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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2118 - Xiao Man’s Origins
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Chapter 2118: Xiao Man’s Origins

“Jian Chen, your comprehension of the Laws of Destruction has reached late Overgod, so your understanding of the laws will differ greatly compared to before. I’ll show you how I use the Laws of Destructions as well as the trick to using laws,” Kai Ya said to Jian Chen. She felt happy for Jian Chen seeing how he increased his comprehension of the Laws of Destruction to late Overgod in such a short amount of time.

“Kai Ya, you’ve exhausted yourself too much by leaving behind that imprint. You still haven’t recovered completely, so don’t show me anything more because I really will struggle with grasping your method,” Jian Chen persuaded for Kai Ya’s sake. He did not wish to see her exhaust herself just for him.

Although it was just condensing the Laws of Destruction, which basically had no effect on Kai Ya at all, Jian Chen still hoped that she could return to her peak condition sooner.

“You weren’t able to grasp it before because you didn’t comprehend the Laws of Destruction. Now that your Laws of Destruction have reached late Overgod and is only a step away from Godking, it’s much more different. Don’t forget that there’s a big battle coming up. Since you have the chance to increase your strength right now, you can’t waste it,” said Kai Ya. Before Jian Chen even agreed, she began to conjure the Laws of Destruction.

Very clearly, she hoped that Jian Chen could grasp this method and trick as well.

Jian Chen was helpless. He could not waste Kai Ya’s kind intentions, so he just sat down before Kai Ya and concentrated on Kai Ya’s usage of the Laws of Destruction. He would close his eyes and open his mind from time to time to comprehend it closely.

Before he had comprehended the Laws of Destruction, Jian Chen only knew that Kai Ya’s grasp and usage of the Laws of Destruction were extremely great, having reached a high level of mastery already. Now that he had comprehended the Laws of Destruction, he gained a different understanding when Kai Ya used the Laws of Destruction. He discovered in shock that Kai Ya’s understanding and knowledge of the Laws of Destruction were even more terrifying than he imagined it to be. It was not something that a Godking should have been able to grasp. It made him shiver.

In particular, when Kai Ya condensed the inscription from the Laws of Destruction, it was even more profound. It contained the endless secrets of laws within, making Jian Chen feel like he was watching the evolution of laws. Its complexity extended far beyond his scope of understanding.

“Jian Chen, have you benefited from it?”

A year later, Kai Ya stopped with some exhaustion. She looked at Jian Chen eagerly.

Jian Chen shook his head and said in dejection, “Your method of control is just far too profound. I’m nowhere close to understanding it right now.”

“Far too profound? Really?” Kai Ya was rather surprised. She knew just how great Jian Chen’s talent was, but in the end, even he said it was too profound. Was grasping her method of usage really that difficult?

If it were so difficult, why did she grasp it effortlessly?

Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya with rather mixed emotions. He knew that Kai Ya was probably the reincarnation of some great expert and was gradually recovering her former powers. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her strength to shoot off even faster than a rocket after waking up from her slumber. Her usage of laws even surpassed all experts of the same level, where even he himself paled in comparison.

Although the current Kai Ya was gradually recovering her powers, her memories showed no signs of returning. All she knew was everything that had happened in this life.

“There’s not much time left in the decade the Neptunean Divine Palace is open. The lizard outside still hasn’t left, so collecting fire divine crystals is not possible. Kai Ya, you should properly recover first. I think we’ll be leaving here soon. I’ll go check on Zi Yun and Xiao Man first. There are some matters I must understand,” Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya deeply before vanishing silently. He used the power of the Anatta Tower to teleport.

When Jian Chen arrived beside Zi Yun and Xiao Man, they were not cultivating. Instead, Zi Yun was explaining some matters about cultivation to Xiao Man seriously.

The two of them immediately stood up when they saw Jian Chen arrive. Their faces were filled with gratitude.

Jian Chen nodded at them with a smile and looked at Xiao Man. She had grown up some more over the years, and she was no longer the same little girl as the one on the spatial battleship. She had become a Saint Emperor as well and had almost broken through to the Origin realm.

It had to be mentioned that Jian Chen was not even a Heaven Saint Master when he was Xiao Man’s age.

