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Chapter 210: A Timely Meeting in the Restaurant

The caravan entered the city without any problems. Jian Chen and the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries bid each other farewell and set about their own paths.

Seeing Jian Chen walk farther and farther away, Hudolf had a look of hesitation on his face as he sat on his mount. His head lowered in thought before biting his lips as if he had reached a conclusion before turning to look at this group of mercenaries. “Brothers, after all of the goods are delivered properly, do not leave yet. There is one more matter I wish to talk to everyone about.”

“Yes, captain!”

The Loyal Spirit Mercenaries all cried out in agreement. Although each one of them had some sort of question on their mind, not a single one of them said it out loud.


Jian Chen walked through the large streets, but unlike last time, Jian Chen felt that the atmosphere in the city was heavier as if some big event was about to happen soon.

He then walked into a restaurant where people bustled about their business and the sweet aroma of food wafted into his nose.

Smelling the unique fragrance of meat and vegetables, Jian Chen couldn’t help but stop and admire the smell for a brief moment before continuing in. While he resided within the Huang Village, Jian chen had spent many days with a simple meal and tea and hadn’t been able to eat any delicacies that only a city restaurant could offer.

At the beckoning of a waitress, Jian Chen sat at a table so he could have a meal to eat. There was a window located by the table.

Right now the day was already noon so the restaurant was full of people. A group of sturdy looking people sat near him and talked loudly over their meals.

“Do you know when this next magical beast wave will happen or how long it’ll last?”

“The city lord made an announcement; the wave should occur within a few days time. But according to the last wave, this wave might last for over ten days.”

The sounds of chatter reached Jian Chen’s ears; the interesting tidbits he heard caused his ears to vibrate in interest. In thought, Jian Chen muttered to himself, “A wave of magical beasts, could it be that the magical beasts from the Magical Beast Mountain Range are coming to besiege the city? If so, then it’s no wonder that the atmosphere in the city is so tense.”

With that, Jian Chen continued to eat his meal while listening in on the men talking to each other. With each bite of food he made, he digested the information he heard.

“Hey, look! Isn’t that the Zhou Mercenaries?”

One voice in particular stood out to Jian Chen, and the moment the words registered in his head, Jian Chen immediately froze in place as he was reaching out with his chopsticks to pick up a slice of meat. Slowly raising his head, he looked out the door of the restaurant only to see a group of four armored mercenaries with an impressive design walk into the building.

These four mercenaries had the same exact armor with an identical emblem imprinted on their armor. Aside from the helmets, these mercenaries looked to be the same exact ones like the ones Jian Chen had met at the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

The four Zhou Mercenaries walked to a table near Jian Chen and sat down. After ordering a meal, the four began to talk quietly among themselves.

Following the entrance of the four Zhou Mercenaries, the topics in the restaurant began to divert to be about the Zhou Mercenaries.

“I’ve heard the Zhou Mercenary captain Zhou Yun made a breakthrough into the Great Saint Master level three months ago. With a Great Saint Master, the Zhou Mercenaries are surely much stronger than before. Right now within Wake City, the Zhou Mercenaries are nearly unparalleled in strength.

“That sounds about right. Ever since Zhou Yun made a breakthrough to Great Saint Master, the strength of the entire group increased rapidly. Right now their members number over a hundred, and with the support of the Zhou Clan, then within Wake City, the Zhou Mercenaries can easily be considered one of the strongest three.”

Many of the diners were chatting quietly, but each one of them were quite strong, so they could easily talk to each other without fear of angering the four mercenaries.

Hearing the chatter of all the people around them, the four Zhou Mercenaries sitting near Jian Chen couldn’t help but have arrogant looks on their faces. Within the small Wake City, a Great Saint Master was considered one of the peak experts. Their statuses had skyrocketed ever since their captain made a breakthrough to become a Great Saint Master as well as gaining so many members.

“Zhou Mercenaries, I didn’t think I’d see you in Wake City.” Jian Chen stared coldly at the Zhou Mercenaries with an intense desire to kill.

Slowly putting down the chopsticks in his hand, Jian Chen walked to the four Zhou Mercenaries and looked straight at them before speaking slowly. “You four are from the Zhou Mercenaries?”

The four Zhou Mercenaries all looked at Jian Chen. From his tone and posture, the Zhou Mercenaries could all tell that Jian Chen was not favorable to them. In a flash, their own eyes stared coldly back at Jian Chen.

“Correct, we are members of the Zhou Mercenaries. Kid, who are you? Speak your name.” A sturdy looking mercenary said arrogantly to Jian Chen.

Everyone within the restaurant began to look at the interaction between the four Zhou Mercenaries and Jian Chen. Putting down their bowls and chopsticks, everyone tried to pay close attention to what they were saying and started to prepare themselves just in case a fight would happen.

“Hmph,” Jian Chen snorted. There was a look of disdain on his face as he remained quiet. Instead, the Light Wind Sword instantly appeared in his hand before spearing the throat of one of the Zhou Mercenaries.

Seeing the sword pierce their comrade’s throat, the other three mercenaries were in shock for a brief moment before recovering themselves and crying out furiously.

“To dare go against us Zhou Mercenaries, do you seek death?!” One roared as the other two members charged at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons ready to slash at Jian Chen.

He pulled the Light Wind Sword out from the dead mercenary with a smooth gesture before it flashed silver once more. As the three Saint Weapons danced and flew at Jian Chen, his sword flew out and cut through the throats of two of the mercenaries and stopped right in front of the neck of the final remaining mercenary.

As the Saint Weapon stopped briefly in front of his neck, the last mercenary quickly recalled his own Saint Weapon with an extremely pale face. He didn’t dare believe that a twenty year old youth like Jian Chen would be able to beat him. His strength was at the Primary Saint Master level, but he was no match for a small youth like Jian Chen.

His eyes shook slightly as he turned his head to look at the two previously alive mercenaries by his side. His eyes could only see the small rivulet of blood pouring from their necks before their bodies fell to the ground.

At this, the final mercenary’s courage broke as he felt panic in his heart. Hastily, he began to cry out for forgiveness, “Don’t kill me, don’t! Great swordsman, if there’s something you want to say, say it! Just don’t kill me, I’ll do anything you want me to!”

Seeing the look of fright on the mercenaries face, Jian Chen sneered, “Bring me to your general headquarters for the Zhou Mercenaries, otherwise, I’ll kill you here and now.”

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