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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2144 - Sitting And Waiting For Them To Come
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2144: Sitting and Waiting for Them to Come

All the supreme Godkings hovered at an altitude of ten thousand meters in the sky. They all stared at the churning sea of lava as the light in their eyes flickered with uncertainty.

Currently, the sea of lava could no longer be described as just churning. All the lava pulsed violently as great waves constantly rose and fell, sweeping through the sky. They became more and more violent as if there was a furious dragon stirring up the entire place.

All the supreme Godkings present shivered when they saw this. They felt like a chill had run down their spines.

The lava was not ordinary. It was thousands of times hotter than the core of the sun, something terrifying that even Infinite Primes had to treat with caution.

Suddenly, a damaged tower several hundred meters in height burst out of the lava and directly flew into the sky.

The supreme Godkings all beamed the moment they saw the tower appear. Immediately, some of them charged towards the tower.

However, not everyone did that. Some people glanced at the Anatta Tower before looking at the churning lava below. They had clearly sensed something, and they were grave.

“Something is off. There’s something in the lava,” a supreme Godking said solemnly.

As soon as he said that, the churning lava below everyone suddenly exploded. A gigantic, fire-red lizard abruptly burst out. It glared at the Anatta Tower furiously and swung its tail. With a sonic boom, it struck the Anatta Tower with unbelievable speed, producing a heavy rumble.

The Anatta Tower was unscathed, only having been blown several hundred meters away by the tail.

However, the lizard from the lava was also in pain. It cried out and bared its teeth in pain. However, this caused it to become even more feral as bloodthirstiness filled its eyes.

“The Primordial realm. It’s the Primordial realm. It’s a beast that has reached the Primordial realm…”

“No, impossible. Once you reach the Primordial realm, you can’t enter the Neptunean Divine Palace. How can a Primordial realm magical beast appear here…”

“This presence definitely does not belong to early Infinite Prime. It’s even greater than early Infinite Primes. Heavens, is there something wrong with my eyes? How can such a terrifying existence appear in the Neptunean Divine Palace…”

“It’s at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime at the very least. It has reached mid Infinite Prime. Run, we’re not its opponent…”

“Jian Chen, that bastard, has actually drawn out such a terrifying beast. I will never spare him…”

All the people in the surroundings became shocked when they saw the gigantic lizard burst out of the lava. Their hearts churned.

Jian Chen appeared out of nowhere above the Anatta Tower with the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. With a wave of his hand, he stowed the Anatta Tower away before looking at the supreme Godkings who had extremely spectacular expressions. He could not help but laugh aloud, “Everyone, this lizard is far too powerful. My strength is limited, so I am not its opponent, so I can only trouble you. Don’t worry too much. There are so many of you, so as long as you work together, you definitely will be able to slay this huge lizard.”

“As for me, it’s not like I’ll be of any help. I’ll get in the way of everyone dealing with the lizard, so I’ll be leaving first.” With that, Jian Chen took out a Cosmic Movement Talisman and vanished. He had already left the floor.

“Jian Chen, you despicable…”

Many supreme Godkings gritted their teeth, but they did not dare to remain any longer. They flew away from the lizard as they fled in all directions.

The lizard’s original target was Jian Chen, but now that Jian Chen had abruptly vanished, it naturally directed all its rage towards the supreme Godkings around. Its tongue shot out and directly wrapped around a supreme Godking, swallowing him whole. With a swing of its claws, two supreme Godkings were smashed to pieces, where their souls dispersed. As its tail swept out, a large group of Godkings had their bones shattered.

At that moment, the enraged lizard began a mindless massacre on the eighth floor. It was invincible, where no one could put up a fight against it at all. In just a short while, the supreme Godkings were either injured or dead.

“I would have the confidence to fight this lizard if it was at the First Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, but it’s just too powerful, so I can only leave first,” Sheng Man shrouded in the cloak had already become illusionary. As she said that, she directly charged towards the entrance to the seventh floor.

However, it was also at this moment that the lizard opened its mouth and spat out scorching flames. It engulfed an entire region, swallowing up Sheng Man and six other supreme Godkings.

The flames enveloped the seven supreme Godkings, and they immediately shrieked out painfully. In just a few seconds, two of them were burnt to a crisp, while the other five were heavily injured as they charged out of the sea of flames.

Sheng Man’s cloak had been burnt off, revealing her appearance. She had grey hair and a face filled with wrinkles and wounds.

Currently, she was enveloped by a gentle glow from a bronze mirror on her chest. From the pulse the mirror emitted, it was clearly a defensive god artifact.

However, even though she was protected by a god artifact, she had been burnt and quite injured.

“The lizard is at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime at the very least, or even the Eighth Heavenly Layer. That is late Infinite Prime. It’s impossible for such a powerful existence to appear in the Neptunean Divine Palace,” Zhu Wen cried out. He clashed with the lizard, and he was blown away by a single swat, causing him to vomit blood. His god artifact armor had dulled as well. Their strengths were on two completely different levels.

“I understand now. This lizard didn’t come out from outside. Instead, it’s a natural spirit that was gradually born from the power of flames in the lava over the years.”

“This seems to be the seventh floor?” Jian Chen looked at the rather familiar landscape as his eyes gradually lit up.

“It really is the seventh floor. I never thought the Cosmic Movement Talisman would bring me here.” Very soon, Jian Chen confirmed his location. The light in his eyes flickered before he suddenly looked at the entrance to the eighth floor. Cold killing intent immediately filled his eyes.


In the next moment, Jian Chen shot off. Light flickered around him as he seemed to turn into a bolt of lightning, flying towards the entrance to the eighth floor as quickly as he could.

Jian Chen was so fast that he could cross ten thousand kilometres in seconds. Before long, he had crossed through the mountains and rivers and arrived at the entrance to the eighth floor.

At this very moment, a supreme Godking in damaged armor that had been charred arrived on the seventh floor from the eighth floor.

Clearly, he had escaped by a hair’s breadth from the eighth floor. When he fled to the seventh floor, he was already heavily injured and extremely weakened. He was almost incapacitated.

The supreme Godking did not seem to feel any pain. When he saw that he had successfully escaped from the volcanic world, he could not help but laugh aloud as if he had just survived a great disaster.

This was because he had personally witnessed so many supreme Godkings far more powerful than himself die to the lizard without being able to put up a fight at all. He felt extremely fortunate about being able to escape from the danger.

However, at this moment, a cold light flashed. A sword suddenly appeared and stabbed towards his forehead with lightning speed.

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