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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2147 - The Couple Reunited
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2147: The Couple Reunited

“Jian Chen’s talent is monstrous, and his rate of growth is just too fast. In just three to four hundred years, he has grown from a mortal to a Godking, and his battle prowess is so great that he can kill supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne as an early Godking. He hasn’t reached the end of the path as a Godking yet, so there’s a lot of room for growth in the future. With his current battle prowess, I’ll be nowhere near his opponent once he reaches peak Godking,” thought Shui Yunlan. Her feelings were mixed as a gleam of light flickered through her cold pupils.

“But why does he have to be a part of the Immortals’ World and the successor of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens? The esteemed Ice Goddess was injured by the Grand Exalt of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens in the past, and she still hasn’t recovered. Her situation is unknown. She hasn’t even paid any attention to the traitors of the Ice Goddess Hall. Jian Chen is still an enemy of our Ice Goddess hall in the end. I wonder if exposing my identity and throwing the Snow Goddess into constant danger to help Jian Chen was the right decision or not…”

“Sigh. Whatever. What Mo Tianyun said in the past was not unreasonable. Now that the Ice Goddess Hall faces an unprecedented danger, almost facing death, is there still any use for me to dwell on these grievances? We don’t even know whether the Ice Goddess Hall can survive. The priority is for her majesty to recover her strength. Only once her majesty has recovered her peak strength can we turn the situation around.”

Shui Yunlan sighed inside. Not only did Jian Chen’s rate of growth amaze her, but it also threatened her and filled her with much unease.

Jian Chen, on the other hand, became disappointed after learning that Changyang Mingyue had not entered the Neptunean Divine Palace with Shui Yunlan. At this moment, he could not help but think of Changyang Mingyue’s familiar face. His childhood memories flashed before him like a fountain as if they were completely new. Even after several centuries, he could still remember them like they had happened yesterday.

He could clearly remember that once he was determined to be a cripple who could not cultivate during his youth, his status in the Changyang clan had fallen from a dazzling star to someone that even regular servants could scoff at and harass whenever they wanted to. During that time, his father, Changyang Ba, had grown cold on him. In the huge Changyang clan, there was only his sister, Changyang Mingyue, who cared for him the most back then aside from his mother. She took care of him right down to the smallest details, thinking about everything for him.

In the eyes of many people, this relationship as siblings might have been something that could not be any more ordinary. However, to Jian Chen who had experienced a life as an orphan, it warmed his heart and touched him deeply. He remembered it and was captivated by it, so it became a memory firmly embedded in the depths of his soul such that he would never forget about it.

Ever since he separated from Changyang Mingyue on the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen had never met her again. He longed for his sister.

“Jian Chen, do you come from the Tian Yuan Continent?” At this moment, Rui Di asked Jian Chen nervously as he stared at him enthusiastically.

A gleam of light immediately flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes when Rui Di mentioned the Tian Yuan Continent. There should have only been a handful of people who knew about the Tian Yuan Continent in the Saints’ World, so how did the person before him know? Perhaps…

“You are?” Jian Chen looked at Rui Di.

“We’re Rui Di and Zhi Ye from the Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes. The Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes was the Dragon and Phoenix clans that the Winged Tiger God brought to the Saints’ World from the Beast God Continent,” Audriana introduced Rui Di and Zhi Ye to Jian Chen.

“What? You’re the Dragon and Phoenix clans that left the Beast God Continent in the past?” Jian Chen was extremely surprised when he learnt who Rui Di and Zhi Ye were. But soon after, he became overjoyed, and a thought crossed his head silently.

He had just been worrying about how to find Rui Jin and Hong Lian’s clansmen that had left the Tian Yuan Continent a million years ago in the vast Saints’ World. He had never thought he would come across the people from the Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes out of pure coincidence during his trip to the Neptunean Divine Palace. This filled him with both surprise and happiness. He was in high spirits.

At this moment, Audriana suddenly smiled mysteriously and said to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, look at who this is.” As she said that, a divine hall appeared in her hand, which was thrown into the air gently by Audriana.

The divine hall suddenly expanded in the air, becoming several hundred meters long and wide in a single instance. With a deep thud, it landed on the ground gently and kicked up some dust.

Jian Chen looked at the divine hall in confusion and curiosity. He had no idea what Audriana had planned.

At this moment, the divine hall’s door opened slightly. Afterwards, a woman in a purple dress with a zither walked out. She was extremely pretty, and she had an otherworldly bearing, just like a goddess.

Jian Chen seemed to become petrified the moment he saw the woman. He suddenly froze up as disbelief flooded his confident, handsome face.

“Mu’er!” But in the next moment, Jian Chen suddenly cried out. He charged over emotionally and embraced Shangguan Mu’er tightly.

“Jian Chen, I knew you’d still be alive,” Shangguan Mu’er also struggled to keep calm when she saw Jian Chen. She was elated as she smiled faintly. She stowed the Zither of the Demonic Cry away and embraced Jian Chen gently, pressing her head against his chest.

As the saying went, absence makes the heart grow fonder. After being separated for dozens of years, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er had been constantly worried for each other’s safety in the danger-ridden Saints’ World. Now that they were reunited, their repressed feelings of yearning immediately erupted like geysers.

“Mu’er, how have you been in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound in the past few years? Has it been hard…” Jian Chen said softly as his voice was filled with care.

“Brother, there’s a kid called Jun Kong who’s eyeing sister-in-law. You better be careful of him. He’s not weak, also a supreme Godking, and he has a god artifact,” Ming Dong, who sat on the side and consumed God Tier pills to heal, suddenly said to Jian Chen.

“Jun Kong?” Jian Chen murmured as he looked at Shangguan Mu’er. He was questioning her.

“Jun Kong’s master is one of the four ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. He’s also the person with the greatest talent so far in the entire sect. He did indeed long for me in the past. When I came to the Neptunean Divine Palace this time, Jun Kong was sent by the ancestors to protect me…” Shangguan Mu’er told Jian Chen about the matters of Jun Kong without hiding anything.

“Brother, don’t blame me for not warning you. That kid called Jun Kong wants to kill you,” Ming Dong said as he recovered.

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