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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2127 - Returning To The Neptunean Mountains
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2127: Returning to the Neptunean Mountains

These words stunned Mister Shu, and his face became flushed.

Just how great were Grand Exalts? Across the entire Saints’ World, there were only a few of them. They were the stuff of legends.

Although their Sky Empire had a deep heritage and the right to strive to become an everlasting empire, even if they did become an everlasting empire, Grand Exalts would still be indomitable existences.

Requesting a Grand Exalt’s help was basically no different from a fairytale.

Moreover, if their Sky Empire could request for a Grand Exalt to take action, would there be any need for them to fear Jian Chen anymore? Let alone the fact that Jian Chen would not be able to pose a threat to them in the future, but even the supreme prodigies would not have been bold enough to attack the fifth prince as he was receiving the legacy.

At this moment, a thin layer of ice crystals rapidly expanded on mister Shu’s body. In just a split second, he was reduced to an ice sculpture.

Mister Shu was not the only one that had been frozen. Even the remaining guards and the people of the Yun family had all been immobilised by Shui Yunlan. Even Yun Xin failed to avoid such a fate.

Although they were Godkings and mister Shu even wielded a god artifact, Shui Yunlan was just too powerful. Mister Shu and the others were unable to put up any resistance against her.

“I won’t harm your lives. Once I find your fifth prince and obtain what belongs to me from the Space Ring, I’ll let you go,” Shui Yunlan said emotionlessly before stowing them all away in a divine hall. Then she looked at Jian Chen who fled as quickly as he could in the distance, and mixed feelings filled her eyes.

“I originally thought that I would never have any dealings with you, and even if I encountered you, it would be on the battlefield. After all, you belong to the Immortals’ World, and you’re the successor of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens. You will become an irreconcilable enemy of our Ice Goddess Hall sooner or later. Although you’re siblings with her majesty in the lower world, that’s only the case before her majesty recovers her memories. It won’t extend to her previous life. Once her majesty recovers her memories, I believe she’ll never spare you. She’ll kill you personally.”

“It’s just that the Ice Goddess Hall is different from before. Aside from Mo Tianyun, there is no one else who can help us. And for me to find Mo Tianyun, I must go through you,” Shui Yunlan was filled with bitterness. After sighing gently, she shot off after Jian Chen with a sliver of helplessness.

Up ahead, Jian Chen also became startled as he fled towards the eleventh floor when he saw that the fifth prince had survived and vanished through a talisman. He glanced at the supreme Godkings who drew closer in closer. Especially when he saw some of them draw their god artifacts, and he no longer hesitated at all. He was prepared to use the Linear Lightning Release to charge towards the passageway.

Suddenly, there was an azure flash of light. It surpassed all the supreme Godkings, charging towards Jian Chen with indescribable speed.

Cang Ying took action. He shone with resplendent azure light as he seemed to transform into an azure peng. He used the Azure Peng’s Movement Technique to pursue Jian Chen in an attempt to stop him from leaving.

Although Cang Ying’s strength ranked towards the bottom among the supreme Godkings, he was basically unmatched in terms of speed with the Azure Peng’s Movement Technique. Very few people could surpass him.

“Jian Chen, even if you have the support of Ming Dong, I’ll make it impossible for you to escape today,” determination flooded Cang Ying’s eyes. He indeed feared Ming Dong’s strength very much, but there were so many supreme Godkings chasing Jian Chen right now. He believed that even if Ming Dong was present, he would not be able to turn the situation around. He only needed to keep Jian Chen busy for a few seconds, and all the supreme Godkings would surround him.

When Cang Ying struck out, two flying swords with blinding light shot through the sky as well with the special pulses of god artifacts, heading directly towards Jian Chen.

“Cang Ying!” Jian Chen naturally discovered Cang Ying who pursued him closely. A cold light flickered in his eyes as his killing intent surged. Clearly, Cang Ying saw that he had used his two strands of Profound Sword Qi, which was why he had charged up so fearlessly. However, Cang Ying did not know that he had refined a third strand of Profound Sword Qi.

