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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2102 - Experts United (One)
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Chapter 2102: Experts United (One)

As she said that, an extremely powerful pulse of energy radiated from Yun Xiaoyan. She was stern as she formed a seal with one hand before suddenly pointing at the sky.

As she extended her finger, a powerful strand of sword Qi immediately shot out, plunging towards the sky with a demonic, blood-like red light.

After sending out the blood-red sword Qi, a smear of paleness appeared on Yun Xiaoyan’s face.

The sword Qi she had just used was an extremely powerful secret technique. It was cast through burning her essence blood, and she would have to pay quite a great price every time she used it. As a result, the sword Qi possessed enough power to barely match God Tier Battle Skills.

Ming Dong could not help but sneer disdainfully when he faced this attack. Suddenly, he clenched his hand, and the huge palm created from his God Tier Battle Skill closed up as well, clutching Yun Xiaoyan’s blood-red sword Qi and crushing it to pieces.

Spurt! Immediately, Yun Xiaoyan felt like her heart had been crushed to pieces. Blood spurted out from her mouth, and her pale face became even paler.

She had burnt her essence blood to create the blood-red sword Qi through a secret technique. Although it did possess the power to match up to God Tier Battle Skills to a certain degree, it was only barely. There was naturally a huge gap that still could not be covered when compared to Ming Dong’s true God Tier Battle Skill.

After crushing Yun Xiaoyan’s sword Qi, the huge hand continued onwards without slowing down at all. It engulfed Yun Xiaoyan with a tremendous, destructive force, slamming down onto the ground. It produced a huge rumble, making the earth shake.

The palm strike was so powerful that it formed a deep imprint in the ground.

Moreover, this was the damage it had caused inside the Neptunean Divine Palace, a high quality god artifact. If it was outside, there was no doubt that Ming Dong’s palm strike would have been able to destroy a smaller planet effortlessly.

Anything from the Saints’ World would be on a completely different scale when compared to the Tian Yuan Continent. The strike was even able to shatter a smaller planet in the Saints’ World, so its power was more than evident.

Yun Xiaoyan was still alive. She was dishevelled and in horrible shape, making her seem just like a beggar. He beautiful face was terrifyingly pale as well.

She stood up with much difficulty while her white dress had disintegrated long ago. A supreme quality saint artifact covered in cracks that shone with a dull glow covered her body. It was the only thing keeping her from becoming nude.

“Young master Ming, you really are vicious. You have no idea how to appreciate women. Are you determined to kill me here today?” Yun Xiaoyan stared at Ming Dong deeply, who hovered in the sky. He was cold like a merciless god of slaughter. She appeared as though she wanted to memorise his face firmly.

“That’s right,” Ming Dong said coldly. He wielded his sword as he strode towards Yun Xiaoyan.

“Hahaha, since young master Ming is unwilling to let me go, I’ll do as you wish. However, I won’t be dying to your hands,” Yun Xiaoyan giggled. In the end, she glanced at Ming Dong deeply with mixed feelings before pointing at her forehead, shattering her soul herself.

The princess of the Thousand Lotus Empire, a supreme beauty of great talent ranked on the Godkings’ Throne, died just like this.

“Your highness!”

Yun Xiaoyan’s suicide filled her guards with grief.

Ming Dong’s stride paused slightly. He looked at the dead Yun Xiaoyan with quite some surprise as he remained silent.

A while later, Ming Dong arrived before Yun Xiaoyan’s corpse slowly. He ignored the intense objection from the guards and squatted down beside her. After examining the corpse carefully and confirming that she was dead, he stood up and said to Yun Xiaoyan’s guards, “Your princess is an admirable person. She’s the first woman that I must reappraise and hold in a new light, so I won’t be taking her head. You can leave with her corpse.”

Throwing that down, Ming Dong left with the five divine generals.

Now, three of the eight Godkings who had hunted down Jian Chen were dead.

However, Ming Dong had already gained the precise location of the five other people as well through his Fatesight.

While Ming Dong was hellbent on avenging Jian Chen, a new storm brewed in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Xiao Man, who had received the protection of the world and also fallen into the lava in Jian Chen’s Anatta Tower, had become everyone’s centre of attention.

Yun Xiaoyan was not the only person who guessed that it was extremely likely for Xiao Man to be the person chosen by the artifact spirit. Basically everyone believed that Xiao Man was connected to some unknown secret of the Neptunean Divine Palace after they learnt she was protected by the structure.

Some people had even determined that Xiao Man might have caused the changes to the Neptunean Divine Palace.

“Several million years ago, there was a supreme expert who predicted that something big would happen to the Neptunean Divine Palace when the Neptunean Moon appeared, but there hasn’t been a single expert that has managed to tell whether this change will be good or bad. It has been a mystery the entire time. But looking at it now, this matter is likely to be the awakening of the artifact spirit and that the Neptunean Divine Palace is about to gain a new master.”

“This definitely isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface. If it’s just the selection of a new master, it’s not really something big.”

“In the future, we must be careful. Anything that can be described as big by a supreme expert means it’s something on a different level.”

Many Godkings discussed with one another. A few Godkings thought amount the rumour that had existed from over three million years ago. Suddenly, they all realised that their visit to the Neptunean Divine Palace would not be as simple as they thought it would be. They all became cautious.

“Have you heard that Ming Dong, who set up the astronomical bounty, has already personally slain four supreme Godkings? After the battle at the Moon’s View Peak, princess Yun Xiaoyan of the Thousand Lotus Empire and the treasured daughter of the Cangman clan, Cangmang Feiyan, have been killed as well, where even their souls were wiped out.” Before long, another piece of shocking news garnered everyone’s attention.

“Ming Dong is insane. He even dares to kill the treasured daughter of the Cangmang clan. The Cangmang clan was once a peak clan renowned throughout the Saints’ World, where they were no weaker than the Daoist Sect of Neptunea in the past. Although they’ve already declined, their heritage is still very rich. They aren’t an existence that can just be provoked without proper thought.”

“What do you think Ming Dong’s origins are? He’s willing to offend so many peak organisations just to avenge a dead person.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t take part in the attack against Jian Chen, or I’d be a corpse now.”

Many Godkings immediately became interested when Ming Dong was mentioned, and they joined in on the intense discussion.

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