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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2103 - Experts United (Two)
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Chapter 2103: Experts United (Two)

In a mountain range where people rarely set foot in on the ninth floor, an old man sat within a gloomy cave while keeping his presence concealed.

It was possible to tell with a single glance that the old man was hiding. He was extremely cautious. Not only did he keep himself concealed at all times, but he even cast down various concealing formations in the obscure cave. All the formations were of impressive grades, where even if Godkings passed by, they would fail to discover what was hidden there.

“Who is Ming Dong? He has killed four supreme Godkings consecutively. Both Yun Xiaoyan of the Thousand Lotus Empire and Cangmang Feiyan of the Cangmang clan have passed away,” the old man in the concealed cave murmured softly with a frown.

The old man was a supreme Godking on the Godkings’ Throne, Cang Ying!

In the past few days, Cang Ying had spent his time hidden here. He did all he could to avoid conflict with Ming Dong.

He had made this decision in the past not because he was afraid of Ming Dong, but because he did not want to drag his young master, Mo Cheng, into the matter. This was because he had come into the Neptunean Divine Palace under his master’s orders to protect Mo Cheng.

Although he had never ventured out in the past few days, he was extremely well-informed. He basically knew everything major that had happened in the Neptunean Divine Palace, so he naturally knew about what Ming Dong had been doing.

Right from the start, Cang Ying had been stunned when Ming Dong killed the two supreme Godkings from the Moon’s View Peak. Afterwards, as several more supreme Godkings died to Ming Dong’s hands one after another, only then did he treat him with caution. It had even risen to the point where he felt angst.

“It looks like I can’t remain in the Neptunean Divine Palace. For the sake of the young master’s safety, I might have to leave the Neptunean Divine Palace early with the young master.”

However, at this moment, Cang Ying’s eyes suddenly narrowed. Suddenly, he raised his hand, and an azure scale seemed to appear. It flickered with light. A great sense of danger was clearly transmitted to Cang Ying’s mind from the scale.

“Oh no!” Cang Ying’s face changed. Without any hesitation, he vanished from the gloomy cave with a slight movement. When he reappeared, he had already arrived outside of the cave. He quickly warned Mo Cheng who was cultivating in seclusion in another cave. Afterwards, he began to flicker with azure light as he shot off into the distance with unbelievable speed.

At the same time, the calm space above the mountains suddenly distorted. Ming Dong and the five divine generals appeared in the empty air silently.

“I never thought he would actually be able to sense our arrival, but since I’ve found you, do you still think you can escape? Chase him!” Ming Dong said emotionlessly as he glared at the fleeing Cang Ying. He and the five divine generals immediately pursued Cang Ying.

In terms of strength, Cang Ying ranked towards the bottom end of the Godkings’ Throne, but in terms of speed, he could rank towards the top.

Cang Ying flickered with azure light. At that moment, he seemed to have become an azure peng, moving through the ninth floor with terrifying speed. He crossed tens of thousands of kilometers in a single instance, where he moved even faster than meteorites. It was truly terrifying. When he flew over some Godkings, some of them even failed to notice him.

TL note: It’s the same peng as the Peng clan and Cangqiong from back on the Tian Yuan Continent. The Peng is a Chinese mythological beast that you can read more about here: 

Ming Dong pursued Cang Ying with his five divine generals. They all used secret techniques, pushing their speed to the maximum. The Laws of Wind even revolved around Ming Dong, seemingly transforming him into a wisp of wind as he advanced extremely quickly.

However, they were only able to tail Cang Ying from afar. They struggled to close the distance.

“That is the Azure Peng’s Movement Technique! Ninth majesty, the Azure Peng is a renowned peak expert in the Saints’ World. He’s known for his speed. Since this person knows the Azure Peng’s Movement Technique, it’ll be very difficult for us to catch up to him,” a divine general said from behind Ming Dong.

“Really now? Then let me see just how long he can maintain that speed,” Ming Dong sneered. He used a secret technique. As his hands formed seals, a dazzling, golden light suddenly appeared, condensing into the shape of a tower.

As soon as the tower appeared, it gave off a tremendous presence. The supreme presence of the world seemed to circulate about the tower. Even though it was very hazy and blurry, it was enough to give people the impression that it could suppress the laws of the world.

If Jian Chen was present, he would definitely be able to tell that the tower Ming Dong’s secret technique conjured was mostly similar to the Anatta Tower with a single glance. The reason why it was not completely the same was that the Anatta Tower was just too damaged, making it impossible to make a detailed comparison.

Moreover, the presences of the two towers completely differed. The Anatta Tower in Jian Chen’s hands seemed extremely ordinary. Apart from the fact that it was covered with slashes, there were no unique abnormalities about it. However, the tower Ming Dong condensed possessed a presence enough for the world to react to it. It shone with blinding light, making it an existence that no one could stare at directly.

“According to my eighth senior, this technique was created by my first senior sister when she saw the famed treasure of my master. I struggle to even use one ten-thousandth of the technique’s power with my current cultivation and against opponents, it’s nowhere close to the other battle skills I know. However, this technique can punch through space and bypass any distances present. It just happens to be a perfect time to use it,” Ming Dong said softly before pointing towards Cang Ying from afar.

After extending a finger, the figure of the Anatta Tower that had been conjured before him instantly vanished. It moved through space and overcame the limits created by distance, appearing behind Cang Ying in a single instance.

Cang Ying could obviously sense the danger behind him, which made his expression change drastically. However, Ming Dong’s secret technique was created with reference to the Anatta Tower, so even though its power was extremely limited in Ming Dong’s hands, it still possessed some of the essence of the Anatta Tower, preventing Cang Ying from dodging it.


With a heavy thud, the figure of the tower struck Cang Ying’s back, forcing him to vomit a mouthful of blood. He was heavily injured, and he slowed down.

Cang Ying’s heart sank. He knew that he would struggle to maintain his advantage while being hunted down by the people behind him, so determination immediately flooded his face as he quickly flew towards the eighth floor.

Many Godkings currently gathered on the eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace. There were so many of them that it ranged over ten thousand. There were even many supreme Godkings around.

Moreover, the number constantly increased because Godkings would basically come down from the ninth floor or come up from the seventh floor at all times.

As a result, over eighty percent of all the cultivators in the Neptunean Divine Palace had gathered on the eighth floor.

All of them stood around where Jian Chen had fallen into the lava. Their eyes would shine brightly from time to time, almost to the point where they emitted visible streaks of light as they observed the churning lava below. At other times, they would close their eyes and carefully sense for something. It was like they were searching for something.

“Since the girl is protected by the power of the Neptunean Divine Palace, she must still be alive. Everyone, let’s find a way to see if we can dive into the lava and search in there.”

“That’s right. The girl must be trapped in the lava. She won’t be able to come up with her strength at the mere Mortal realm. She needs our help.”

“Although the lava is extremely terrifying, we have defensive god artifacts. If we all work together and push the might of the god artifacts to the limit, I think we can remain in the lava for a while.

“The little girl is tied to many important matters. We have to find her no matter what. We can’t just lose her.”

Many powerful supreme Godkings gathered in groups on the eighth floor. They had already banded together, and they were currently discussing with one another, preparing to dive into the lava.

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