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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2095 - Jian Chen’s Death (Two)
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Chapter 2095: Jian Chen’s Death (Two)

Behind the young man were five guards in golden armor. The armor covered their faces completely, obscuring their appearances, which added a sense of mysteriousness.

Many Godkings gathered in small groups around the young man, but basically all of them stared in the direction of the young man in white robes, or more correctly, they stared at the five guards in golden armor behind him. They all showed surprise and angst.

The young man ignored everyone’s gazes. He smiled gently, “Let’s go. Let’s go up and ask around. These people have only just come in, so asking them is useless.” As the young man smiled, he had already run off while the five golden guards followed him closely.

“Did I see it correctly? The five people in golden armor seem like divine generals from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

“It can’t be wrong. The divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng all wear a standardized armor that bears the insignia of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. No one dares to replicate it, so they’re divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng for sure.”

“B- but it doesn’t make sense. The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is such a supreme existence, so why would they send divine generals into the Neptunean Divine Palace? I don’t think the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng would have any interest in the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“You can tell with a single glance that the five divine generals are following that young man. But who is that young man?”

“Is he a disciple of one of those majesties from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?”

A fervent discussion immediately broke out at the entrance on the first floor after the young man had left. Divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng actually protected him, which raised everyone’s attention. Even the supreme Godkings among them became stern.

“It doesn’t matter who the young man is. We can’t afford to become his enemy. Even though the ancestors have once said that the Anatta Grand Exalt died over three million years ago, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng still has the support of their majesties. Apart from the eighth majesty, none of the other three majesties can be provoked by our ancestors. Just a flick of their fingers will be enough to destroy our clans.” At that moment, many Godkings spoke to their people secretly. Even a few supreme Godkings warned the people beside them sternly.

To no surprise, the young man in white robes that everyone was talking about was Ming Dong, who had come to the Neptunean Divine Palace especially for Jian Chen.

At this moment, Ming Dong wandered through the Neptunean Divine Palace with the five divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. He would go ahead and ask anyone he met about Jian Chen, regardless of their cultivation.

“Jian Chen? Never heard of him.”

“Brother, I’ve only entered the Neptunean Divine Palace recently, so I really don’t know who Jian Chen is. Why don’t you give me a method of contact, so once I get news about Jian Chen, I can tell you immediately?”

Ming Dong asked several people consecutively, but the end result was very obvious. Everyone he came across had only entered the Neptunean Divine Palace recently, just slightly earlier than him, so they naturally did not know about Jian Chen.

When the people Ming Dong stopped saw the special attires of the divine generals and the insignia of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, they all became extremely polite and spoke with much respect. They did not dare to waste any time.

The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was indeed far too distant to cultivators who struggled at the bottom of the hierarchy. Some of them did not even possess the right to know about it. However, all the disciples and descendants of large organisations were familiar with it.

“There’s no one who knows in the lower floors. It looks like I need to make my way up,” thought Ming Dong. Then he looked at the five divine generals behind him and said, “The armor you wear is too eye-catching. Although I’ve come to the Neptunean Divine Palace to search for my brother Jian Chen, eighth senior has set this up as training for me as well. If you keep wearing the armor, I won’t be able to train at all, so put the armor away. Don’t wear it unless I’m facing critical danger.”

“Yes, ninth majesty!” The five divine generals replied together and stowed the golden armor away, revealing their appearances. All five of them were middle-aged men. They were expressionless while their eyes were extremely cold. Every single one of them was a vicious person who had gone through countless battles and had maneuvered their way to their current position over the corpses of others.

Just as expected, no one was able to recognise that they were from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng anymore. Afterwards, Ming Dong took the five divine generals with him as he made his way through the Neptunean Divine Palace. He went all the way to the ninth floor and finally stopped a Godking that was passing by. He clasped his fist politely and asked, “Sir, have you heard of a person called Jian Chen?”

“Jian Chen? The young man who appears to be in his twenties? The one who comprehends the Laws of the Sword?” The Godking was surprised and replied with more questions.

“Yes, yes, yes. Him. It’s him. If you know where Jian Chen is, please tell me. I will definitely be extremely grateful,” Ming Dong immediately beamed. He had separated with Jian Chen for so many years, and they could finally meet once again despite being in a foreign land. He struggled to remain calm over this as he experienced great excitement.

“He was killed off long ago. Even his corpse doesn’t remain. You’re dreaming if you want to find him,” the Godking said indifferently and no longer paid any attention to Ming Dong, directly leaving by himself.

Ming Dong’s face suddenly froze. His excited emotions seized up at that moment, and his heart stopped beating. His blood stopped flowing. The news from the Godking boomed through Ming Dong’s head like a bolt from the blue. It stunned him completely.

