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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2122 - The Fight For The Legacy
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Chapter 2122: The Fight for the Legacy

“Hmph, who does this person think he is to be able to obtain a Grand Prime’s legacy? If you want to inherit it successfully, you better pass through me first…” A nearby young man with a striking appearance snorted coldly. Like a bolt of lightning, he shot over and directly attacked the streak of light around the fifth prince.

Mister Shu’s face changed. He immediately flew over, wielding the Cataclysmic Onyxwind Fan to stop the young man.

However, the young man was a supreme Godking from the Godkings’ Throne. He was extremely powerful. Although mister Shu had a god artifact, he was still unable to unleash the full power of the weapon, so he completely lost the upper hand.

“Hahahaha, only a single Grand Prime’s legacy has been taken away from the Neptunean Divine Palace, and it caused a storm of blood back then. Many supreme Godkings died. It’s not that easy for you to just take it…” An old man laughed aloud in the crowd. He looked at the fifth prince with shining eyes as he gradually approached him.

At the same time, over half of the Godkings on the twelfth floor began to surge slowly. They gathered in from everywhere, forming an encirclement that surrounded the fifth prince. Greed and excitement filled all of their eyes.

Although the fifth prince was surrounded by the streak of light from between the eyes of the statue, the light did not possess a particularly powerful defence. It was unable to stop so many Godkings, which included many supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne.

As for the fifth prince, he sat on the ground with his eyes closed as if he had no idea he was in danger.

Mister Shu became panic-stricken when he looked at the many Godkings that slowly surged over. Immediately, he secretly said to Audriana in the distance, “Excuse me. our Sky Empire happens to possess an extremely valuable Life Starcore. I hope you can assist us and make some time for our fifth prince in exchange for it. At the same time, I can guarantee you that if the fifth prince inherits the legacy successfully, you will have the great gratitude of our empire.”

Now, mister Shu could only place all his hopes on Audriana. He did not tell her that the Life Starcore was with the fifth prince. Instead, he said it was in the empire, as he was afraid that Audriana would try to steal it.

“A Life Starcore?” Audriana’s eyes immediately lit up when she heard the mention of the Life Starcore as she watched on quietly. She knew just how valuable a Life Starcore was. It was something that could only be found through luck, and it was as precious as a treasure to someone who cultivated the Laws of Life like her.

“Sister Mu’er, you should enter my divine hall for now. They’re offering a Life Starcore for my assistance. I need to take part for the Life Starcore. If you remain outside, you will distract me,” Audriana said to Shangguan Mu’er. With a wave of her hand, a jade-green divine hall appeared out of nowhere.

“Then be careful, sister.” Shangguan Mu’er could only stow her Zither of the Demonic Cry away and enter Audriana’s divine hall.

As Jian Chen did not use the senses of his soul and relied on his eyes alone from several dozen kilometres away, he failed to discover Shangguan Mu’er.

Currently, he stared at the fifth prince enshrouded by light and thought, “A Grand Prime’s legacy is something of desire. It won’t be easy for the fifth prince to just receive it like that. However, regardless of whether he’s fated to get it or not, I can’t let him inherit it successfully.”

At this moment, someone moved against the fifth prince. They wanted to destroy the fifth prince’s connection with the legacy.

Immediately, the light around the fifth prince shook. Although it possessed a certain amount of defence, it was not tough and was unable to stop so many Godkings present.

The process of inheritance was a tough test as well. It was not like when Zi Yun received the Chaotic Prime’s legacy, where there was a protected area. As a result, strength, intelligence, and luck were all critical to obtaining a Grand Prime’s legacy here.

Audriana intervened at this moment as well. She became shrouded in green light as she gave off a heavy presence of life, arriving before the fifth prince with a tremendous presence. She said calmly, “I have no intentions of becoming enemies with you all. It’s just that I need to take part and stop you for a while so that there is no interference to this person’s process of inheriting the legacy.”

As soon as they saw Audriana take part, many Godkings on the twelfth floor became filled with angst. This even included some supreme Godkings.

However, this angst lasted for just a split second. Immediately, some people ignored Audriana’s obstruction and directly attacked the fifth prince.

Their attacks were like a fuse, setting off more attacks from people in the surroundings. The attacks avoided Audriana and directly targeted the fifth prince.

Audriana’s expression did not change. A ring of green light expanded out around her. Vines were conjured on the Godkings struck by the light. As they grew furiously, they became immobilised.

In just that instance, several dozen Godkings were trapped by Audriana. There were even supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne.

To another side, several powerful strands of sword Qi as well as over a dozen attacks with laws suddenly descended, heading right towards the fifth prince.

Audriana extended her finger, and a green barrier condensed silently. It blocked all the attacks.

With Audriana’s great strength, there were not many people here who could threaten her, but she was alone in the end. It was impossible for her to deal with all the attacks that rained in from all directions. As more and more supreme Godkings took part, the pressure on her gradually mounted.

“That’s… the person who used to be the greatest Godking of the God clan, Audriana?” Several dozen kilometres away, Jian Chen recognised Audriana from the familiar presence, and he was immediately surprised.

“I want all the divine crystals and heavenly resources from what you obtain from the legacy. If you agree, I will assist you,” at this moment, an icy-cold voice rang out. Shui Yunlan strode over in her silver-white armor as she made her way over from another statue with a steady pace.

“We agree. We agree. Please take action immediately…” Mister Shu beamed and agreed for the fifth prince in a hurry. This was because he had no other choice but to agree at a time like this, or let alone the legacy, even the fifth prince’s life would be lost.

Moreover, their Sky Empire was an eternal empire. Their heritage rang deep, so they did not lack divine crystals or heavenly resources at all. As long as the fifth prince obtained the Grand Prime’s cultivation method, comprehensions, and so on, they would be willing to give up even more and pay an even greater price.

Shui Yunlan sighed gently. Her feelings were extremely mixed. She had never thought that with her revered status as one of the four great protectors of the Ice Goddess Hall, she would face a day where she would work for others for the sake of some cultivation resources.

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