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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2099 - A Grand Prime’s Disciple
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Chapter 2099: A Grand Prime’s Disciple

After slaying the two supreme Godkings, Ming Dong stood on the Moon’s View Peak. In front of all the Godkings, he increased the bounty before leaving with the five divine generals and the two heads.

God artifacts were very valuable, to the point where they were worth cities, or even to the point where there was basically no supply and only demand. However, in Ming Dong’s eyes, avenging Jian Chen was more important than anything else. He would pay any price to find the other people as quickly as possible.

Quite a few people among the eight Godkings who had worked against Jian Chen had come to watch the battle at the Moon’s View Peak. However, they were all very prudent and disguised themselves well, obscuring their presences and hiding amongst the crowd. No one managed to recognise them.

The Godkings gathered around Moon’s View Peak dispersed very quickly, and the place recovered its previous peace. Only the puddles of blood from Godkings silently explained the ferocity that had happened earlier.

After that, Ming Dong’s name rang through the Neptunean Divine Palace, allowing many Godkings to bear in mind that a supreme prodigy who was not on the Godkings’ Throne but possessed strength equivalent to those on the Godkings’ Throne had appeared in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

As Ming Dong’s name spread, more and more people bore his astronomical bounties in mind. They began to take it seriously.

After all, although the bounties had caused quite a disturbance before, there were not a lot of people who took it seriously despite almost everyone knowing about it. They took it as a joke.

But now, as Ming Dong had made his name in the battle, it changed.

He had used his strength to garner admiration. After all, every single expert on the Godkings’ Throne was a proud existence of great status, viewing their own fame with greater importance than anything else. People like that would naturally tell the truth and not tarnish their own names.

For a time, more and more people began to search for the six other supreme Godkings who attacked Jian Chen together. The Godkings who knew Ming Dong was related to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng even treated it as top priority in an attempt to befriend Ming Dong through this so that they could establish a connection with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

In the world of boundless volcanoes on the eighth floor, Ming Dong returned there with the heads of the two supreme Godkings. He hovered several dozen meters in the air as he stared at the churning lava below sternly. He seemed dejected as he grieved silently.

“Jian Chen, I’ve already fought two of the eight supreme Godkings. Can you see it? I’ve brought their heads as an offering to your soul. I’ll use their blood and souls as a sacrifice to your soul in the afterlife,” Ming Dong murmured softly. His heart was heavy as he was in deep sorrow.

Afterwards, he gently let go of the two heads, allowing them to just fall out of the sky.

“No! Don’t! Spare me, spare me! My clan will definitely be grateful!”

“If you really dare to kill me, my master will never let you go. It won’t just be you. It’ll be the organisation behind you as well. All of them will bear the rage of my master. My master is a Grand Prime, so you better consider it carefully. If you let me go right now, I can forgive you for what you did before.”

The souls of the two supreme Godkings were still there. They were just sealed up in the heads, which prevented them from escaping. As they saw the lava grow closer and closer, they became utterly flustered. They roared out furiously and even directly threatened Ming Dong.

Ming Dong’s face did not change, and even the five divine generals maintained the same expression. Even if Grand Primes were mentioned, they still did not change their minds.

“No! Don’t! I’m the disciple of an ancestral empire of the Shen’en Empire of the Heniu Plane, Gu Li. I will ask my master to complete the wish of whoever saves me!” One of the supreme Godking emitted a mental pulse that spread far and wide. At this moment before death, he had completely forgotten about his pride. He tried everything he could to survive.

There were still many Godkings collecting fire divine crystals on the eighth floor. When they heard Gu Li, they were all startled, and they seemed interested.

They were familiar with the Shen’en Empire. It was one of the two everlasting empires of the Heniu Plane. They stood at the peak of the plane, making them extremely powerful.

The ancestral emperors of everlasting empires were all Grand Primes. They were existences who stood at the apex, making them so great that they could look down on all living things. They were absolute.

If they could get someone like that to complete a wish, it would definitely be a fortune enough to change their fates. It was something they could only wish for.

For a moment, many Godkings wavered on the eighth floor. They all gathered together, but when they saw the cold Ming Dong and the five divine generals who stood like gods of slaughter, they all hesitated. They did not dare to intervene.

They had not lost their rationality. They all thought of the same question. This person was even bold enough to kill the disciple of a Grand Prime fearlessly, so how could his background be weak?

“What’re you all staring for? Do something!” Gu Li panicked. He called out loudly, but no one truly intervened.

In the end, Gu Li’s head fell into the lava while his soul was sealed in there. His face was filled with regret as the lava below swallowed him up.

This sight shocked all of the surrounding Godkings. That was the disciple of an ancestral emperor of the Shen’en Empire, yet he had just died like that. The Shen’en Empire was located on the Heniu Plane, which was close to the Neptunean Divine Palace. Was the young man not afraid that the ancestral emperor would be waiting for him outside the Neptunean Dive Palace?

However, the Godkings soon realised something, and their faces changed, immediately leaving the area as quickly as possible. They vanished in the blink of an eye. They had not gone to the Moon’s View Peak, so they naturally did not know about what happened there. They were afraid that Ming Dong would want to silence them through slaughter.

Ming Dong ignored the Godkings. His gaze remained fixed on the lava below him. His eyes were downcast while he was depressed. He seemed like he had lost his soul.

He remained there for an entire hour and only left with the five divine generals after confirming that the two heads had been burnt to a crisp. He went off to find the other six people.

Currently, at the bottom of the lava, where people believed it was impossible to survive, a man in golden silkmail endured the terrifying heat as he held onto a net woven from golden threads. He dragged a huge pile of fire divine crystals in the net as he flew towards a small, golden tower nearby.

However, just when he was about to enter the tower, he suddenly froze. He looked up and saw two half-melted heads gradually sink down.

“Hmm?” The person produced an interjection of surprise. He grabbed the two heads with a single movement, and without any hesitation, he entered the tower in a flash.

Who could this be? It was naturally Jian Chen, who everyone believed to be dead.

There was already a small mountain of fire divine crystals in the Anatta Tower. They were innumerable, casually thrown there like useless rocks.

After entering the Anatta Tower, Jian Chen tossed the fire divine crystals he had just collected over there casually, causing the pile to slightly grow in size once again. Then he looked at the two heads.

“These two heads seem somewhat familiar. It’s as if I’ve seen them before,” Jian Chen studied the heads. Although the heads were basically unrecognizable now, they still possessed a familiar presence.

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