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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2097 - Ming Dong Arrives
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Chapter 2097: Ming Dong Arrives

The Moon’s View Peak was originally a regular mountain that had no renown in the Neptunean Divine Palace at all. However, the mountain that many people had not even heard of before had become well-known now.

The supreme Godkings who worked against Jian Chen called the mysterious person with great wealth to the Moon’s View Peak to fight. This immediately attracted a great deal of attention.

For a time, all the cultivators in the Neptunean Divine Palace gathered over from everywhere towards the Moon’s View Peak. They wanted to see who the person who had publicly placed a bounty on the eight supreme Godkings was, and they also wanted to see if he truly possessed the strength to do that.

As people gathered over, the surroundings of Moon’s View Peak naturally became busier and busier. There were even many supreme Godkings among them. They either sat there resting with their eyes closed, or they gazed at the Moon’s View Peak indifferently.

Two people stood up straight on the Moon’s View Peak. Powerful presences radiated from them, flooding the surroundings and pressuring many regular Godkings in the area greatly.

The two of them were clearly both supreme Godkings, and they were two of the eight people who had worked against Jian Chen before. They stood beside each other as they remained calm, quietly waiting for the person who had placed down the bounty to arrive.

“Do you think that mysterious person who set down the astronomical bounty will come?”

“He’ll definitely come. Since this mysterious person is bold enough to place a bounty on the eight supreme Godkings and take out low quality god artifact like they’re nothing, he’s definitely far from simple.”

“You can’t be too sure. Maybe the mysterious person is just trying to make some noise. As for the low quality god artifacts, have you ever heard of anyone truly obtaining one?”

People constantly discussed among themselves softly around the Moon’s View Peak. They felt curious about the mysterious person who had set down the bounty, but they also felt some doubt towards him.

At this moment, several streaks of light shot through the night sky, flying over from the distance with lightning speed. In the end, they hovered above the Moon’s View Peak.

There was a total of six people. The person leading them was a striking young man with a cold expression. Beside him were five middle-aged men in robes. They were expressionless, and their eyes were cold.

“Which one of you worked against Jian Chen in the past?” The striking young man hovered in the air as he looked down from above. His voice was frigid and contained heavy killing intent.

To no surprise, the young man was Ming Dong.

Everyone around the Moon’s View Peak directed their attention towards Ming Dong. Even some of the resting supreme Godkings opened their eyes in that instance. They were all curious about the mysterious person who had publicly set down an astronomical bounty against the eight supreme Godkings.

“It’s actually him…”

The eyes of many people in the crowd narrowed. They became stern and also revealed some confusion. They were the people who had entered the Neptunean Divine Palace at the same time as Ming Dong, having personally witnessed the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng follow Ming Dong.

“It looks like you’re the person who set down the bounty. As for working together against Jian Chen? Hahaha, do you think Jian Chen needs the eight of us to work together? He’s a mere early Godking. Any single one of us is enough to kill him effortlessly. It’s as simple as crushing an ant. It’s just that he had something on him that interested us, which was why all eight of us took part in the matter together. In the end, some of the people observing to one side took it as several supreme Godkings working together against a single early Godking,” a supreme Godking on the Moon’s View Peak laughed aloud. Then he took out a piece of white cloth soaked in blood and waved it in front of Ming Dong. He sneered, “Do you see the cloth in my hand? This came from Jian Chen, and it was cut off with his flesh. Speaking of which, it should be the only thing that remains of Jian Chen, so if you want it, feel free to exchange it with a low quality god artifact.”

Looking at the bloody fragment in the supreme Godking’s hands, Ming Dong’s eyes immediately narrowed as he became grief-stricken. He could clearly sense an extremely familiar presence from the cloth. It was a presence unique to Jian Chen’s chaotic blood.

“Argh!” Ming Dong roared out as killing intent surged within him. He burned with fury. Afterwards, he charged towards the supreme Godking on the Moon’s View Peak.

“You’ve lost your rationality so easily. You’re only capable of so much, yet you’ve placed down a bounty to avenge Jian Chen? What a joke. But regardless of who you are, you will be dying on the Moon’s View Peak today,” the two supreme Godkings on the mountain peak sneered. They exploded with shocking battle prowess as they became locked in battle with Ming Dong.

The five divine generals with Ming Dong did not take part. Instead, they paid close attention to the battle. The trip to the Neptunean Divine Palace would be a very good training experience for their ninth majesty, so they would not intervene unless he faced death.

“This person is nothing to be feared, but since he has come to avenge Jian Chen, he’ll become an enemy sooner or later. Why don’t we kill him right now?” Gong Zheng said coldly from within the crowd. He and Bai Yi had disguised themselves slightly, so they had no need to worry about other people recognizing them.

“There’s no need to be in such a hurry. There are still five powerful guards beside him. Let’s not do anything right now and observe some more first,” said Bai Yi as he stared at the battle between the three of them.

Violent booms constantly rang out in the air as the battle between Ming Dong and the two supreme Godkings had already reached a level of great intensity.

It had to be mentioned that Ming Dong was very powerful. He was at the level of supreme Godkings without a single doubt. Not only was he no weaker than Jian Chen, but he was even much more powerful in comparison. Not only did he fail to lose the upper hand as he fought against the two supreme Godkings alone, but he even seemed to dominate them slightly.

Although their battle had only lasted for a few seconds, they all become bloodied and suffered from wounds of various degrees.

“Sword Qi of Void Destruction!” Suddenly, Ming Dong cried out, and the power of the Laws of Destruction descended. It condensed into a black strand of sword Qi that was several meters wide. Radiating with sword Qi enough to frighten everyone watching, it shot off as a black streak of light, heading directly towards one of his opponents.

“God Tier Battle Skill… That’s a God Tier Battle Skill…” Many Godkings cried out around the Moon’s View Peak. Even the eyes of the supreme Godkings narrowed.

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