“Jian Chen is dead. He is already dead,” Ming Dong murmured softly. He seemed to have lost his soul, but this only lasted for a split second. In the next moment, his gaze suddenly became extremely sharp and extremely terrifying. A powerful presence as tremendous as the ocean radiated from his body.

Impossible! This is impossible! This can’t be possible!” Ming Dong roared out furiously. With a flash, he chased up to the Godking, and he was no longer as polite as before. Ming Dong directly grabbed him by his robes and lifted him up as he bellowed out, “What did you just say? You’re lying to me, right? You’re lying! Tell me, you were lying me be before. Tell me you were lying to me before.”

Ming Dong seemed to lose his mind. In the moment before, he was still thinking about the joy and excitement he would feel when he reunited with Jian Chen, yet in the next moment, he heard that Jian Chen was already dead. The difference between his thoughts and reality caused an extremely great impact on him. He struggled to accept it.

Ming Dong’s presence immobilized the Godking. He could not help but pale in fright as he said with a trembling voice, “Senior, I’ve only heard that Jian Chen’s dead. I haven’t seen it with my own eyes. Maybe- maybe I am wrong.”

“You must be lying. My brother can’t have died here,” Ming Dong roared out as he tossed the Godking far away. Immediately, he stopped a second Godking and asked the same question.

“Sigh. Jian Chen really is dead. I saw that battle clearly from nearby. There were a total of eight supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne throughout the entire process who worked against him. Jian Chen fought against them despite only reaching Godking recently, and he died on the eighth floor in the end. His corpse fell into the lava, so even his remains have been destroyed,” the Godking shook his head as he sighed. He showed much pity.

“It truly is a pity. A supreme prodigy like Jian Chen has actually passed away at such a young age, dying to the hands of several supreme Godkings. If he had enough time to grow, he probably would have the right to stand firmly as the first place on the Godkings’ Throne,” after sighing gently again, the Godking left Ming Dong’s side.

“Argh!” Ming Dong roared out. His furious voice rang through most of the ninth floor and with it, an extremely powerful and terrifying killing intent exploded from his body like a flood. It reduced the origin energy in the surroundings to a mess.

The second Godking had personally witnessed the astounding battle, so he spoke with much detail. Everything he said seemed to flash through Ming Dong’s head as if Ming Dong saw Jian Chen being surrounded, fighting for his life against eight supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne with his early Godking cultivation before falling into the lava and burning into a crisp.

Ming Dong became so overwhelmed with grief that he wanted to end it right there. He refused to believe it, nor could he accept that something like this would happen to the brother he had been separated from for so many years just when they were about to reunite. Reality had become so brutal.

“I’m late! I’m late!” Ming Dong felt like his heart was being ripped to pieces as he was filled with sorrow. He knelt on the ground powerlessly, pounding it with punch after punch, causing it to tremble constantly like an earthquake was occurring. His eyes became bloodshot.

“Ninth majesty, I’m sorry for your loss,” a divine general comforted.

Suddenly, Ming Dong travelled away at an extremely great speed with a single movement, directly flying towards the eighth floor.

“Ninth majesty!” The expression of the five divine generals changed slightly as they pursued while calling out.

Ming Dong directly made his way to the eighth floor. Looking at the scorching lava below, he equipped a set of armor without any hesitation and charged towards it.

To no surprise, the armor was a god artifact. Even though the armor would not be enough if he plunged to the bottom of the lava, he would last for a while at the surface.

“Even if my brother is dead, I can’t let him rest here,” determination flooded Ming Dong’s eyes as he charged into the lava resolutely. He wanted to retrieve Jian Chen’s corpse.

“Ninth majesty, you must not!” Behind him, the expressions of the five divine generals changed. They all hurried over as quickly as they could, stopping Ming Dong with speed even greater than his.

“Move!” Ming Dong called out. His gaze was extremely sharp.

However, the five divine generals were specially chosen by his eighth senior. They were the five strongest Godkings of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Every single one of them possessed an extraordinary cultivation, and they knew powerful secret techniques. Their cultivation methods even originated from the Anatta Grand Prime in the past, so they were even more powerful than some supreme prodigies. With them working together, Ming Dong was unable to resist at all. He was taken high up into the sky by them.

“Ninth majesty, the lava here is extremely terrifying. It can even melt god artifacts, so if Jian Chen has fallen in there so long ago, he has probably already been burnt to a crisp. If you’re going to risk danger and go in there and waste your efforts, why don’t you save it instead and avenge Jian Chen?” A divine general said.

“Revenge.” Ming Dong gradually calmed down as his eyes instantly became filled with frigid killing intent.

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