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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2086 - The Mysterious Woman
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Chapter 2086: The Mysterious Woman

“Jian Chen? Who’s that? Why have I never heard of him before? And that name doesn’t seem to be on the Overgods’ Plaque.”

Many people memorised Jian Chen’s name, except all of them found it to be extremely unfamiliar.

However, when the woman in silver-white armor seated on the ground heard the name, her body trembled inconspicuously. Her eyes snapped open as a sliver of shock appeared in her cold eyes.

“Jian Chen? Is it him? Has he also come to the Saints’ World and entered the Neptunean Divine Palace?”

“Impossible. It can’t be him. Only so long has passed, so how has he reached such a great level?” The woman struggled to remain calm. Her heart churned.

Afterwards, she stared at the person who spoke and asked in a cold and emotionless voice, “Does this Jian Chen comprehend the Laws of the Sword?”

The Godking was stared at by the woman from a very long way away, and he immediately felt chills run down his spine as if his blood had frozen. Immediately, he did not dare to tarry, telling her in a hurry, “That’s right. According to what I know, this Jian Chen did indeed comprehend the Laws of the Sword. However, his truly powerful aspect was not the Laws of the Sword, but the extremely great power he controlled. This power eliminated his difference with supreme Godkings, allowing him to fight them despite only having become a Godking recently.”

“An extremely great power? Is it really him?” After hearing that, a gleam of light flashed through the woman’s eyes as she became surprised and doubtful.

Afterwards, she stood up from the ground, and under the fearful gazes of many Godkings, she left the twelfth floor.

“So scary. Who is that woman? She just glanced at me, and it sent chills running down my spine. Even my blood stopped flowing smoothly.” The Godkings wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead as he felt lingering fear after the woman had left.

The woman in silver-white armor moved extremely quickly. She directly made her way to the ninth floor, and after spending a moment there, she made her way to the eighth floor, to the world of volcanoes.

She concealed her presence and moved around silently like a ghost. Many people failed to sense her arrival. Only when she appeared where Jian Chen had fallen into the lava did she raise the attention of everyone present.

This was because it was difficult for her to not become the centre of attention at that moment.

The lava on the eighth floor was extremely hot. Godkings could only hover several thousand meters above it, and they would never descend any lower. Even the six supreme Godkings who fought Jian Chen were only able to descend to an altitude of over thirty meters. Any lower and even they would not be able to withstand the terrifying heat.

However, the woman directly approached the surface of the lava right now. Her feet were only three inches from the terrifying lava, making it seem like she was standing there from afar, completely unafraid of the terrifying heat.

This sight shocked all the Godkings gathered in the area.

The supreme Godkings who had fought with Jian Chen did not leave either. They all stared at the snow-white figure who seemed to stand on the lava below in shock as disbelief flooded their faces as well.

“Who is she?”

At that moment, the entire eighth floor fell dead silent. Everyone stared at the figure as they thought of the same thing.

“This person is so powerful, where she can directly approach the surface of the lava. Looking at how confident she seems, it is clearly extremely easy for her to do that. Is she a Primordial realm expert?” People conversed secretly in great shock.

“Impossible. Primordial realm experts can’t enter the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

The woman did not even glance at the Godkings above. She stood where Jian Chen had fallen in as if she was standing on the lava. Her feet were only three inches away from the churning lava as she stared below without blinking at all. It was like she was looking through the lava in search of something.

Only after four hours did she give up on her search. She thought, “Jian Chen, I know you’re still alive. It’s impossible for you to die here, or you would not have the right to become a successor of a Grand Exalt from the Immortals’ World. I will look for you when you appear again.”

The woman suddenly vanished silently, leaving no traces behind. Just like when she came, she left without anyone noticing. No one noticed how she had left either. She was truly like a ghost.

“So powerful. Her strength must have reached an astonishing level,” Cang Ying said sternly as he floated in the sky. The woman from before clearly did not give off any pressure, but he felt extremely pressured, and it made him shiver as if he faced a Primordial realm expert.

“Who is she? She’s so powerful! Is she ranked in the top three of the Godkings’ Throne, or maybe she even holds first place? Or, she has never attempted the Godkings’ Throne, so she never left her name on there?” Another supreme Godking said. They were also grim.

They all knew every single name on the Godkings’ Throne very well, but it was only the names. Their grasp over the other information was limited.

Only with supreme Godkings who often made public appearances and were extremely well-known would they be able to identify them through their unique physical features, or even their cultivation method and personality.

No one knew the identity of the woman who had appeared just then. Even from her unique features, it was difficult to tell.

This was because they did not know the gender of many of the names engraved on the Godkings’ Throne.

In the current Saints’ World, many major organisations outside the Neptunean Divine Palace had learnt that the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace had awakened. This news immediately interested the people in charge of many powerful organisations because the awakening of the artifact spirit meant that a new master for the Neptunean Divine Palace would be chosen.

Not only was the Neptunean Divine Palace a high quality god artifact, but there were items that even powerful organisations that stood at the very apex of the world coveted in there. As a result, as soon as the news broke out, all the major organisations got into action. They basically sent all their talented Godkings rushing to the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Some of the supreme Godkings on the Godkings’ Throne that belonged to an organisation were called on by their respective clans or sects, and they were all sent into the Neptunean Divine Palace.

The current Neptunean Divine Palace had truly become a gathering place of experts. The fight among the supreme Godkings had become the centre of attention of all major organisations.

This was because the opening of the Neptunean Divine Palace was not as simple as a fight for Grand Primes’ legacies. It was a battle for the ownership of a divine hall that tied into many matters.

This was all because the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace had awakened.

As a result, basically half of all the supreme Godkings on the Godkings’ Throne had headed into the Neptunean Divine Palace.

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