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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2109 - Mu’er Steps Forward
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2109: Mu’er Steps Forward

The surroundings had become crowded long ago. All the Godkings hovered in the air as they watched on silently. When a few regular Godkings saw Ming Dong’s great strength, they were extremely shocked as they showed angst in their gazes towards Ming Dong.

As for the supreme Godkings, they all remained emotionless and completely indifferent. They watched this calmly. No one intervened in the battle between them. Even when they caused the volcanoes in the surroundings to erupt, they seemed like they did not care.

The retreat of some of the Godkings who blocked Ming Dong before made everyone cautious. It made them truly realise just how much they could not afford to provoke the people behind Ming Dong. As a result, they naturally would not offend a powerful expert over this puny matter that was unfolding before them.

They would only stand forward regardless of the consequences if it was a matter that interfered with their core interests.

At this moment, Ming Dong ran out of interest with beating up Jun Kong. He stopped and took out his supreme quality saint artifact again. Killing intent wrapped around him as he stabbed at Jun Kong’s forehead firmly.

Jun Kong had already lost the capacity to fight. Even his cultivation had been sealed up by Ming Dong, so he was in no shape to dodge Ming Dong’s attack at all.

Even though many Godkings were gathered in the surroundings, with many supreme Godkings from the Skyfire Plane, none of them intervened.

This was because they had already understood Ming Dong’s temperament and methods. They knew that not only would they fail to save Jun Kong if they stepped forward at a time like this, but they would even be dragged into the matter instead, and it would only lead to personal trouble.


However, a female shout suddenly rang out at this moment. It was soft and as pleasant as a lark’s song.

The voice startled many Godkings in the surroundings. Ming Dong’s killing intent towards Jun Kong was so powerful that they could tell with a single glance that no one could stop him. If they spoke up, a horrible fate would be waiting for them.

However, there just happened to be someone who did not fear Ming Dong’s fury, speaking out at a time like this. It immediately attracted the surprised gazes of all the Godkings as they gazed in the voice’s direction.

The veiled Shangguan Mu’er shot over with lightning speed with the other Godkings of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, flying directly towards Ming Dong.

Ming Dong’s stab came to a halt. He looked at Shangguan Mu’er, who approached him quickly, and he recognised her with a single glance.

After being separated on the Tian Yuan Continent, Shangguan Mu’er was the first old friend Ming Dong had seen. Originally, their reunion should have been something worthy of celebration, but now that Jian Chen was dead, Ming Dong was unable to cheer up no matter what. Only surging hatred and a furious urge for revenge filled him.

“Sister-in-law, do you want to save him? Or do you want to kill him yourself?” Ming Dong’s sword pointed at Jun Kong’s forehead as his killing intent did not decrease at all. He turned around and asked Shangguan Mu’er.

There was no excitement or joy. There were no emotions at all. His voice was extremely cold.

In reality, Ming Dong could tell that Shangguan Mu’er had already become a Godking now as well. He felt much doubt as to why she could reach such a level in such a short amount of time. At the same time, he had many queries, but the death of his best friend filled him with grief, almost to the point where he had lost all rationality. All that remained in his mind was revenge, revenge, revenge!

Shangguan Mu’er looked at Ming Dong deeply as shock and disbelief filled her eyes.

She knew that Jian Chen had always been thinking of Ming Dong, who suddenly vanished from the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower all those years ago. After coming to the Saints’ World, he had thought about looking for him several times, but she had never thought that Ming Dong would suddenly appear in the Neptunean Divine Palace, and his cultivation was so powerful.

“Ming Dong, I’ve finally found you. Did you know that in all those years you were missing, Jian Chen always thought about you? He even wanted to go on a long journey to search for you right when he came to the Saints’ World and before he had properly strengthened up,” Shangguan Mu’e said softly. She did not mention the matter with Jun Kong.

Sorrow filled Ming Dong’s eyes. He closed them painfully, and tears ran down his cheeks uncontrollably. He had constantly been thinking about Jian Chen, who had once gone through thick and thin with him on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, just when he began to search for him, he learnt that Jian Chen was dead.

Ming Dong sucked in a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, they were cold and emotionless. He asked once again, “Sister-in-law, you stopped me from killing him earlier. Do you want to save him, or do you want to kill him yourself?”

Shangguan Mu’er finally looked at Jun Kong. Seeing the horrible shape he had been reduced to, her expression did not change at all. She said, “Jun Kong is my senior in the sect. I owe his master, so let him go this time, Ming Dong.”

“Let him go?” Ming Dong’s eyes suddenly narrowed as he shouted out emotionally, “Do you know that this person wanted to kill my brother, yet you want me to let him go right now? Won’t you be letting my brother down by doing this? Won’t you be letting down his soul in the afterlife?” At this moment, Ming Dong seemed frenzied, like a furious lion. Shangguan Mu’er’s had filled him with disappointment and rage.

“If I insist on killing him, will you stop me?” Ming Dong called out. He was very emotional.

“I will.” Shangguan Mu’er said calmly, “Jun Kong’s master is one of the four ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound and has shown me kindness. I’m only saving Jun Kong this time because of his master. It has nothing to do with Jun Kong. And after this, even if Jun Kong faces danger again, it’ll have nothing to do with me.”

Ming Dong sucked in a few deep breaths after listening to Shangguan Mu’er’s explanation and slowly calmed down. He said, “Alright. If that’s the case, I’ll do it for you and spare him this time.”

Ming Dong stowed his sword away as he stared at Jun Kong coldly. He directly kicked Jun Kong away and shouted out, “Piss off!”

Jun Kong’s crushed body was caught by the other Godkings of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound in a flurry. Various pills were fed into Jun Kong’s mouth regardless of their value.

Ming Dong, on the other hand, did not talk too much with Shangguan Mu’er. Instead, he turned around and made his way towards Gong Zheng, Bai Yi, and Cang Ying. Although his presence was powerful, his figure seemed rather bleak and lonely.

“Senior Kong, you should have never, ever wanted to kill Jian Chen. You know he’s my husband, so if you want to become his enemy, you’re becoming my enemy.” Shangguan Mu’er turned around and stared at Jun Kong emotionlessly. She continued, “This matter won’t end here yet. Haven’t you been looking down on my husband the entire time? I believe that before long, you will meet him, and I won’t be able to help you anymore when that happens.”

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