Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2128 - Hunting Down The Fifth Prince (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2128 - Hunting Down The Fifth Prince (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2128: Hunting Down the Fifth Prince (One)

Jian Chen came to a realisation. He sighed in amazement inside. He knew that Chalong’s control over the Neptunean Mountains was becoming greater and greater after spending several years there.

“Is Kai Ya well?” Chanlong asked. He felt a strange sense of familiarity with Kai Ya, and as his strength increased, the sense of familiarity grew stronger and stronger. Naturally, he cared for Kai Ya very much.

Jian Chen nodded. He glanced behind him and said, “Let’s go in, and then we can talk.”

Chanlong could see Jian Chen’s worry and could not help but laugh aloud, “I’ve heard of all the disturbances you and Kai Ya have created in the Neptunean Divine Palace. However, you have nothing to worry about in the Neptunean Mountains. It won’t be up to them to decide what happens here,” Chanlong said in an awe-inspiring manner. The supreme Godkings did not concern him at all.

However, he did indeed possess that right. Having grasped the Grand Exalt’s formation in the Neptunean Mountains, he was indeed confident enough to fear nobody in the palace.

Jian Chen and Chanlong immediately returned to the cave that they had created several years ago.

At the same time, where Jian Chen had changed his appearance a second time on the tenth floor, the alluring Audriana in a green dress hovered in the sky. Dense and pure life force radiated from her, causing everything to bloom and the dreary ground to become filled with life again. A green hue expanded across the crowd at a visible rate into the distance.

Audriana did not do this on purpose. It was completely caused by the powerful life force she exuded.

“All of his traces have vanished here,” Audriana looked around at the surroundings as the senses of her soul flooded out as well. A while later, she smiled bitterly, “This kid is getting better and better at hiding himself. He hasn’t even left the slightest trace behind, so how am I supposed to find him? I know many secret techniques for searching for people, but he hasn’t even left any presence behind, so I can’t find him with them.”

“It looks like I can only borrow the group…” Audriana glanced at the eleventh floor before leaving. She carefully hid several tens of thousand kilometres away.

Before long, a great group of supreme Godkings surged over. They arrived where Jian Chen’s presence vanished, and their expressions were very ugly. Some of them were injured. Although it did not seem severe, they did seem like they were in horrible shape.

Shui Yunlan was not among them.

“All traces and presences have vanished here…”

“If it weren’t for the fact that we were kept busy by that person with the powers of ice and wasted so much time with her, Jian Chen would have never been able to escape from us…”

“Hmph, he can’t escape. I’ll use a secret technique and turn back time so that we can peer into the past.”

Immediately, a supreme Godking stood forward from the crowd. He used a secret technique to peer into the past.

First, they saw the scene where Audriana was here. However, she seemed blurry and almost indistinguishable.

Both Audriana’s personal cultivation and comprehension of laws surpassed the supreme Godking who turned back time, so he was only able to project a blurry figure of Audriana through his secret technique.

However, no one paid attention to Audriana. Instead, they waited patiently. Finally, Jian Chen’s figure appeared in the projected scene a few seconds later. The supreme Godkings in the surroundings saw exactly what he did, including the direction which he left in.

Without any hesitation, the supreme Godkings all moved off in the direction where Jian Chen had left in.

After a simple conversation with Chanlong, Jian Chen directly proceeded to where Hei Ya cultivated in seclusion in the Neptunean Mountains on the ninth floor.

When Hei Ya saw Jian Chen, he was clearly startled. However, he soon showed joy, and he also sighed in relief. He said, “There were rumours everywhere that you were beaten into the lava on the eighth floor. I had thought you were done for.”

“Don’t worry. My life can’t be taken that easily. Hei Ya, quickly make some preparations and leave with me,” said Jian Chen.

Seeing how stern Jian Chen was, Hei Ya gradually became solemn as well. He asked, “Where are we going?”

“The fifth prince of your Sky Empire is quite lucky. He gained the recognition of a Grand Prime’s legacy.”

“What? A Grand Prime’s legacy?” Hei Yu paled in fright. He had basically betrayed the fifth prince already, so once the fifth prince left the Neptunean Divine Palace with his life intact, he would definitely rise up with the assistance of the legacy. If the fifth prince decided to look into his betrayal, the fifth prince would never spare Hei Yu’s clan with his personality.

“Don’t worry. He failed to obtain the complete legacy. I intervened at a crucial time. However, he did vanish with a Space Ring from the legacy. However, I’m certain that the fifth prince hasn’t fled from the Neptunean Divine Palace. He must be hiding somewhere, so I need you to use your innate talent to find him. It’s the perfect time to kill him right now,” said Jian Chen. It had been a chaotic battle on the twelfth floor, but he saw the fifth prince leave all by himself clearly, without any guards. Even mister Shu, the only person who could stop him, was not there, so killing the fifth prince would be a piece of cake.

Afterwards, Jian Chen left the Neptunean Mountains in a hurry with Hei Ya. As they traveled, Jian Chen ingested a heavenly resource from the Divine Medicinal Garden.

Some of the heavenly resources could recover the power of the soul, which would make up for what he used up when he utilised the two strands of Profound Sword Qi.

“The fifth prince is not on this floor. Let’s go down.” Hei Ya used his innate talent to search for the fifth prince’s trace. Right now, he was clearly irreplaceable.

Jian Chen took Hei Ya with him and arrived on the eighth floor in a hurry. He avoided Ming Dong and the supreme Godkings who had not received the news about the twelfth floor and remained there from afar. He got Hei Ya to sense the entire place again.

“He’s not here either. Let’s keep going down,” said Hei Ya.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen directly brought Hei Ya to the seventh floor.

“Found him. The fifth prince is hiding on the seventh floor. He’s in that direction, over five million kilometres away from us…” Very soon, Hei Ya’s eyes lit up. He had located the fifth prince accurately.

A vicious gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes, “Hei Ya, it’s unsuitable for you to meet the fifth prince right now. You better hide in this divine hall for now.” Jian Chen pulled out a divine hall, and after a basic refinement, he let Hei Ya into it.

The divine hall was one of his spoils of battle. Although it was not of high quality, it was enough to hide someone.

Then Jian Chen hid his presence and concealed himself. He flew towards where the fifth prince hid all by himself.

Currently, the disheveled fifth prince hid in an obscure hole deep beneath the ground with a pale face. The muscles on his face were completely twisted, making him seem extremely horrific. His bloodshot eyes were filled with much hatred and rage.

“Jian Chen. Jian Chen. I will never spare you. I will never spare you. I swear, I will make you suffer from the most excruciating torture in the world before taking your life…”

“It was a Grand Prime’s legacy. That was a Grand Prime’s legacy. All I needed was a step, just that tiny step in the end, and it would have been mine… It’s all because of you. Jian Chen, it’s all because of you that I lost my chance to rise up. I want to rip out your tendons, skin you alive, drink your blood, and swallow you hole. I want you to beg for death…”

The fifth prince roared furiously. He had almost become insane. He hated Jian Chen extremely deeply.

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