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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2130 - A Grand Prime’s Belongings
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Chapter 2130: A Grand Prime’s Belongings

With Hei Ya’s assistance, Jian Chen was not afraid of the fifth prince escaping at all. Even if he ran to the ends of the earth, no matter how well he hid, Jian Chen could find him accurately with Hei Ya.

Another few hours later, Jian Chen found the fifth prince on the fifth floor. Due to the previous two times, Jian Chen clearly became much more cautious. He sent out a strand of Profound Sword Qi from very far away.

After ingesting God Tier heavenly resources, he had recovered some of the depleted power of his soul from using the two strands of Profound Sword Qi earlier, so when he used the third strand of Profound Sword Qi, it did not drain all the power of his soul.

The Profound Sword Qi possessed unbelievable speed. It shot through the air so quickly that many supreme Godkings would not be able to react to it. It directly headed towards the fifth prince who hid in an obscure cave.


Immediately, the fifth prince’s painful shriek rang out from the cave. It was like a ghost’s cry, extremely chilling.

Even when the fifth prince was at his peak condition, he was unable to dodge or fend off the Profound Sword Qi, let alone now when he was injured. The Profound Sword Qi directly struck his soul.


In the distance, Jian Chen strolled over at a leisurely pace towards the fifth prince. He would cross several hundred meters with each step.

In just a short while, he arrived before the fifth prince. He looked at the fifth prince who collapsed on the ground like mud while taking his last breaths. Jian Chen’s eyes were cold, without any pity at all.

Jian Chen understood the power of his Profound Sword Qi better than anyone else. Now that the fifth prince had taken a strand of it, almost eighty percent of his soul had collapsed. He was close to death. Even if he still had the simple talismans, he would not have the power to take them out.

After all, the power of his every strand of his Profound Sword Qi did increase substantially after he refined the third strand. Even supreme Godkings would not be able to take one on.

Although using a strand of Profound Sword Qi on the fifth prince was rather wasteful, the fifth prince had his talismans. If he wanted to flee, Jian Chen would struggle to stop him, so he had no choice but to use the Profound Sword Qi.

Jian Chen swung his sword and cut off the fifth prince’s finger, removing the Grand Prime’s Space Ring. He sneered, “Fifth prince, you probably never thought you’d end up like this today. Originally, the trip to the Neptunean Divine Palace was your chance to rise up like a dragon. A great future awaited you, but you’re about to step into the afterlife now.”

The fifth prince laid on the ground powerlessly. His face was terrifyingly pale. However, his dull eyes were still venomous. He gritted his teeth, “Hei Ya. It’s Hei Ya, that traitor. I never thought he’d join you. Only Hei Ya has the ability to find me so easily.”

“That’s right. The Neptunean Divine Palace is huge. If you wanted to hide among the twelve miniatures worlds, it would be almost impossible for me to find you without Hei Ya’s assistance. But all you can blame is yourself. You sent Hei Ya and the siblings, Bai He and Bai Qi, to kill me before. If that did not happen, we would not have fallen out, and this would not happen. I would not have the opportunity to make Hei Ya submit to me either.”

“Perhaps even if you inherited the Grand Prime’s legacy, I would do nothing to you, so you would obtain such a great fortuitous encounter successfully. However, since you’ve become a sworn enemy of mine, I can’t let you obtain the legacy no matter what to prevent endless problems or even my own death. As a result, your fate today was forged by yourself,” Jian Chen said slowly.

“Forged by me? Hahahahaha, that’s right. My fate today was indeed forged by myself. If it were not for Yun Xin, that bitch, how would I end up like this? It’s all because of that bitch that I wanted to kill you. Hahahahaha…” The fifth prince laughed crazily. He began to feel regret. He should have never offended Jian Chen over a woman.

However, now that the matter had developed like this, his regret was useless. His soul had been injured by the Profound Sword Qi, and eighty percent of it had collapsed. The remaining part of his soul also contained a sliver of the Profound Sword Qi’s power, so it gradually dispersed as well as the power ate it away. He was unable to stop this.

Jian Chen knew that the fifth prince’s soul was about to disperse, so he called out Hei Ya for him to personally witness the fifth prince’s death.

“Hei Ya, you traitor…” The fifth prince became filled with hatred when he saw Hei Ya. If it were not for Hei Ya, how would Jian Chen have been able to find him? He might have been able to enter the Grand Prime’s statue and complete the inheritance otherwise.

However, all of this was destroyed because of Hei Ya.

“Your majesty, you cannot blame me. I only did this to live. I wish you a safe journey,” Hei Ya clasped his fist at the fifth prince sternly as he sent the fifth prince off.

“You…” The fifth prince stared at Hei Ya. His great fury accelerated the dispersion of his soul, leading to its complete collapse. He was reduced to a cold corpse.

“Hei Ya greets master!”

With the fifth prince’s death, Hei Ya immediately dropped to one knee before Jian Chen and swore an oath. Jian Chen had truly become his master. He belonged to Jian Chen now.

Jian Chen nodded slightly. He was very happy about being able to make Hei Ya submit to him. Hei Ya’s innate talent would be of very great use at crucial times. It could play unimaginable roles.

Afterwards, Jian Chen searched through the fifth prince’s Space Ring.

The Space Ring was left behind by a Grand Prime after all. As soon as he checked the items in there, Jian Chen’s attention was drawn away by a small pile of multicolored divine crystals.

“These are five-colored divine crystals,” Jian Chen’s heart beat heavily. He became filled with joy.

Beyond supreme grade divine crystals were colored divine crystals. Colored divine crystals were split into multiple tiers as well, ranging from one-colored to five-colored. Although there were not a lot of these colored divine crystals, only a few thousand of them, they were all five-colored.

Just a few thousand five-colored divine crystals were equivalent to a huge amount of wealth.

Aside from that, there were several god artifacts. One of them was a sword two fingers wide.

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up the moment he saw the sword. He became overjoyed.

Ever since his Startling Rainbow sword had broken, he had not found a treasure that suited him. Even the supreme quality saint artifact he used right now did not satisfy completely.

However, the god artifact sword he discovered right now interested him.

“Every god artifact is protected by a layer of formations. However, getting through these formations is nothing difficult for me,” Jian Chen thought with a burning itch. God artifacts were weapons of Primordial realm experts. There were very few Godkings who could use god artifacts. Even among the supreme Godkings, there were not a lot of people who could use god artifacts. Even he was not certain whether he could use the god artifact or not even if it ended up in his hands.

“So they were Cosmic Movement Talismans!” Next, Jian Chen took out three simple talismans from the Space Ring. The talismans, unsurprisingly, were what the fifth prince had used to flee. Only three remained now.

“Even some formations cast down by Grand Primes can’t stop Cosmic Movement Talismans. They really are extremely powerful.” Jian Chen properly realised just how powerful Cosmic Movement Talismans were through the description. He also felt extremely fortunate, fortunate that this was the Neptunean Divine Palace, or the fifth prince would have escaped long ago in the outside world.

The Neptunean Divine Palace was a high quality god artifact after all. It was extraordinarily powerful. Cosmic Movement Talismans were of very high quality, where even some formations from Grand Primes were unable to stop them, but they still could not overcome the limitations of the Neptunean Divine Palace.

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