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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2119 - Seeing The Light Of Day Again
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Chapter 2119: Seeing the Light of Day Again

Zi Yun’s gaze was fixed on Jian Chen’s face. Looking at the rapid changes to his face, she was immediately interested. She asked, “Jian Chen, have you worked out something about Xiao Man? If you have, can you tell me? After all, I’ve watched Xiao Man grow up. I don’t hope to see anything happen to her.”

“If I’ve guessed correctly, Xiao Man’s ancestor should be the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, and it’s also because of this special bloodline that she received the protection of the Neptunean Divine Palace,” said Jian Chen. He did not hide the matter from Zi Yun.

“What? H- h- how is that possible…” Zi Yun was stunned, and disbelief filled her face.

“Of course, that’s only my personal guess. Maybe I’m wrong, and the reality of the matter is not as I have imagined,” said Jian Chen. Even though he put it like that, he was basically certain that his guess was correct.

Jian Chen and Zi Yun’s conversation ended very soon. After separating from Zi Yun, he made his way to the entrance of the Anatta Tower by himself. Through the damaged door, he looked at the lava outside as he sank into his thoughts.

The fact that Xiao Man was the descendant of the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace was surprising. He had no idea how he should treat Xiao Man in the future.

Was he supposed to just let Xiao Man out in the Neptunean Divine Palace and pay no more heed to her?

Or was he supposed to assist Xiao Man in successfully becoming the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace?

But speaking of which, his relationship with Xiao Man and Zi Yun was nothing particularly deep or special. They were strangers who had accidentally met one another. He had assisted Xiao Man back on the spatial battleship because he missed Xiao Ling, and he saw Xiao Ling’s figure from Xiao Man.

But now, Xiao Man had already grown up. She had become a graceful lady, no longer the little girl that seemed similar to Xiao Ling. Naturally, Jian Chen could not see Xiao Ling’s figure from her anymore.

As a result, in Jian Chen’s opinion, even if he just abandoned the two of them in the Neptunean Divine Palace without any concern for their lives, he would feel no guilt at all. He would not feel like he had let them down.

That was because he did not owe Xiao Man or Zi Yun. On the contrary, he had assisted them twice instead, so in terms of debt, it was Xiao Man and Zi Yun who owed him.

However, if Jian Chen continued to help out and assist Xiao Man in becoming the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, he knew exactly how many setbacks and troubles he would have to face. If they were his friends with particularly deep ties, he would do whatever he needed for them, even if he had to crawl through perilous danger.

However, they were only strangers who had met through chance. Their ties were not deep at all. As a matter of fact, they could not even be considered as basic friends. Was it worth it to take this risk for them?

For a time, Jian Chen hesitated. He had no idea how to deal with Xiao Man’s matter.

“Jian Chen, please help us,” at this moment, Zi Yun and Xiao Man arrived before Jian Chen, and they both dropped to their knees.

“What are you doing?” Jian Chen frowned when he saw this. With a wave of his hand, a gentle force lifted up Xiao Man and Zi Yun.

“Jian Chen, I know that it’s very difficult for Xiao Man to regain the Neptunean Divine Palace, her ancestor’s belongings, with just my abilities. That’s because the supreme Godkings outside will definitely interfere. Even if Xiao Man is protected by the Neptunean Divine Palace, she’s not necessarily safe. Maybe someone knows an ancient secret technique that can harm her despite the protection. I won’t be of any use against these people, so I plead for you to help Xiao Man,” Zi Yun implored Jian Chen.

Seeing Jian Chen frown silently, Zi Yun gritted her teeth as if she had made up her mind about something. She said with determination, “Jian Chen, if you can assist Xiao Man in becoming the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, I will belong to you in the future.” With that, Zi Yun blushed slightly, but her eyes remained fixed on Jian Chen as if she wanted to see what he was thinking.

To Zi Yun’s disappointment, all she saw was surprise as if her condition of offering up herself did not interest Jian Chen.

It had to be mentioned that Zi Yun was extremely pretty, enough to outshine the moon. Although she could not match up to Shangguan Mu’er, she was still a surprising beauty. Unfortunately, Jian Chen was not a lustful person, so her charms were naturally useless.

“Brother Jian Chen, if you help me become the master of the Neptunean Divine Palace successfully, I’ll give you all the legacies and heavenly resources in here. I only want the Neptunean Divine Palace, my ancestor’s belonging so that it doesn’t end up in the hands of other people,” at this moment, Xiao Man raised her head and said bravely. Determination flooded her face.

A gleam of light shone through Jian Chen’s eyes. All the legacies and heavenly resources in the Neptunean Divine Palace was an unimaginably tremendous amount of resources. It was indeed very enticing to him.

“Let’s ignore the heavenly resources for now. Just the Primordial realm legacies here are enough to let the Tian Yuan clan develop rapidly…” A light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. He thought quickly, and after a while of contemplation, he said, “Alright. Xiao Man, remember what you said. If I help you retake your ancestor’s belonging, all the legacies and heavenly resources in the Neptunean Divine Palace will belong to me.”

Xiao Man’s condition was enough for Jian Chen to take the risk.

Although the Neptunean Divine Palace had interested Jian Chen before, he understood that it was also an object of great desire that would lead to a lot of trouble from other people.

Moreover, with the descendant of Neptunean Divine Palace’s master here, how could anyone else claim possession of it?

Seeing Jian Chen agree, Xiao Man’s face immediately lit up, “Alright, alright. But brother Jian Chen, the legacies at the top floor should have come from my ancestors, so I can’t give those three to you. I can give up all the other ones though.”

“Sure. Then let’s do that,” Jian Chen agreed without any hesitation. The legacy of Grand Primes did not interest him because they were useless to him. As long as he could obtain the legacies from the Chaotic Primes and Infinite Primes, it would be enough for the Tian Yuan clan.

In an extremely remote, inconspicuous corner of the eighth floor, a head silently poked out of the scorching lava.

Due to being covered in lava and being only a single head, it was extremely well-hidden in the sea of lava. It seemed like it was a part of the whole place, making it very difficult to discover.

At this moment, the head suddenly opened its eyes. What kind of eyes were they? They flickered with a cold light, where its gaze was sharp like a sword. It was difficult for people to stare right at them.

First, the pair of sharp eyes observed the surroundings cautiously. After confirming that was no one else was in the surroundings, the head began to slowly rise out of the lava.

All of this happened silently, without creating a disturbance at all. He did not even create any waves in the thick lava. He was just like a ghost.

In the blink of an eye, a slender man had emerged silently. Now, he stood on the surface of the lava.

Upon closer inspection, the person did not wear anything protective at all. He completely relied on his tough body to endure the terrifying heat from the lava. The terrifying lava that could make countless supreme Godkings pale, where even many Primoridal realm experts would not dare to come in contact with it easily, seemed to pose no threat to him.

Fortunately, there was no one around, or it definitely would have led to a huge uproar in the Neptunean Divine Palace.

To no surprise, the person who had emerged from the lava was Jian Chen.

With a wave of his hand, a fist-sized tower suddenly flew out of the lava. It fell into the centre of his palm. He looked at the depths of the lava fearfully and sighed in relief inside. He thought, “Fortunately, that gigantic lizard didn’t follow us up. It looks like it won’t leave the bottom of the lava so easily. And that’s the exact reason why no one has discovered it until now.”

“Several years have passed in a blink. I wonder what the situation is like in the Neptunean Divine Palace now. I need to find someone to ask about it and understand the situation before doing anything else.” With a slight movement, Jian Chen vanished. He had left without any traces.

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