But at this moment, Jian Chen had no intentions of using the third strand of Profound Sword Qi. Cang Ying was indeed fast, but compared to his Linear Lightning Release, he was still slower.

Suddenly, a green streak of light shot over. Audriana used her dense life force to condense a tree of life. Countless vines flooded out into the surroundings with lightning speed, wrapping around Cang Ying and the two god artifacts to make time for Jian Chen.

Audriana’s sudden interference surprised Jian Chen slightly. He looked back in Audriana’s direction, and in the next moment, he became covered with dazzling light. Engulfed by the sword Qi, he shot off towards the passageway with lightning speed, entering the eleventh floor.

Behind, the supreme Godkings continued to tail him relentlessly. They charged onto the eleventh floor as well.

Jian Chen had completely vanished through the use of the Linear Lightning Release as soon as he reached the eleventh floor, escaping the range of the senses of Godkings’ soul. However, he could not help but leave behind some traces.

“There’s the slightest presence of sword Qi in the air. He moved this way. He’s going to the tenth floor. Follow him. We can’t let him leave the Neptunean Divine Palace…”

The supreme Godkings called out as they pursued full speed ahead according to the traces left behind by Jian Chen.

Unsurprisingly, Shui Yunlan and Audriana were among them as well. They were at the very front.

“Audriana, go chase down Jian Chen and stow him away in your divine hall. He’ll be much safer like that. I’ll make time for you,” Shui Yunlan told Audriana suddenly. Afterwards, under Audriana’s surprised and confused gaze, Shui Yunlan suddenly struck out against the supreme Godkings near her, injuring several people instantly.

“Bastard, what are you doing…”

“Sir, we have no grievances, so why did you suddenly launch a sneak attack on me…”

Immediately, the supreme Godkings around Shui Yunlan roared out furiously.

“Why don’t you go? There are too many supreme Godkings here. I can’t last for very long,” Shui Yunlan called out at Audriana. The silver-white armor on her body gave off an intense coldness, and at the same time, a fist-sized orb hovered above her head, radiating with a special pulse of energy that belonged to god artifacts.

Shui Yunlan did not use a god artifact when she made time for the fifth prince before. She had been holding back. Yet now, she had drawn her god artifact, so she was clearly ready to unleash her full strength.

After all, not only did she have to face several times more Godkings this time, but most of them were even ranked within the top hundred. They were extremely powerful.

Jian Chen used the Linear Lightning Release consecutively. Before long, he left the eleventh floor and reached the tenth floor. However, without resting at all, he used the Linear Lightning Release again to cover the distance. Only after travelling several million kilometres away from the entrance did he rest. Then he changed his appearance and stature through the Chaotic Body, becoming a ruddy old man who flew towards the ninth floor steadily.

“Those supreme Godkings should catch up very soon, but I’ve changed my appearance now. As long as I don’t use Chaotic Force and Profound Sword Qi, they shouldn’t be able to recognise me,” Jian Chen thought. He had already thought up some lies so that he could deal with them appropriately once he was stopped by people and interrogated.

But to his surprise, the next part of the journey was extremely smooth. He did not encounter a single supreme Godking on the tenth floor, allowing him to reach the ninth floor successfully. However, he did find quite a few regular Godkings and a few Overgods who moved around in the surroundings in search of their own fortuitous encounters.

Jian Chen flew in a straight line while maintaining a low profile on the ninth floor. Before long, he returned to the Neptunean Mountains that he had departed from many years ago.

As soon as he entered the boundary of the Neptunean Mountains, Chanlong appeared before Jian Chen silently. It was truly like he had teleported. He did not give off any presence at all, where Jian Chen was unable to sense him. He could only see him with Chanlong eyes.

“I knew you wouldn’t die so easily,” Chanlong smiled. Jian Chen’s return made him relieved.

“How did you recognise me?” Jian Chen rubbed his nose as he asked in surprise. He was disguised as a ruddy old man right now, and his presence was concealed, yet Chanlong still recognised him with a single glance.

“The world of the Neptunean Mountains is equivalent to my territory. No one can hide in my territory. No matter how you disguise yourself, you won’t be able to hide from me,” Chanlong stroked his beard as he said proudly.

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