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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2143 - The Lizard Moves
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2143: The Lizard Moves

“He actually dove into the lava. Is he looking to die…”

“God dammit. Jian Chen would rather commit suicide than give the girl to us…”

Many supreme Godkings swore out loud. None of them dared to do anything. They were not bold enough to dive into the lava like Jian Chen.

In reality, even if they ranked among the top ten of the Godkings’ Throne, they dared not dive into the lava alone with god artifacts. They would only be able to last for a while if many people poured their strength together and unleashed the full might of the god artifacts.

“Hmph, it’s not the first time Jian Chen has entered the lava. It’s said that he was struck into the lava several years ago. Everyone believed he was dead, but isn’t he still alive right now?”

“Everyone be careful. This is Jian Chen’s scheme. He wants to stun us like this, and then move through the lava before escaping somewhere else…”

“That’s right. Jian Chen has a way to survive in the lava. Everyone disperse. We can’t let him escape under our watch…”

Jian Chen took out the Anatta Tower as soon as he entered the scorching lava. He hid in there and dove towards the very depths with it.

He expanded the Anatta Tower to several hundred meters tall and rampaged through the lava, smashing through many rocks in there. He punched through the bases of several volcanoes, causing a very great disturbance.

Jian Chen’s actions directly influenced the surface of the lava. The entire sea of lava suddenly began to churn violently and several volcanoes nearby directly collapsed. Their huge bodies fell into the lava, kicking up flames into the air. It caused the fire-attributed energy in the entire space to become abnormally violent, and the many volcanoes were stimulated, causing them to erupt. The entire eighth floor rained with lava.

“God dammit, what’s happening? Why has the situation here changed so drastically all of a sudden…”

“It must be Jian Chen. It must be caused by that bastard. How did he do this from under the lava…”

The supreme Godkings in the surroundings all began to curse out loud. They resented Jian Chen very much. Every single one of them wore armor as they dodged the descending lava in horrible conditions while their faces were sunken.

“I’m very curious as to what Jian Chen is using to survive so long in the lava, and why he’s able to create such great disturbance,” Sheng Man, who wore a large cloak, croaked with her old voice as her body had already become illusionary.

“Jian Chen must have a god artifact of impressive quality. It’s very likely that he’s surviving in the lava through the use of this god artifact,” Zhu Wen constantly shot out sword Qi to disperse the lava above him as he growled.

The nearby supreme Godkings all spoke out when they heard that.

“Even low quality god artifacts can’t last for long under the lava. The bottom of the lava can even melt low quality god artifacts, so does Jian Chen possess a medium quality god artifact?”

“It’s difficult for Infinite Primes to unleash all the power in medium quality god artifacts, and they’re normally used by Chaotic Primes. It’s impossible for Jian Chen to use one with his mere Godking cultivation. Even if he gains the recognition of the artifact spirit, he can’t power such a great god artifact with his cultivation…”

“Oh right. There seems to be a damaged little tower with Jian Chen. The little tower has appeared many times. Do you think it’s the little tower…”

“The little tower is so damaged. I think it has almost been ruined. Apart from being tough, a god artifact close to ruin has no other uses. It does not even give off have the might of a god artifact anymore, so what can it do…”

“That’s not necessarily the case. God artifacts of impressive qualities can still remain fine in the lava based on their toughness alone even when they’re damaged…”

“If Jian Chen really is using an almost ruined god artifact to move through the lava, just what quality has the god artifact reached? Is it medium quality or high quality?”

Jian Chen hid in the Anatta Tower at the bottom of the lava. He controlled the tower and flew all over the place like a headless fly.

“Where are you hiding, lava lizard? Come out. Come out…” Jian Chen repeated in his heart from within the Anatta Tower. He was both eager and excited as he waited for the lizard to appear.

He had already planned out everything inside. His plan that specially targeted all the supreme Godkings silently unfurled.

He planned to draw the lizard hidden at the bottom of the lava outside and deal with the supreme Godkings through its terrifying strength.

At this moment, Jian Chen clearly sensed the Anatta Tower tremble gently, and his eyes immediately lit up. He beamed with joy, and even his breathing had become ragged.

This was because it was impossible for the tremor to be caused by colliding into the rocks. Only the attacks of the lizard could have caused this.

“I’ve finally alarmed you,” Jian Chen stood on the first floor with the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways as he secretly celebrated inside. With a flash, he left the tower and appeared outside.

Immediately, the scorching lava pressed against him and caused his Chaotic Body to redden in a single instance.

Jian Chen completely ignored the lava around him. His eyes immediately became locked onto a huge shadow. The two huge eyes of the lizard that always lived in the lava stared directly at the Anatta Tower as they revealed human-like curiosity.

After learning the lizard’s precise location, Jian Chen no longer remained outside any more. He immediately entered the tower, and then he made the tower rise high up above the lizard’s head before smashing down heavily.


With a heavy thud, the Anatta Tower struck the lizard’s head heavily with a terrifying force; it was to the point where the lizard saw stars. Its huge head tottered about as if it was intoxicated.

However, it returned to its senses very quickly. It became enraged from the pain in its head as fury filled its two huge eyes. It directly swung a claw towards the Anatta Tower, knocking it several hundred meters away.

Jian Chen stabilised the Anatta Tower and did not stop there. He tilted the Anatta Tower to its side and shot towards the lizard with its conical ceiling, moving as quickly as he could and striking the lizard once again. It caused the lizard to tumble quite a few times.

This time, the lizard was clearly in much greater pain than before. It emitted a furious roar at the sky, causing the surrounding lava to churn. Its eyes had already become bloodshot as it charged towards the Anatta Tower with great fury.

The Anatta Tower immediately shot up, flying towards the surface of the lava. The gigantic lizard tailed it closely in extreme anger.

“The lava is becoming more and more violent. The waves have actually reached thousands of meters high. This has never happened before. Just what is Jian Chen, that bastard, doing down there…”

“No matter what he’s doing, it’s impossible for him to create such a shocking sight with his strength. Something must’ve happened down there…”

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