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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2117 - Nowhere To Return
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Chapter 2117: Nowhere to Return

“Or perhaps it’s you, Shui Yunlan, who wants the wealth of a Grand Prime? But that doesn’t make sense either. What kind of organisation is your Ice Goddess Hall? Even if you lack resources, all you need to do is show that you need it, and countless large organisations across the Saints’ World will fight with one another to offer up a huge amount of wealth first. Why would you care about the belongings of the Grand Primes from the Neptunean Divine Palace?”

When she reached there, Audriana suddenly smiled strangely, “Perhaps you haven’t returned to the Ice Goddess Hall yet with your esteemed Snow Goddess? If that’s the case, do you need me to send a message to the Ice Goddess Hall so that they can send someone over to receive you and the Snow Goddess?”

“Audriana, don’t you dare!”

Shui Yunlan’s response was extremely intense when she heard Audriana’s offer. Suddenly, she turned her head over, and her eyes became silver-white. Her gaze was as sharp as a sword as she stared at Audriana firmly. She said, “Audriana, if you really do that, then it won’t just be as simple as a grievance between the two of us. Although her majesty is injured right now, she still remains, but the War God of your God clan still hasn’t grown up completely. I hope you won’t bring disaster to your God clan.”

“Hehehe, the Ice Goddess of your Ice Goddess Hall has been healing for several million years, and she’s still completely silently now. She hasn’t even appeared for something as important as the return of the Snow Goddess. Who knows whether she’s still alive or not. On the other hand, although our great War God has yet to mature completely, that day won’t be too far away. Moreover, with our God clan’s current strength, we can still dominate and stand as a peak organisation even without the War God. On the other hand, is there anyone else who can stand forward for your Ice Goddess Hall apart from the Ice and Snow Goddesses? Who else has the power to threaten our God clan and bring disaster on us?” Audriana scoffed.

Shui Yunlan’s face hidden within her helmet had sunk long ago. She knew that Audriana was right. The Ice Goddess Hall never had a lot of people and never accepted disciples openly like other large sects. They were not like the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng either, which possessed eight majesties so that even when the Anatta Grand Prime, one of the seven Grand Exalts, was not present, they could still hold themselves up.

Indeed, the Ice Goddess Hall had no other expert that could hold it up apart from the Ice Goddess and the Snow Goddess.

The Ice Goddess was heavily injured, and her current condition was unknown. She had not even appeared for something as important as the return of the Snow Goddess, so the situation definitely was not good.

As for the Snow Goddess, she still had not awakened her memories yet, so she did not remember the past. Recovering her strength to her peak condition would take forever without the tremendous resources of the Ice Goddess Hall.

Audriana felt satisfaction when she saw Shui Yunlan’s darkening gaze. She said, “Shui Yunlan, don’t give me that deathly expression. Although I hate you, I’m not someone who’ll ignore the bigger picture, nor am I a petty person. Even if I do resent you, I will properly defeat you through my own hard work and cultivation. I won’t use some underhanded tricks against you and the Snow Goddess. I won’t leak the news of you and the Snow Goddess.”

“You better stop acting so condescending before me in the future because in my eyes, you’re just a person with nowhere to return to. There really isn’t anything for you to act so proudly about. I will fight you sooner or later because of what happened on the Tian Yuan Continent.”

Shui Yunlan’s eyes narrowed. She glanced at Audriana deeply before looking away. Her head drooped slightly. She stared at the ground silently with her dull eyes.

What Audriana said about how she had nowhere to return to rang through her head like a curse. It shook up her mind and filled her with sorrow.

Shangguan Mu’er had no idea that an argument had already happened between Audriana and Shui Yunlan. She looked at the Zither of the Demonic Cry again and felt overjoyed. She also felt a sense of anticipation.

“The ancestors were right. The twelfth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace can indeed make the artifact spirit awaken sooner because there’s a mysterious power in this space. The Zither of the Demonic Cry is absorbing this power automatically. It’s just that this power is extremely special so that other people are unable to sense it. Even I would not be able to sense this mysterious power if it were not for the fact that I’ve gained the initial recognition of the Zither of the Demonic Cry…” Shangguan Mu’er thought. She did not desire the three legacies here. Instead, she placed all her attention on the Zither of the Demonic Cry, looking forward to the artifact spirit awakening sooner.

Ming Dong remained seated in the air on the eighth floor. He silently recovered from the backlash of using Fatesight as he waited for Jian Chen.

The five divine generals had all dispersed. They formed a pentagon to protect Ming Dong, paying attention to the surroundings at all times as they guarded him with fierce loyalty.

Even further away, many supreme Godkings gathered in small groups that were scattered across the air. They would pay attention to the lava below at all times.

However, their numbers had decreased drastically compared to the years before. Many Godkings had already left in search of their own fortunes in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Over eighty percent of the people who still remain belonged to the group that had entered later.

All of these people were experts who ranked higher up on the Godkings’ Throne, or they had even made it into the top hundred. They did not come for the legacies, but for the Neptunean Divine Palace itself.

“The lava has already been violent for so long. When is it going to settle down…”

“There must be something happening at the bottom of the lava, or anomalies like this would not happen…”

“You don’t say. Anyone can tell there’s something happening down there, but more importantly, who dares to dive in?”

The supreme Godkings all hovered in the sky. They were all concerned and dishevelled. The time when the Neptunean Divine Palace would close was approaching, yet they still had no leads on the little girl, which annoyed them very much.

Time passed silently, and in the blink of an eye, over half a year had passed again. Now, just the amount of time Jian Chen had spent in seclusion in the Neptunean Divine Palace amounted to over four years, even when the time he spent collecting fire divine crystals was excluded. Half of the time had already elapsed.

One day, Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes as he had been comprehending the Laws of Destruction on the first floor of the Anatta Tower. In the instance he opened his eyes, a pure, destructive presence seemed to permeate the surroundings, shining with a dark glow.

At that moment, his gaze was extraordinarily terrifying. It gave people a feeling that the gaze alone could destroy everything it saw, enough to disintegrate it all to dust.

However, this gaze only lasted for a split second before returning to peace again. It became plain once again.

“With the imprint that Kai Ya left behind, comprehending the Laws of Destruction really is extremely easy. In such a short amount of time, I’ve elevated my comprehension to late Overgod. However, it should be because I’m comprehending too quickly that the energy in Kai Ya’s imprint is being consumed extremely rapidly as well. It’s almost completely depleted now. I probably won’t be able to break through to Godking soon,” Jian Chen looked at the dull imprint as he sighed in amazement.

An imprint to pass on laws would not exist forever. Every single imprint was supported by energy as well. If it was not comprehended, the energy would be depleted at an extremely gradual pace, but if someone comprehended it at astonishing speed, the energy would naturally be depleted at an astonishing rate as well.

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