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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2107 - Jian Chen’s Brother
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Chapter 2107: Jian Chen’s Brother

“Hehehehe, who is this idiot? He has actually exposed his hostility towards Jian Chen at this time, and he even stated he wants to kill Jian Chen. Doesn’t he know that this person called Ming Dong is avenging Jian Chen right now? Or is it because both his strength and background is enough to suppress Ming Dong completely, to the point where he has no need to fear Ming Dong’s threats at all…”

“I just happen to know him. He’s a supreme Godking from the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound from the Skyfire Plane. His name is Jun Kong. I never thought he would come to the Neptunean Divine Palace as well…”

“The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound? Hehe, I’ve heard master mention this sect. In the past, because of the Third Ancestor’s existence, the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound was a peak organisation that was renowned throughout the Saints’ World. There was barely anyone in the Saints’ World who could afford to offend them, but unfortunately, after the Third Ancestor died, the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound declined as well. There are probably very few people who still remember this sect in the Saints’ World now…”

“If that Third Ancestor still remains, no one will truly be bold enough to offend him in the Neptunean Divine Palace. But as for right now, hmph…”

The Godkings gathered in the surroundings discussed the matter softly. They all looked at Jun Kong with either a sneer or head-shaking sighs.

As a supreme Godking, Jun Kong’s personal strength was extremely great. Although he had lost control over his emotions due to Jian Chen’s supposed death, he was still able to sense it immediately when so many people looked at him. Instantly, he sensed that something was off. The strange atmosphere made his heart tighten, and his laughter stopped.

In the next moment, there was an extremely powerful pulse of energy. A strand of sword Qi several meters in length tore through the air with pure and dense power of the Laws of Destruction as it cleaved towards Jun Kong mercilessly.

Jun Kong’s entire body suddenly tremored when the sword Qi locked down on him. Suddenly, he looked at the sword Qi that directly shot towards him. As his face was filled with doubt and confusion, there was also grimness.

The power of sword Qi shocked him. In particular, the Laws of Destruction within the sword Qi that seemed to be able to destroy everything made him feel like he was unable to fend it off.

A jade flute appeared in Jun Kong’s hand silently. He stood sternly with the jade flute to his mouth. As soon as he began playing it, an enchanting sound rang out. It was pleasant, almost otherworldly, and it was enough to permeate the depths of everyone’s soul and steal their minds.

As the flute rang out, visible ripples expanded outwards like arrows to receive the incoming sword Qi.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Deafening rumbles rang out as the sound waves came in contact with the sword Qi. Jun Kong used his Way of Music and the power of the flute to fend off the sword Qi with the Laws of Destruction.

However, the sword Qi was just too powerful. With Jun Kong’s strength that was only just enough to make it onto the Godkings’ Throne, it was quite difficult for him to deal with it. After he created several hundred waves, he only managed to disperse half of the sword Qi’s power.

And now, the sword Qi with the Laws of Destruction had already arrived before him.

A vicious light flickered through Jun Kong’s eyes. Bellowing out, he suddenly swung his jade flute, using the power of his cultivation to smash the remaining sword Qi.

With a boom, the sword Qi finally dispersed completely. However, Jun Kong was reduced to a horrible shape as well. Many holes had appeared in the luxurious robes he wore.

As the two of them fought, the shockwaves of energy destroyed the stability of the volcanoes nearby, so several dozens of them erupted at the same time. The lava fell from the sky like rain with many fire divine crystals, frightening the Godkings engulfed by the rain and causing them to dodge in a panic.

“You sure play the flute well. It’s actually enough to make my mind resonate with it, where it draws my mind away even when I try resisting. He is the supreme prodigy of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound after all. His mastery over music has indeed broadened my horizons. However, it’s still a little too soon for him…” A supreme Godking could not help but praise from a distance.

“It’s said that the music of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound utilises the mysteries of the world, allowing them to conduct the laws of the world and use their very essence. I wonder if that’s true…”

“I don’t care about the rest. Just the extremely pleasant music is enough for me to pay a visit to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. The flute music almost sucked my soul away in that previous instance…”

Discussions between many supreme Godkings rang out in the surroundings, but Jun Kong was in no mood to listen to the praises. At that moment, his face was sunken as he stared at the young man before him with an ugly expression. His joy from hearing about Jian Chen’s death had completely vanished now.

“My friend, may I ask how I have offended you, where you have to attack me for no reason?” Jun Kong clasped his fist as he said with an ugly expression. There was extremely deep angst in his gaze towards the young man.

The young man standing before him was Ming Dong. The five divine generals stood right behind him, and their faces were all emotionless and cold.

“Jian Chen is dead, but you seem very happy. What is your grievance with Jian Chen? And who is this Mu’er you speak of?” Ming Dong stood before Jun Kong as his presence surged with great ferocity. His voice was ice-cold.

Jun Kong hesitated. He had only just entered the Neptunean Divine Palace, so he had no idea that Ming Dong was avenging Jian Chen. As a result, he was rather uncertain about Ming Dong and Jian Chen’s relationship at this moment.

“My friend, the matters between Jian Chen and me don’t seem to involve you,” Jun Kong said carefully. He had personally witnessed the young man face off against over a dozen Godkings, and he did not seem to take them seriously at all from how he acted before. Jun Kong could not afford to offend someone like that.

“Is the Mu’er you speak of Shangguan Mu’er?” Ming Dong followed with another question.

When Ming Dong mentioned Shangguan Mu’er’s name, Jun Kong’s eyes immediately narrowed. He stared at the young man who stood like a god of slaughter in shock as disbelief flooded his face.

Although he could not say that he knew about Shangguan Mu’er’s origins completely, he did know most of it. He knew that she had come from a lower world and had not spent much time in the Saints’ World yet. She was basically a nameless figure in the Saints’ World.

Yet, how was it possible that such a powerful supreme Godking knew about someone like her? Clearly, it did not make sense.

Jun Kong would never have believed that Shangguan Mu’er knew this person. Who knew how many years the supreme Godking before him had spent on cultivation, while Shangguan Mu’er had only just come to the Saints’ World, and her cultivation was nothing special. How was it possible for her to know such an esteemed figure?

Although Jun Kong did not reply, Ming Dong received his answer from his facial reaction alone.

“I understand now. You lust after Shangguan Mu’er because of her beauty, and since Jian Chen is Shangguan Mu’er’s husband, he’s in your way of pursuing her. That’s why you want Jian Chen dead. Am I right?” Ming Dong said coldly as his glare became extremely sharp.

Jun Kong’s face changed. He could not help but stagger backwards as he stared at Ming Dong in shock. His heart churned. Not only did the young man before him know about Shangguan Mu’er, but he even knew about her relationship with Jian Chen. H- how was this possible?

It had to be mentioned that even in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, only two elders and the ancestors knew about Shangguan Mu’er and Jian Chen’s relationship, so how did this young man know as well?

“Jian Chen is a brother that has gone through thick and thin with me, which makes Shangguan Mu’er my sister-in-law. Not only are you eyeing my sister-in-law, but you want to kill my brother as well. You’re. Looking. To. Die!” Ming Dong said through gritted teeth. His terrifying gaze made it seem like he was tempted to rip Jun Kong to shreds. Immediately, he raised his sword and slashed at Jun Kong with the Laws of Destruction.

This time, Ming Dong had struck out of fury. It was far more powerful than before.

“What? Jian Chen is your brother? Mu’er is your sister-in-law…” Jun Kong’s eyes widened greatly. This information was like a bolt from the blue for him. It stunned him to the point where he became slightly dazed.

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