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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2114 - A Second Law (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2114: A Second Law (Two)

Whenever the Neptunean Divine Palace opened, it would only remain open for ten years. Almost half of the ten years had passed by now. Jian Chen also knew that it would probably be very difficult for him to continue his collection of fire divine crystals in the future.

His turned his head slightly and gazed into the distance. He immediately calmed down slightly when he saw the mountainous pile of fire divine crystals.

He knew that there would not be too many five-colored divine crystals once he exchanged the fire divine crystals, but at the very least, it would be enough to for him to take the teleportation formation across planes a few times.

“You’ve emerged?” Kai Ya slowly opened her eyes. She looked at Jian Chen beside her and asked, “Is there anything you’re looking for?”

Jian Chen nodded slightly and laughed dryly in a rather unnatural manner, “The lizard still hasn’t left, so I can’t go out. I need to stay in here. Oh right, Kai Ya, I’ve seen your usage of laws. It seems like you have quite the knowledge about it. At the same time, the Laws of Fire and the Laws of Destruction possess extraordinary power in your hands. It completely exceeds your current cultivation. May I ask how you achieved it?”

Jian Chen had always been curious about Kai Ya’s usage of laws. If his grasp and usage of the Laws of the Sword could reach the same level as Kai Ya’s Laws of Fire and Destruction, his battle prowess would rise to a new level.

Although he had spent several years under the lava now, and he was not completely certain about the situation within the Neptunean Divine Palace, it was not difficult for him to guess what had happened. He knew that since the eight supreme Godkings and the various other observing Godkings had learnt about Xiao Man, it would not be kept a secret. Probably everyone knew about Xiao Man’s secret already.

Xiao Man was with him right now. Unless he abandoned Xiao Man, he would come into conflict with many supreme Godkings sooner or later once he left this place. He would struggle to handle that, as he had just broken through to the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body.

As a result, he urgently needed to increase his strength.

“I can’t really explain how I do it in detail. It’s just based off a feeling,” Kai Ya said in thought. Then she raised her right hand slowly and said, “Jian Chen, I’ll slow down my condensation of laws and show you.” With that, Kai Ya began to condense the power of the Laws of Destruction slowly.

This time, she condensed the laws at an extremely gradual pace, allowing people to clearly sense the omnipresent power of laws gather towards her fingers from the surroundings, slowly condensing into a ball of power filled with a sense of destruction.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he discovered that Kai Ya’s process was not much different from other Godkings. There was nothing special about it. However, when the Laws of Destruction condensed in her hand, it was clearly much purer than when other Godkings condensed them.

This feeling made it seem like Kai Ya’s cultivation realm was not at early Godking but late Godking.

This was because the Laws of Destruction she had just condensed was definitely as powerful as the Laws of Destruction a late Godking condensed.

“Laws are also a form of power. There’s also tricks to using this power,” Kai Ya said softly. As she spoke, the Laws of Destruction condensed at her fingertips silently changed in shape. It was no longer pure power, gradually turning into an inscription.

As soon as the inscription appeared, it radiated with a ripple of energy that gave even Jian Chen chills. He could sense a powerful threat from the inscription as if it was no weaker than the supreme Godkings he fought before.

“I’ll show it to you a few more times. I don’t know how I should pass this method onto you correctly, so this is all I can do right now.” Kai Ya dispersed the Laws of Destruction in her hand and began to condense them again following the same steps.

Not only was Jian Chen the person Kai Ya trusted the most, but he was also her best friend, and the person she was most familiar with. As a result, she did not hold back for Jian Chen at all, providing him with everything she knew. She repeated it time and time again without any consideration for exhaustion.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He sensed every step and every detail as Kai Ya condensed the Laws of Destruction. He wanted to understand the secrets within so that he could increase his personal grasp over the Laws of the Sword.

Gradually, Jian Chen entered a selfless mental state. He only felt like he was submerged in a sea filled with the Laws of Destruction, wrapping around him tightly.

In the sea of Laws of Destruction, he felt no sense of threat or unease at all. Instead, he felt a warm feeling, like an infant in their mother’s embrace.

At the same time, he felt like his entire body was fusing into it as if his body wanted to become a part of the sea, to become a drop of water in the sea.

At the same time, the faint power of the Laws of Destruction silently condensed around Jian Chen, revolving around him.

Kai Ya, who sat before Jian Chen, stared at him in shock. She mumbled, “H- he is actually comprehending the Laws of Destruction.”

After who knew how long, Jian Chen finally emerged from that wondrous state.

As soon as he roused, he sensed his personal changes. Not only could he clearly sense the power of the Laws of the Sword that was present everywhere, but he could even sense the power of the Laws of Destruction as well.

Jian Chen was startled. Immediately, he tried to condense the power of the Laws of Destruction, and just as expected, the Laws of Destruction condensed rapidly with just a thought from him.

“I- I’ve grasped the Laws of Destruction?” Disbelief filled Jian Chen’s face. Originally, he wanted to understand the secrets of her usage of laws through Kai Ya, but he had never thought he would successfully comprehend the Laws of Destruction instead.

“Kai Ya, how long have I taken?” Jian Chen asked nervously. He had been submerged within that wondrous state, having forgotten about himself and everything else. He completely lost track of time, making him afraid that he had spent far too much time comprehending the Laws of Destruction.

“Half a year.”

“Only half a year? Thank god,” Jian Chen sighed in relief and finally stopped worrying.

“Master, the Way of the Sword is your main focus. You must put all your efforts into the Way of the Sword. Only then can you reach the peak in the shortest amount of time possible…” The voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chen’s head. Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Laws of Destruction made the two of them worry, as they were afraid that it would slow down Jian Chen’s progress with the Way of the Sword.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo knew that Jian Chen would comprehend more laws in the future, but they wanted to see him become an expert that could dominate an entire region before comprehending more laws.

This was because by then, there would not be a lot of people who could threaten Jian Chen anymore. He would be able to comprehend more laws without any worry, unlike right now where he faced danger at all times. Just the slightest carelessness could end up claiming his life.

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