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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2125 - Disguise Seen Through
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Chapter 2125: Disguise Seen Through

Although the streak of light from between the statue’s eyes possessed a certain level of defence, it was not too powerful. It was unable to last for very long at all under the attacks of so many supreme Godkings.

However, the light currently guided the fifth prince towards the forehead of the statue. Although he did not move quickly, he was definitely not slow either. It was enough for him to enter the statue before the barrier of light was destroyed.

“The sculptures of the Grand Primes are far too tough. We can’t let him enter the statue. Everyone unleash your full strength. Use god artifacts to stop him,” a supreme Godking called out. Immediately, pressures belonging to god artifacts permeated the surroundings. Many supreme Godkings used god artifacts regardless of how heavily they would deplete their origin energy.

There were just far too many supreme Godkings taking action. Even though Audriana and Shui Yunlan possessed unmatched battle prowess, they could not match up to them. Immediately, waves of powerful attacks from various god artifacts struck the barrier of light around the fifth prince, causing it to tremble violently and show signs of shattering.

By now, the fifth prince had already arrived before the forehead of the statue under the guidance of the light. He was about to enter the statue successfully.

He abruptly opened his eyes at this moment. They were filled with evident joy and excitement. He glanced around and looked at the supreme Godkings who were originally indomitable in his eyes. When he saw them charge towards him enviously, wanting to take his fortuitous encounter for themselves greedily, he felt satisfied inside. He could not help but laugh aloud.

“Hahahaha, this is my destiny. I’m blessed by the heavens, which is why I have this fortuitous encounter. It belongs to me, and it’s my way to rise up. Everyone, you better stop fighting for it. You can’t deny fate. You can’t…” The fifth prince laughed at the sky. He knew that it was already set in stone – he would obtain the Grand Prime’s legacy. All the supreme Godkings in the surroundings were unable to stop him because the light around him could last for another ten seconds, while he only needed to take a step to enter the statue.

The fifth prince turned around gracefully as he laughed aloud. He looked at the forehead of the statue that was only inches away. In his eyes, there was a vortex there that contained powerful pulses of space. He knew he only needed to step into the vortex, and he would be teleported into the statue, perhaps taken to an unknown space created by the Grand Prime. No one would be able to disturb him there.

The fifth prince raised his foot complacently as he was about to step in.

However, at this moment, the gloomy twelfth floor that only had hazy moonlight suddenly lit up completely, like it had become daytime.

Two strands of finger-sized sword Qi shone resplendently like the sun. They radiated with sword intent that frightened all the supreme Godkings as they formed a line, one at the front and one at the back, shooting towards the fifth prince.

At that critical moment, Jian Chen who had always remained hidden moved. He would never just watch the fifth prince enter the statue, so in the final moment, he shot out two strands of Profound Sword Qi without any hesitation.

Moreover, his third strand of Profound Sword Qi was prepared as well, ready to be used at any time.

The Profound Sword Qi moved with unbelievable speed. They overcame the limits of time and space, arriving before the fifth prince in a split second. Before the fifth prince could even react, the first strand of Profound Sword Qi had struck the barrier of light.

Immediately, the barrier of light shook even more violently. It had already withstood the attacks of all the supreme Godkings, so it was nearing collapse. Now that it endured a strand of Profound Sword Qi, it immediately became riddled with web-like cracks.

Afterwards, the second strand of Profound Sword Qi struck the barrier of light as well, immediately causing it to shatter loudly.

The second strand of Profound Sword Qi did not disperse after that. Although most of its power was consumed, a third of it still remained as the Profound Sword Qi dulled.

However, it did not slow down at all. With just the remaining third of its power, it shot into fifth prince’s forehead as a streak of light.


The fifth prince immediately emitted a painful shriek. The muscles on his face twisted as his soul was injured.

Moreover, as the barrier of light around him had shattered from the Profound Sword Qi, he had lost its guidance. As a result, he could no longer remain in the air. He fell out of the sky in horrible shape.

This was because no one was able to levitate around the Grand Primes’ statues. Without the protection and guidance of the streak of light, the fifth prince was naturally unable to maintain the same height as the statues.

All of this had happened in an instance. Only a split second had passed from when Jian Chen shot out the two strands of Profound Sword Qi to when they shattered the streak of light and injured the fifth prince’s soul.

This was because the strands of Profound Sword Qi were just too fast. They were so fast that basically all the supreme Godkings around were unable to react.

“W- what was that…”

“The white light seemed like two strands of sword Qi, but it doesn’t seem like it at the same time. It was just too fast. I couldn’t see it at all, and even the senses of my soul failed to capture it…”

All the Godkings in the surroundings were terrifying. They all felt life-threatening danger from the two strands of Profound Sword Qi earlier.

With such terrifying speed, if the sword Qi targeted them, they would not have been able to emerge alive.

To another side, Shui Yunlan and Audriana both looked over. They looked at where the Profound Sword Qi came from sternly.

Under the purposeful searching of the two of them, it was impossible for Jian Chen to avoid their senses no matter how well he hid.

As a result, the two of them naturally discovered the person behind the Profound Sword Qi. It was a bare-chested, burly man who had eyes as sharp as swords.

However, when they saw the burly man, Shui Yunlan and Audriana’s expressions differed. Shui Yunlan remained icy-cold and emotionless.

Audriana, on the other hand, narrowed her eyes. She stared at the man’s eyes, and her heart shivered, “That gaze…”

The sharp gaze from the man gave Audriana a familiar feeling.

However, Audriana also became temporarily confused when she saw this completely unfamiliar man. She had no idea why she found him familiar.

In the distance, mister Shu watched the streak of light shatter and the fifth prince who had fallen out of the sky while clutching his head and shrieking out in pain. Immediately, he became utterly furious before gazing in the direction where the Profound Sword Qi came from with deep resentment. He was no longer able to keep up his scholarly appearance. His face twisted as he roared out in an aggrieved manner, “Jian Chen! It’s you! It’s actually you! Never would I have thought that not only would you be still alive, but you would even destroy the fifth prince’s chance to rise up as well! We’ll never forgive you!”

Although mister Shu failed to recognise Jian Chen, he remembered Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi like it was from yesterday. Just the two strands of Profound Sword Qi were enough for him to see through Jian Chen’s disguise immediately.

“The two of you, please kill Jian Chen. From today onwards, you will become the most esteemed guests of our Sky Empire. Our Sky Empire will definitely treat you as distinguished guests,” mister Shu implored Audriana and protector Shui for assistance. Right now, his hatred for Jian Chen had never been and would never be deeper.

The fifth prince was just about to obtain a great fortuitous encounter and rise up. The entire Sky Empire would benefit as well, but in that final moment, he was struck by a sneak attack from Jian Chen, reducing all his efforts to zero.

This made mister Shu furious, almost to the point of insanity. Hatred filled him completely, where he was tempted to drink Jian Chen’s blood and devour him whole.

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