm strike, using his full strength. He tore through the obstruction of the locked space and collided with mister Shu’s hand.

Their palm strikes were like the collision of two stars, erupting with a shocking sound. Terrifying energy surged out from the clash and into the surroundings, causing the ground to crack. Dust and sand were kicked up into the air as the vegetation disintegrated.

This collision was extremely violent. It did not seem like a clash between an early and late Godking, but more like a battle between supreme Godkings.

After the strike, mister Shu drifted backwards. He remained composed as his face did not change. However, his gaze towards Jian Chen contained obvious shock.

On the other hand, Jian Chen’s body shuddered as he took a few steps back uncontrollably. The ground where he stepped on cracked, leaving behind a deep footprint.

More and more Godkings gathered in the surroundings, but without any exceptions, all of them became shocked by the terrifying might that had erupted from their clash.

“Jian Chen, Bai Qi and the others were probably killed by you because you completely have that strength,” mister Shu stood with his arms crossed several dozen meters away from Jian Chen. He stared at Jian Chen calmly as he seemed scholarly once again.

“That’s right, I killed them,” replied Jian Chen. He showed no fear and instead surged with battle intent. His presence was shocking as he gave off a powerful sword intent. It was like he was a sword and not a human.

“We can ignore their deaths. We can also ignore the heavenly resources you have. We only want the girl behind you. If you leave this girl behind, we won’t make things difficult for you,” said mister Shu. He glanced at Xiao Man, who was gradually recovering, with interest.

At the same time, he told the fifth prince secretly in an extremely stern tone that the girl was extraordinary, far more important than anything here.

The light in the fifth prince’s eyes flickered, and he naturally saw how Xiao Man was extraordinary. She was only at the Mortal realm, yet she could emerge unscathed from the battle shockwaves of two powerful Godkings. This was completely abnormal.

Jian Chen scoffed, “You can ignore the matter of Bai Qi and the others, but I will be getting to the bottom of it.”

Mister Shu frowned, “Jian Chen, you are indeed very powerful. There’s only a handful of people across the entire Saints’ World who can do what you have done as an early Godking, but you’re not my opponent. You should know that I have a god artifact.”

“I just happened to be in the mood of witnessing the god artifact’s power,” the sword in Jian Chen’s hand tremored and immediately shone brightly. It was as resplendent as a galaxy.

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