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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2148 - Another Secret
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Chapter 2148: Another Secret

“He actually wants to kill me?” Jian Chen was surprised by that, but he soon sneered. He looked at Shangguan Mu’er and asked sternly, “Mu’er, Jun Kong is your senior brother. If I end up conflicting with your senior, what will you do?”

“Although Jun Kong’s master has shown me kindness through guiding me, I’ve already helped out Jun Kong when Ming Dong wanted to kill him last time. I did not help him last time because he came from the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. Rather, it was to return his master’s kindness. As a result, I will not object if you want to kill Jun Kong,” Shangguan Mu’e said without any hesitation at all. However, then she hesitated slightly and looked at Jian Chen with worry. She continued, “However, Jun Kong’s master is a Chaotic Prime after all, and his master’s wife is also one of the four ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. If you really do end up killing Jun Kong, you’ll probably cause quite a lot of trouble.”

“So what if he’s a Chaotic Prime? I’ve offended so many supreme Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace, and many of the organisations behind all these Godkings are far more powerful than the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. I’m not even afraid of these people, so why would I fear Jun Kong?” Jian Chen said fearlessly.

Shangguan Mu’er then thought about why Jian Chen had been hunted down by all the supreme Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace. She could not help but ask, “What’s up with the girl? Is she really crucial to obtaining the Neptunean Divine Palace?”

“The girl is called Xiao Man. She’s the descendant of the previous master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, so she carries the bloodline of the previous master…” Jian Chen hid nothing and told everyone about Xiao Man. Everyone gathered here were not outsiders. Even Rui Di and Zhi Ye were clansmen of the Dragon and Phoenix clans that had left the Beast God Continent in the past, so Jian Chen trusted them very much.

Moreover, Xiao Man’s matters had already spread throughout the entire Neptunean Divine Palace. With how special her bloodline was, all that was needed was some thought, and it would not be difficult to reach this conclusion. It was no secret at all, so Jian Chen had no reason to hide it.

As soon as they heard that Xiao Man was the previous master’s descendant, Rui Di and Zhi Ye’s faces changed. They seemed to have become excited.

On the other hand, Audriana, Shui Yunlan, and Ming Dong remained indifferent.

Seeing Rui Di and Zhi Ye’s expressions, Jian Chen’s gaze turned slightly cold. He said, “I already have an agreement with Xiao Man. I will help her take back the Neptunean Divine Palace and reclaim her ancestor’s belongings.” Jian Chen’s words were clearly a warning, stating his stance out in the open, where even if Rui Di and Zhi Ye were from the Dragon and Phoenix clans, he would still be willing to take them on if they wanted the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Rui Di and Zhi Ye’s faces changed slightly when they heard that. After a short moment of silence, Rui Di said to Jian Chen, “The Neptunean Divine Palace is extremely important. Zhi Ye and I have come under the orders of the seniors to obtain the Neptunean Divine Palace through all means possible. However, since we share the same homeland, we’re not outsiders, and that girl called Xiao Man has some ties with you. If the girl gains control over the Neptunean Divine Palace, it might be good news to us.”

A gleam of light flashed through Audriana’s eyes, and she stared at Rui Di and Zhi Ye sharply. She said, “Since your seniors treat the Neptunean Divine Palace with so much importance, they must know just how severe the matters that the Neptunean Divine Palace tie into are. Obtaining the Neptunean Divine Palace isn’t really a good matter for your Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes. After all, your sect has only existed for a million years. You don’t have the heritage or strength to keep the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

Jian Chen was also surprised. He could not contain his curiosity, so he asked, “Just what other matters does this Neptunean Divine Palace tie into?”

Shui Yunlan, Ming Dong, and Shangguan Mu’er all looked at Audriana curiously as well.

Audriana became solemn, “I only heard about this from a hall elder accidentally after I returned to the God clan. I only know that the Neptunean Divine Palace seems to be related to the war between the Saints’ World and the Immortals’ World. I don’t know about the exact details. The reason why the Samsaric Grand Exalt of the Immortals’ World destroyed the Neptunean Divine Palace was also because of this.”

Audriana sighed gently when she reached there. She stared at the world within the Neptunean Divine Palace blankly and sighed, “That’s because the Neptunean Divine Palace was directly responsible for an intense battle between two Grand Exalts. According to the records of our God clan, ever since one of the seven Grand Exalts of our Saints’ World, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Ways, clashed with the Samsaric Immortal Exalt, he has never appeared again. Many peak experts in the Saints’ World had once stated that the Grand Exalt of Ancient Ways was already dead.”

“However, the Samsaric Grand Exalt of the Immortals’ World was also heavily injured. As he fled back to the Immortals’ World, he was intercepted by the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. In the end, his body was destroyed, and he returned to the Immortals’ World with just his soul. His soul then entered samsara…”

Jian Chen was deeply stunned after hearing this. Originally, he had thought that the Samsaric Immortal Exalt had destroyed the Daoist Sect of Neptunea simply because of the war between the two worlds. He had never thought that there was more to it.

Although Jian Chen was unable to understand the true reason, he had realised that the Neptunean Divine Palace was not as simple as just a high quality god artifact from what Audriana had said.

Rui Di and Zhi Ye were also stern. If Audriana was telling the truth, it really would not have been a positive matter if their Sect of Dragons and Phoenixes had obtained the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Everyone continued to dwell on the topic on the Neptunean Divine Palace. A while later, Shui Yunlan suddenly arrived beside Jian Chen and said emotionlessly, “Jian Chen, come with me.” As she said that, she flew off into the distance.

Jian Chen stared at Shui Yunlan’s back doubtfully. After squeezing Shangguan Mu’er’s soft, smooth hand, he said, “I’ll be right back.”

“Alright,” Shangguan Mu’er nodded gently as tenderness filled her enchanting eyes.

A hundred kilometres away, Shui Yunlan formed a barrier out of ice that enveloped the two of them. She stared at Jian Chen coldly and said, “Has the Space Ring that the fifth prince obtained from the Grand Prime’s statue on the twelfth floor ended up in your hands?”

“It has. The Space Ring is with me. Do you want it?” Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he secretly grew cautious.

“I had an agreement with the fifth prince. I would help him stop the people who wanted to attack him and make time for him, while all the cultivation resources he obtained would be mine,” Shui Yunlan stared at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen frowned when he heard that, “That’s between you and the fifth prince. What’s it got to do with me? Since I obtained the Space Ring, it belongs to me now. Do you plan on getting me to hold up the fifth prince’s side of the deal for him?”

Jian Chen had no good impression of Shui Yunlan. Ignoring the fact that she had basically committed a huge sin by ending an entire era on the Tian Yuan Continent, just her action of freezing Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu on the icy plains was enough for Jian Chen to never forgive her.

Shui Yunlan’s expression did not change at all. Her eyes remained cold and emotionless. She said icily, “Of course it’s got something to do with you. Do you know why I’ve come to the Neptunean Divine Palace? Do you know why I assisted the fifth prince? All of it was for your sister.”

“My sister! What’s wrong with my sister?” Jian Chen’s expression changed when he heard her mention his sister. His eyes immediately narrowed as he stared at Shui Yunlan closely while he called out. He became extremely unsettled.

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