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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2081 - The Might Of The Profound Sword Qi
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Chapter 2081: The Might of the Profound Sword Qi

“Did you not hear what this king said?” The young man in gold said coldly as his face was frigid. He glared at the Godkings. He seemed condescending, and it was like he was looking down on everyone.

“Gong Zheng, you’ve come at a perfect time. The girl you speak of does exist. She’s currently with Jian Chen. This person is Jian Chen. If you’re interested in the girl, hurry up and start fighting, or things will become difficult once Jian Chen escapes from the Neptunean Divine Palace,” Cang Ying said in a timely manner. His old voice was powerful.

However, when the surrounding Godkings heard the name ‘Gong Zheng’, many of their expressions changed. Their gazes towards the young man changed drastically as they showed fear and some dread.

“Is he the supreme Godking from the Godkings’ Throne, Gong Zheng?”

“It’s said that Gong Zheng is the successor of the Solitary Sword lineage. People call him the Minor Heavenly King of the Solitary Sword. He’s extremely powerful, and ever since he started cultivating, he has never suffered a defeat against opponents of the same level. He ranks nine-hundredth on the Godkings’ Throne!”

“I never thought he would actually be the supreme Godking, Gong Zheng. He truly is worthy of being the successor of the Solitary Sword lineage. He’s extremely cold as expected, where you can tell with a single glance that he’s a vicious and heartless person.”

“Gong Zheng clearly came for Jian Chen. No matter how incredible Jian Chen is, his cultivation is still lacking. There’s no chance for him to survive before Gong Zheng…”

Many Godkings discussed among themselves. Many of them had lived for extremely long times, so they had memorised every single name on the Godkings’ Throne. As a result, they had recalled a lot of related information as soon as the name ‘Gong Zheng’ was mentioned.

“Gong Zheng has come at a perfect time. I’d like to see how you escape now. Gong Zheng’s ranking on the Godkings’ Throne is even higher than Cang Ying’s,” the fifth prince of the Sky Empire celebrated secretly. He thought about how Gong Zheng’s timing was perfect.

As for Yun Xin and Yun Lianqing beside the fifth prince, they began to worry for Jian Chen once again.

Just Cang Ying alone required both Jian Chen and Kai Ya to work together to contend against. Now that Gong Zheng, who ranked much higher than Cang Ying, had come, what was Jian Chen and Kai Ya supposed to do to hold him off?

Gong Zheng stared at Jian Chen and said in an arrogant fashion, “I have no interest in fighting you, so you better hand over the girl.”

Gong Zheng seemed cool on the surface, but he was actually nowhere close to being calm on the inside. Naturally, he could tell that Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s realm of cultivation was not powerful, only having become Godkings recently, but they were still able to engage in such an intense battle against a Godking on the Godkings’ Throne. This shocked him very much.

Even across the entire Saints’ World, there were only a handful of monsters like this.

Yet, he had encountered two of them together right now.

Jian Chen’s heart suddenly sank. Previously, the thing that worried him the most was that the more time he wasted, the more powerful people would gather over. Unfortunately, he and Kai Ya had been kept busy by Cang Ying and mister Shu, and they struggled to break free, so the last thing he wished to see still happened.

Gong Zheng was very powerful. He had already heard that Gong Zheng ranked higher on the Godkings’ Throne than Cang Ying, so if Gong Zheng entered the battle, the situation would not be very optimistic.

However, right when Gong Zheng finished speaking, another three extremely powerful presences appeared on the distant horizon, surging over like tidal waves as they rapidly approached their location.

Even though the people were nowhere to be seen, it was possible to tell that the three of them did not pale in comparison to Cang Ying and Gong Zheng from their presences alone.

“More supreme Godkings. Heavens, is this a gathering of supreme Godkings?”

“Three supreme Godkings have come all of a sudden. That’s five supreme Godkings in total. I have never seen so many supreme Godkings gathered together in my life.”

“They’ve either come for the God Tier heavenly resources or that girl. Jian Chen is dead for sure.”

Many of the Godkings in the surroundings were surprised. Was this going to be a gathering of supreme Godkings?

Jian Chen and Kai Ya were extremely stern. With five supreme Godkings here, they felt pressure so great that they had never experienced it before. The situation was worsening for them.

“We can’t waste any more time, or we really won’t be able to make it out of here,” Jian Chen’s face turned cold as determination filled his face.

At the same time, Gong Zheng’s face changed slightly. He thought, “It’s them. I never thought they’d come down from the tenth floor as well. No, the girl can’t end up with them.” With that, Gong Zheng struck out decisively. The sword below his feet flew into his hand as a streak of light. He held his sword, and he seemed to become a god of the sword as he directly swung it at Jian Chen.

Immediately, his sword shone with blinding light, and a huge streak of light several hundred meters in length shot through the air towards Jian Chen with lightning speed.

Within the sword Qi was an intent that represented destruction and also invoked despair within people. It affected the minds of many of the Godkings in the surroundings, causing their willpower to waver.

This was the profound truths of the Solitude Sword. If those with weak willpower faced the sword Qi, they would struggle to put up any resistance under the influence of the profound truths.

Jian Chen’s willpower was firm like steel and did not waver at all. He used the Taiyi Sword Technique. Sword Qi gathered around him, and he turned into the sword, shooting over as a streak of light.


With a loud sound, the two attacks collided, and sword Qi scattered in all directions. Gong Zheng’s huge sword Qi was dispersed by Jian Chen while the light around Jian Chen dulled. He charged forwards boldly at the cost of a few bone-deep slashes. He headed directly towards Gong Zheng. His presence was shocking as he seemed unstoppable.

“And you still want to resist? I’ll cripple you first, and then capture you,” Gong Zheng’s eyes were cold as he said frigidly. The Laws of the Sword condensed around him, causing him to shine blindingly. He was already prepared to use his full strength and finish the battle quickly.

This was because he needed to take the girl from Jian Chen before the three people arrived. Time was of the essence.

Jian Chen had already approached Gong Zheng now. Suddenly, a powerful sword intent enough to make the world shake radiated from him, and a finger-sized strand of silver-white sword Qi silently appeared above his head.

The sword Qi was small, but it was extremely terrifying. It had enough power to make the world rumble. It caused the expressions of all the Godkings around to change drastically as they shivered inside.

Even the expression of a supreme Godking as powerful as Gong Zheng changed at that moment. He struggled to maintain his composure because he experienced a huge threat from the sword Qi. It was so powerful that he had never experienced something like this before, making his very soul tremble.

Cang Ying, who fought Kai Ya, shivered inside as well. Suddenly, he looked at Jian Chen as his old face was filled with surprise.


It was also at this moment that a flash enough to make the world pale appeared. The strand of Profound Sword Qi above Jian Chen’s head shot out. It moved extremely quickly, basically bypassing any distance that existed between it and Gong Zheng, arriving before Gong Zheng’s forehead in a split second.

Gong Zheng paled in shock as his pupils narrowed to the size of pin tips at that moment. They became silver-white as they reflected the blinding light from the Profound Sword Qi.

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