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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2150 - Siblings’ Bond
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2150: Siblings’ Bond

Jian Chen’s heart sank slightly as he became extremely stern as well. Nan Potian’s cultivation had already reached the peak of Chaotic Prime, and he could become a Grand Prime at any time, yet he still received the support of someone. Without even thinking, it must have been a Grand Prime.

Moreover, Jian Chen predicted that if Nan Potian was really supported by someone, their cultivation would definitely not be a simple as a regular Grand Prime.

“Since a Grand Prime eyes your Ice Goddess Hall, it’ll probably be very difficult to resolve the crisis unless the Ice Goddess personally takes action. What do you plan on doing now?” Jian Chen asked. Originally, he had no ties with the Ice Goddess hall at all. The fate of the Ice Goddess Hall would have nothing to do with him.

However, Jian Chen had to get involved now since this related to his sister’s safety.

Shui Yunlan was gloomy. There was some worry in her cold eyes. She sighed gently, “Perhaps it’s due to our cultivation method, but everyone at the Ice Goddess Hall has an extremely cold personality. Coupled with the presence of the Ice Goddess, one of the seven Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World, our status was supreme in the Saints’ World. As a result, we never befriended any other major organisation in the Saints’ World. Now that the Ice Goddess Hall faces a crisis, we can’t get any reinforcements at all, so probably the only path left for me is for her majesty to recover as soon as possible.”

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes, and he asked curiously, “If my sister recovers, can you change the situation that the Ice Goddess Hall currently faces?”

“If her majesty recovers, she’ll be able to resolve the entire matter regardless of who supports Nan Potian and regardless of how grave the situation our Ice Goddess Hall faces is,” Shui Yunlan said with absolute confidence. She felt respect from the bottom of her heart towards both the Ice Goddess and Snow Goddess.

Jian Chen instead fell silent when he saw Shui Yunlan’s absolute confidence. He could tell that his sister was extremely powerful from what Shui Yunlan had said, powerful to the point where she did not fear Grand Primes at all. He felt happy and worried at the same time.

He felt happy and overjoyed for his sister because of her great strength, but he was worried about whether she would still be able to recognise him after recovering her strength. Maybe, she would cease to be his sister.

Jian Chen slowly took out Space Ring after Space Ring after a while of silent thought.

Jian Chen placed almost ten Space Rings on the ground. They were his spoils of battle, including the Grand Prime’s Space Ring from the fifth prince.

Jian Chen had obtained far more Space Rings than this in the Neptunean Divine Palace, but he had tidied through them and grouped the items together before placing them all into these Space Rings.

Afterwards, Jian Chen began to rummage through each Space Ring, taking out many heavenly resources that could increase cultivation and various divine crystals. He placed them all in a single Space Ring.

In the end, he took out the Space Ring from the Grand Prime’s statue and took out thumb-sized crystals that shone with five-colored light. He moved them all into that one Space Ring.

“Five-colored divine crystals!” Shui Yunlan could not help but call out when she saw the crystals. Her cold eyes no longer remained calm. She had become overjoyed.

But very soon, she calmed down. She stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings.

She had never thought that there would be a day when she would need Jian Chen’s assistance.

Jian Chen did not glance at Shui Yunlan again. He silently moved the items into the Space Ring and said, “There are over six thousand five-colored divine crystals in the Grand Prime’s Space Ring. I’ll keep a thousand of them, and the rest will go to my sister. There are a total of five heavenly resources. I’m certain that they’re all God Tier, but I can’t tell what grade they are. I’ll keep two stalks for myself and leave three to my sister. Moreover, there are some pills that can increase cultivation and some divine crystals I obtained from killing other Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“As for the fire divine crystals, I collected them from the bottom of the lava. Originally, I planned on exchanging them for five-colored divine crystals to pay for the fees of teleportation formations across planes, but since I’ve already obtained quite a lot of five-colored divine crystals from the Grand Prime’s Space Ring, I obviously don’t need as many of them anymore. A fire divine crystal can be exchanged for ten supreme quality divine crystals of the same size. My sister practises a cultivation method that’s ice-oriented, so the fire divine crystals will be useless to her. Give them to her after you exchange them.”

“I collected quite a lot of fire divine crystals from the bottom of the lava, so I’ll give eighty percent of them to her in hopes that she can recover some strength sooner. I’ll keep the remaining twenty percent for myself.”

Jian Chen tidied the items as he spoke. He only handed the Space Ring to Shui Yunlan after organising everything.

Shui Yunlan experienced a multitude of emotions as she stared at the Space Ring. In the past, she had never thought that this person who was not even as significant as an ant would give her so much help.

Accepting the Space Ring from Jian Chen, she sent in the senses of her soul. When she personally saw the mountainous piles of cultivation resources, her body immediately quivered.

At that moment, she could not help but tremble in excitement despite her mental fortitude. Over five thousand glimmering five-colored divine crystals, several hundred blocks of supreme quality divine crystal, three stalks of high grade God Tier heavenly resources, and over a hundred million fire divine crystals. The items within the tiny Space Ring were enough for any Infinite Prime to become green with envy.

This was a shocking fortune that could make Infinite Primes lose all rationality.

“Fantastic. Fantastic. With these cultivation resources, even if it won’t be enough for her majesty to recover to her peak condition, it’s more than enough for her to become an Infinite Prime successfully,” Shui Yunlan was extremely excited and elated.

“Oh right. Jian Chen, do you have any method to find Mo Tianyun? Mo Tianyun is very powerful, a Primordial realm expert at the very least. He also has grievances with Nan Potian, so if we can work with Mo Tianyun, we’ll become much more powerful,” Shui Yunlan asked again.

Jian Chen shook his head, “I have no method of communicating with senior Mo Tianyun. If you want to find him through me, you’ll be disappointed.” Jian Chen continued, “I’ll go ask Ming Dong and see if he can do anything about the crisis of the Ice Goddess Hall.” Jian Chen did whatever he could for the sake of his sister’s safety in hopes of being able to help her.

“Don’t go asking Ming Dong. It’ll be useless,” Shui Yunlan shook her head. She seemed to think of something, and she sighed gently.

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