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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2112 - The Gigantic Lizard In The Lava
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2112: The Gigantic Lizard in the Lava

Jian Chen stood at the entrance on the first floor of the Anatta Tower. He looked outside through the damaged door. His face changed rapidly as he became filled with surprise and doubt.

Until that moment, he struggled to believe that he had been attacked, and the fact that the attack was so powerful that it had completely surpassed the boundary of Godkings.

It was forbidden for Primordial realm experts to enter the Neptunean Divine Palace. This rule had never been broken throughout the millions of years the Neptunean Divine Palace had opened.

Moreover, this was the bottom of the lava. It was so hot here that even some weaker god artifacts would melt. Even some Primordial realm experts would not be able to dive so deep.

“Jian Chen, what’s happening?” Kai Ya appeared before Jian Chen silently as she stared outside sternly.

Jian Chen shook his head without saying anything. He was extremely stern. He had no idea what was attacking them. He was not even certain whether it was some lifeform attacking them, or that he had accidentally run into some kind of formation, causing it to counterattack.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

However, at this moment, the terrifying attacks started once again. It came from right in front of them. Every strike was devastating, enough to cause the lava in the surroundings to churn violently. It struck the damaged Anatta Tower heavily.

The attacks were just too intense and too powerful. Even when Jian Chen hid within the Anatta Tower, he could clearly sense just how shocking the attacks outside were.

The Anatta Tower shook heavily. Every single attack from the outside could shake the tower, so after enduring this terrifying, seemingly unending barrage of attacks, even the tower began to shake violently. Before long, the entire tower lost its balance and began to tip over slightly, falling towards the ground.

Jian Chen could clearly sense everything happening to the tower from the inside. He did not try to stabilise the tower. Instead, he allowed it to fall. His heart had become heavy, while his expression was very ugly.

Currently, he was certain that he did not run into some kind of formation and was instead being attacked by an unknown enemy. What he could not understand was how his opponent was able to remain within the Neptunean Divine Palace despite their strength.


With a heavy rumble, the falling Anatta Tower struck the ground with unbelievable weight.

Immediately, the entire ground shook violently, like a super-earthquake was happening. Huge cracks spread out in all directions like a web while all the lava churned violently.

Currently, there were balls of light near the surface of the lava that carefully dove into the depths at an extremely gradual pace.

Every single ball of light represented a defensive god artifact. There were several Godkings within each one, pouring their strength together to push the defensive power of the god artifact to the limit to fend off the lava.

Indeed, the bottom of the lava could melt god artifacts, but this process required quite a long time. Under the combined efforts of the Godkings, as long as they did not venture to the very bottom, they could indeed last in the lava for a while but not too long.

But at this moment, the lava in the surroundings suddenly began to shake violently. Not only did the pressure on the Godkings who had dove in with their god artifacts drastically increase, but flames that only existed at the bottom of the lava rushed up. Surrounded by the flames, many balls of light shattered in under ten seconds, exposing the Godkings inside to the lava.

Immediately, miserable cries rang out in the lava. All the Godkings who had dove into the lava did not dare to remain there any longer. Like they were fleeing for their lives, they rushed to the surface as quickly as they could.

Very soon, all the Godkings emerged from the lava. They hovered high in the air as they stared at the churning seas of lava with lingering fear.

In that short moment, many of them had suffered wounds of varying degrees. Some of them had been burnt to a point where they bore no resemblance to before. Flames surged on them while the supreme quality saint artifacts on them had already been reduced to a puddle.

“What’s happening down there? Why has the lava become so violent all of a sudden?”

“These flames are just too terrifying. They should only exist at the very bottom of the lava, so why have they surged up just then?”

Many supreme Godkings hovered in the air as they stared at the lava below. They were in fear.

If it were not for the fact that they had fled quickly, even supreme Godkings would not have been able to survive. They would have been burnt to a crisp.

However, many Godkings were traumatised by this, so no one dared to go down into the lava again for the time being.

The terrifying attacks stopped beneath the lava. Jian Chen hid in the Anatta Tower and sensed the outside through his connection with the tower. After confirming that the attacks would not continue, he slowly made the Anatta Tower float before carefully advancing forwards.

After advancing several kilometers, Jian Chen suddenly became startled. Immediately, he stopped the Anatta Tower, and after sensing the outside seriously, he gritted his teeth and left the tower once again, appearing outside.

But this time, Jian Chen appeared behind the Anatta Tower. That way, even if they were attacked again, he would have enough time to make his way back in with the indestructible tower before him to block the attacks.

However, as soon as Jian Chen left the Anatta Tower, his heart jumped, and his eyes narrowed instantly.

Up ahead, he saw a huge head. Currently, the head was almost pressed against the Anatta Tower. A pair of eyes that were three meters wide stared at the tower in interest.

“It’s a gigantic lizard!” Jian Chen’s heart shuddered. He recognised what it was with a single glance. It was actually a huge lizard that could survive in the depths of the lava.

However, at this moment, the gigantic lizard discovered Jian Chen as well. Its huge eyes immediately locked onto him.

Even though Jian Chen was in the lava, he felt his body turn cold from the lizard’s gaze as if his entire body had seized up. His blood felt like it had frozen as a sense of danger enough to suffocate him suddenly descended.

Jian Chen had been ready to return to the Anatta Tower at any time, so without any hesitation, he returned to the tower with a flash.


As soon as he returned to the tower, a heavy sound rang out from the structure. Clearly, the lizard had launched a ferocious attack.

Jian Chen breathed heavily in the Anatta Tower. He looked outside, and he was extremely stern.

This outcome had completely topped his preconceived ideas of the Neptunean Divine Palace. He had never thought that there would be such a terrifying lizard at the bottom of the lava, where no one had discovered it after so many years.

He was certain that if the news of the lizard broke out in the Neptunean Divine Palace, it would lead to a huge uproar.

“Jian Chen, what’s the situation outside?” Kai Ya asked.

Jian Chen immediately told Kai Ya everything he knew. As expected, Kai Ya became stern after learning that there was an abnormally powerful lizard outside.

“It’ll be very difficult for you to collect fire divine crystals with that lizard outside,” Kai Ya frowned.

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