Of course, the treatment he received back then was nowhere near as special as Xiao Man’s. He came from a lower world lacking in resources, while she came from the abundant Saints’ World and had the personal guidance of a Godking. They could not be compared.

“Miss Zi Yun, there are some things I want to talk with you about alone,” Jian Chen said calmly before leaving with Zi Yun. They left Xiao Man there by herself.

“Brother Jian Chen wants to spend some time all alone with sister Zi Yun. Does he like sister Zi Yun?” Xiao Man thought inside as she watched Jian Chen and Zi Yun leave. Her face lit up, “Yep, it must be like that. Otherwise, why would brother Jian Chen help us time and time again? He must like sister Zi Yun. Moreover, sister Zi Yun is so pretty, so it makes sense for brother Jian Chen to like sister Zi Yun…”

“Miss Zi Yun, I want to learn about Xiao Man’s origins. Of course, you don’t need to worry at all. I have no ill intentions in asking. You should know that what happened with Xiao Man has already attracted the attention of many people. I need to know the exact reason for this, and only then will I be able to come up with a better plan to deal with the situation,” said Jian Chen. Xiao Man was too young. She did not know her parents as well as Zi Yun, so he needed to ask Zi Yun in order to look into this matter.

“Let me tell you what I know…” Afterwards, Zi Yun told Jian Chen all the things she knew.

Jian Chen gained a rough understanding of Xiao Man’s parents from Zi Yun. He learnt that Xiao Man’s parents were a couple that seemed extremely old on the surface. They had lost all of their cultivation, and after passing on everything they knew to Zi Yun, they passed away a thousand years later. Before they departed, they left behind a few life-saving items of extraordinary quality and a Neptunean Medallion, ordering Zi Yun to take Xiao Man into the Neptunean Divine Palace no matter what.

Jian Chen sank into his thoughts after learning about Xiao Man’s parents. Now, he was basically certain that Xiao Man’s parents were related to the Neptunean Divine Palace, or they would not have ordered Zi Yun to take Xiao Man into the Neptunean Divine Palace no matter what. They did that because they already knew that Xiao Man would be protected by the world within the Neptunean Divine Palace, where no one would be able to harm her as long as she remained in there.

“Even if Xiao Man’s parents used to be disciples of the Daoist Sect of Neptunea, there’s no reason for their descendant to be protected by the Neptunean Divine Palace because this isn’t a treatment that anyone can receive unless they’re direct descendants of the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“If Xiao Man’s parents really are direct descendants of the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, the master must have sent them out to protect his bloodline and also severed their connection through blood. That would explain how they survived the calamity of the sect. After all, the samsaric powers of the Samsaric Immortal Exalt work through bloodlines and karmic connections. If he really wants to destroy a sect, no one will be able to survive.”

“However, although the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace severed their connection through blood, he still failed to preserve them. Xiao Man’s parents lost their cultivation completely because they were still tainted by some of the samsaric powers that spread to them through a sliver of their bloodline, and under its influence, they were gradually reduced to mortals…”

Jian Chen analysed secretly. The secrets to Xiao Man’s origins gradually cleared up.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Jian Chen’s head. In that instance, he understood everything.

“The Neptunean Moon. It’s the Neptunean Moon. I understand now. I finally understand now. The Neptunean Moon never appeared after the Daoist Sect of Neptunea was destroyed. Only when Xiao Man appeared was the yin and yang in the Neptunean Divine Hall restored, allowing the Neptunean Moon to rise up. The appearance of the moon clearly means that the artifact spirit has awakened, allowing the world within the Neptunean Divine Palace to operate normally. There’s a sunrise and a sunset as well as the radiance of the moon. It has become a proper world. The artifact spirit, on the other hand, was awakened by Xiao Man’s bloodline. What secretly protects Xiao Man is clearly the laws of the world created by the artifact spirit.”

“It’s just that the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace only awakened for a split second before falling back into a slumber. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to remain silent…”

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. After understanding everything, he struggled to calm down. His emotions were upheaved. Now that he had realised all this, he naturally knew that the Neptunean Divine Palace and everything within it actually belonged to Xiao Man.

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