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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2135 - Crippling Nan Shangyun
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Chapter 2135: Crippling Nan Shangyun

“Over three million years ago, your Heaven-splitting clan was only a small clan in the eyes of our God clan. It was nothing significant in the Saints’ World. Do you think you can stand up to our God clan now that you have your Heaven-splitting ancestor? Do you think that you can stand against our supreme War God?” Audriana growled as she glared at him.

“The past is the past, and now is now. The Heaven-splitting clan was indeed nothing in the eyes of the great clans of the Saints’ World in the past, but now, the ancestor of our Heaven-splitting clan is one of the most powerful people below Grand Exalt. With him alone, we can stand up to your God clan. The current God clan is no longer the God clan of the past.”

“As for your War God, he’s far too weak right now. It’ll take him quite some time before he fully matures. By then, our ancestor might have broken through the final bottleneck and earned the title of Grand Exalt for himself. Would we still have to fear your God clan anymore?” Nan Shangyun said arrogantly. The current Heaven-splitting clan did possess the right to look down on everything.

Audriana’s face sank. She knew that Nan Shangyun was telling the truth. The ancestor of the Heaven-splitting clan had unprecedented talent. Among all the people who could take the final step and gain the title of Grand Exalt in the current Saints’ World, the Heaven-splitting ancestor was definitely one of them.

“Hahaha, Nan Shangyun, you treat yourself like a big deal. Your Heaven-splitting clan might not be weak, but what has it got to do with you? Do you really think your Heaven-splitting clan is willing to go to war against the famed God clan for a mere Godking like you? Like I said, you treat yourself like a big deal. Are you really great enough for your clan to do that?” At this moment, Ming Dong who stood beside Jian Chen spoke out. He looked at Nan Shangyun like he was looking at a joke as he scoffed.

“Ming Dong, are you looking to die?” Nan Shangyun glared at Ming Dong. His face darkened, and killing intent shone in his eyes.

Ming Dong laughed aloud. He directly drew a god artifact and put on god artifact armor before charging towards Nan Shangyun aggressively. He sneered, “The person who is looking to die is you. Today, I’ll cripple you before everyone. I’d like to see whether your Heaven-splitting clan really is as great as you describe it to be and whether they’d come to me looking for revenge.”

Ming Dong used his full strength right from the start. Pure Laws of Destruction condensed on the god artifact as he produced a strand of sword Qi that was hundreds of meters long. It possessed the pressure of a God Tier Battle Skill as it chopped towards Nan Shangyun mercilessly.

“Impudent. I won’t let you leave the Neptunean Divine Palace alive today just because of what you said,” Nan Shangyun called out coldly. He held a violet and golden hammer. As he swung it, it pulsed with the energy of a god artifact.

Nan Shangyun comprehended the Laws of Strength. That swing was enough to split the sky and ground. The terrifying power that gathered on the hammer made space ripple.

In the sky, a thunderous boom rang out. Nan Shangyun was extremely powerful, where he was extremely close to the top ten on the Godkings’ Throne. He managed to suppress Ming Dong right from the beginning.

“The Ways are in Heaven…” At this moment, Ming Dong bellowed out. He extended a finger at the sky and a finger at the ground as a mysterious power radiated from him.

“And I Stand in the World…” In the next moment, Ming Dong’s hands shifted. They moved along a wondrous and profound trajectory as they resonated and matched with the laws of the world. He shone with a hazy light.

Nan Shangyun’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Ming Dong with some seriousness. When Ming Dong began casting the mysterious secret technique, he became filled with an intense sense of unease.

Along with it was dread that originated from the depths of his soul.

It was as if the secret technique Ming Dong was casting right now was extremely impressive, possessing unfathomable power.

Nan Shangyun gritted his teeth and no longer held back. His hammer became wrapped with the Laws of Strength, and he struck out with a God Tier Battle Skill in an attempt to disrupt Ming Dong’s secret technique.

“For I am the Heavenly Ways…”

It was also at this moment that Ming Dong suddenly bellowed out. It was thunderous and deafening. A profound, mysterious power shot out from his body and enveloped Nan Shangyun.

Nan Shangyun’s face suddenly changed. Under the mysterious power, he actually lost all sense of his cultivation. He could not feel his comprehension of laws as if he had been forcefully struck back to being a mortal by someone at that moment, becoming the most ordinary mortal out there.

Even the low quality god artifact in his hand was affected as well. It stopped shining, and the God Tier Battle Skill he was about to cast collapsed and completely dispersed.

“W- what is this secret technique?” Nan Shangyun cried out. He was panic-stricken as great fear filled his face.

But in the next moment, Nan Shangyun emitted a chilling cry. The mysterious power invaded his soul and body, filling his entire body with excruciating pain.

His soul rapidly dispersed and so did his cultivation under the invasion of the mysterious power.

This form of dispersing was permanent. It would be very difficult to undo. It directly led to a downfall of his cultivation and comprehension of laws.

In under ten seconds, the mysterious power around Ming Dong vanished and so did the light that enshrouded him, revealing Ming Dong’s pale face.

Before him was the haggard Nan Shangyun. His eyes were blank as disbelief and shock filled his face, along with deep fear.

He could sense his soul and cultivation once again now. However, not even a hundredth of his cultivation remained. It had dropped to the level between the Origin realm and deity while his peak Godking soul also seemed to be ripped apart, with only a tiny fragment left behind. It had fallen to early Deity.

This was a permanent loss and could not be undone. He could only cultivate slowly if he wanted to recover, and due to the injuries to his soul, it would be difficult for him to recover to his peak condition even if he cultivated again.

It could be said that Nan Shangyun of the Heaven-splitting clan had been completely crippled after falling to such a level.

“Remember, my name is Ming Dong. Don’t forget to get your clansmen to come and take revenge,” Ming Dong said weakly with a pale face before directly punting Nan Shangyun far away.

The surroundings became deathly silent. Everyone stared at the haggard, weakened Nan Shangyyun blankly as their hearts churned in shock.

Ming Dong’s secretly technique had forcefully reduced a peak Godking to a Deity. They had never seen or heard of such a strange and terrifying secret technique.

To their shock, Nan Shangyun had actually been crippled before everyone by Ming Dong, just like he had said he would do.

Nan Shangyun was a member of the Heaven-splitting clan!

The current Heaven-splitting clan was as prominent as the midday sun. Across the entire Saints’ World, there were basically no organisations that dared to stand up to the Heaven-splitting clan now, yet Ming Dong was utterly fearless.

“It’s the Authority of the Grand Exalt. How does he know the Authority of the Grand Exalt?” Nearby, Audriana stared at Ming Dong with mixed feelings as her heart churned.

“How is this possible? How does Ming Dong know the Authority of the Grand Exalt? Grasping this art requires the recognition of a Grand Exalt, and they must pass it onto them personally. However, all people who know this art, from a certain sense, are the Grand Exalt’s successor because whenever a Grand Exalt passes this onto someone, they will suffer from a certain level of deterioration,” several kilometres away, the empty space actually trembled; Shui Yunlan, who was hidden there, voiced her shock.

Out of the several hundred supreme Godkings present, only Audriana and Shui Yunlan knew what Ming Dong’s secret technique was. This was because one of them came from the God clan, while the other came from the Ice Goddess Hall. They were both peak organisations that possessed Grand Exalts in the past, so they had records of this.

However, something happened at this moment. A huge hand appeared out of nowhere above Jian Chen’s head and reached towards him with golden light and a suffocating pressure.

Someone had secretly taken action. They wanted to take Jian Chen away while everyone else was still distracted.

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