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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2152 - Debts Resolved
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Chapter 2152: Debts Resolved

Mister Shu and so on had just been let out of Shui Yunlan’s divine hall. They had just been freed. Naturally, the first person they saw was Shui Yunlan. Due to their fright, they explained to Shui Yunlan as quickly as they could before they could even notice the surrounding situation.

They had personally witnessed Shui Yunlan’s strength on the twelfth floor. They were afraid that the fifth prince’s flight during the chaos would make Shui Yunlan misunderstand, which would lead to their deaths.

As a result, they failed to discovered Jian Chen. Only when Jian Chen’s voice rang out did mister Shu and the others discover in surprise that the Jian Chen that they loathed was also here.

“Jian Chen, w- w- why are you here?” Mister Shu’s expression changed slightly. After crying out, his gaze immediately sharpened. Intense killing intent poured out without the slightest effort of concealing it.

“Jian Chen, you’ve ruined the fifth prince’s matters and prevented the fifth prince from gaining the Grand Prime’s legacy. Our Sky Empire will never spare you,” mister Shu said through gritted teeth. The fifth prince who was supposed to obtain the Grand Prime’s legacy and rise up had been smacked from heaven to hell by Jian Chen, which filled mister Shu with hatred.

Not only had Jian Chen ruined the fifth prince’s future prospects, but he had also destroyed the hopes of the Sky Empire becoming an everlasting empire as well as mister Shu’s future.

As a result, mister Shu treated Jian Chen as his greatest enemy.

“Brother Jian Chen, are you really still alive?” Yun Lianqing stared at Jian Chen in surprise and delight from behind mister Shu.

The eyes of the young lady of the Yun family who stood beside Yun Lianqing, Yun Xin, also flickered with light. She stared directly at Jian Chen. Although she did not say anything, her face was also filled with evident delight.

Jian Chen smiled and nodded at Yun Lianqing and Yun Xin. However, he did not greet the two of them. He looked at mister Shu and said indifferently, “There are plenty of great organisations and clans in the Saints’ World that I’ve offended in here. Your Sky Empire is only an eternal empire. You’re just a puny existence compared to those peak clans. Do you think I’d be afraid?”

Mister Shu’s face sank. When he saw Jian Chen’s fearless expression, he understood that Jian Chen really did not take the Sky Empire seriously. Afterwards, he looked at Shui Yunlan with an ugly expression, “May I ask how you are related to Jian Chen?” Mister Shu had gradually calmed down. He slowly scanned the surroundings and saw all the people gathered around.

Mister Shu did not recognise Rui Di and Zhi Ye, but when he saw Ming Dong who sat on the floor as he recovered, his heart immediately sank.

“Jian Chen, I’ll leave these people to you,” Shui Yunlan said with her usual, icy tone. With that, she turned around and left, without paying any attention to mister Shu and so on.

Mister Shu and the remaining guards instantly paled.

They could tell from her words that the terrifyingly powerful supreme Godking with the powers of ice was on the same side as Jian Chen.

“Excuse me. If I’ve seen correctly, you should have grievances with that other person. May I ask just what benefits Jian Chen has promised you such that the two of you set this grievance aside temporarily and are working with him? If you are willing to assist us, I believe we can also give you what Jian Chen has offered,” mister Shu said to Audriana as a final ray of hope shone in his eyes.

Audriana was not cold like Shui Yunlan. She looked at mister Shu and the others with sympathy and said, “Jian Chen is the friend of the esteemed War God of our God clan. I’ve come under the War God’s orders to assist Jian Chen. You were wrong from the beginning when you chose to become enemies with Jian Chen.”

“What? The God clan… friend of the War God…” Mister Shu was stunned as he stared at Audriana blankly. Bitterness filled him. Only at that moment did he finally realise just how stupid of a decision it was to become enemies with Jian Chen.

“The matter has already developed to this point. It’s useless even if you have regrets,” Jian Chen said coldly. He held the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, which shone with starlight, swinging it towards them mercilessly.

At that moment, mister Shu and the remaining guards of the fifth prince were all slain. Only the few people of the Yun family remained.

The people of the Yun family looked at the corpses, and they seemed to become absent-minded. All of them could still clearly remember how Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong were loathed when they first boarded the Yun family’s spaceship. Especially when they learnt that the three of them had taken up three of the Yun family’s spots for the entry to the Neptunean Divine Palace. Back then, most of them became displeased.

At that time, none of them took Jian Chen and Kai Ya seriously, as they were only Overgods.

However, none of them had ever thought that the Jian Chen they looked down on before would create such an astonishing disturbance in the Neptunean Divine Palace, where even the fifth prince and mister Shu who were powerful enough to make them suffocate ended up dying to Jian Chen’s hands.

All the remaining Godkings of the Yun family were amazed as they looked at Jian Chen as he wielded the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways right now.

“Brother Lianqing, the Neptunean Divine Palace hasn’t been very peaceful. It’s better for you to leave sooner,” Jian Chen said to Yun Lianqing. The only person he knew out of all the Godkings of the Yun family was Yun Lianqing.

Yun Lianqing looked at Jian Chen with extremely mixed feelings. He said, “The appearance of the Neptunean Moon has made the Neptunean Divine Palace into a world of those supreme Godkings. In reality, our Yun family wanted to leave the Neptunean Divine Palace long ago if it had not been for the fifth prince. Now that the fifth prince no longer restricts us, we will naturally be leaving soon. Brother Jian Chen, we will be leaving first. Farwell.” With that, Yun Lianqing left with the Godkings of the Yun family.

Yun Xin walked at the very back. When she brushed past Jian Chen, she halted slightly and looked at him with mixed feelings. She said softly, “Thank you for assisting me. I will never forget about the kindness you have shown. I- I just hope that you can forgive me for my mistakes in the past.”

Yun Xin and Yun Lianqing departed. They left this place, the Neptunean Divine Palace, together, ending their trip in the Neptunean Divine Palace prematurely.

“What’s your relationship with her?” Shangguan Mu’er stared right at Jian Chen as if she was interrogating him.

“It’s nothing complicated. We were just working with the Yun family…” Jian Chen remained indifferent and roughly explained his deal with the Yun family.

“Audriana, I found this in the fifth prince’s Space Ring. It’s filled with a churning presence of life. I was wondering if this would be useful to you.” At this moment, Jian Chen took out a green bead that was the size of a peach pit.

As soon as the bead appeared, a dense life force permeated the surroundings. Just a breath of it would be enough for people to experience an illusion that their vitality was growing.

Audriana’s eyes lit up, and she said, “That’s a Life Starcore. I helped out the fifth prince before because they were willing to give me a Life Starcore for my efforts. I never thought it would be different from what they said, where the Life Starcore was supposed to be in their empire. Instead, the fifth prince carried it with him.”

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