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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2154 - The Person Behind It All (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2154: The Person Behind it All (Two)

“Since these people have taken part in the fight for the Neptunean Divine Palace, there will definitely be injuries and deaths. Survival of the fittest, where the weak get preyed on, is the unchanging law of this world. If we spare these people because their backgrounds and origins are too powerful, wouldn’t it mean I’d have to avoid them like the plague when I see them in the future? If the organisations behind these people offend me and target me, am I supposed to just endure it and let them off time and time again?”

“Are they allowed to hunt me down fearlessly because they have an impressive background, while the me without a background can’t kill them?”

Jian Chen argued coldly. His face gradually became ugly as he watched Audriana block him.

Although Audriana was not as powerful as Shui Yunlan, she was far more powerful than him. If she insisted on stopping him, killing the people before him would not be easy.

“Jian Chen, I’m doing this because I’m thinking for you. Even if you don’t plan on considering things for yourself, you need to consider things for the people behind you. If you really offend the organisations behind them too much, they’ll probably look into your origins and exact revenge on the people behind you. I also know that your brother Ming Dong is from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Ming Dong will definitely stand by your side and protect the people behind you, preventing those major organisations from acting up openly. But what about under the table?” Audriana persuaded sincerely. She did not wish to see these powerless supreme Godkings die to Jian Chen’s hands.

“Petty kindness,” Shui Yunlan said coldly from one side. Her heart was just as cold she seemed, completely emotionless. She was a cold-blooded person.

Jian Chen sank into his thoughts after listening to Audriana’s explanation. The light in his eyes flickered as he also hesitated for a moment.

He thought about the Tian Yuan clan in the southern region of the distant Cloud Plane. Basically all the people who had come with him to the Saints’ World in the past had settled down in the Tian Yuan clan. If the Tian Yuan clan really faced a disaster because of him, he would probably never be able to forgive himself.

“Alright then. For the sake of Audriana, I’ll spare you lot this time,” Jian Chen still listened to Audriana’s suggestion after a while of thought.

The injured supreme Godkings were all relieved when they heard that. They had suffered heavy wounds during the battle against the gigantic lizard. Half of them had even lost the ability to flee. They would definitely be dead if Jian Chen wanted to kill them for real.

Although the other half still had some energy to use forbidden techniques to escape, they would have to pay an incredible price. They really did not want to use a self-mutilating method of escape unless they had to.

As a result, everyone was relieved when they heard that Jian Chen would not be killing them.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He glanced past them coldly and said seriously, “Of course, I’m only sparing you this one time. If you become my enemy again in the Neptunean Divine Palace, don’t blame me for being merciless,” Jian Chen snorted coldly before making his way onto the eighth floor.

After Jian Chen left, the pale-faced and haggard Ming Dong also glanced at the supreme Godkings in a threatening manner. He sniggered, “Did you hear my brother’s words? If you continue to oppose my brother, it won’t just be grievances with Jian Chen. You’ll also become an enemy of me. I know you all come from major organisations and clans, and you have very powerful backgrounds. If the organisations behind you are bold enough to make trouble for my brother, I, Ming Dong, swear on my life that I will use the power of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and make the organisations pay a heavy price.”

After throwing that out there, Ming Dong left with the five divine generals behind him, following Jian Chen to the eighth floor.

The expressions of the supreme Godkings all changed when they heard Ming Dong’s threat. All of them feared the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Even if the Anatta Grand Prime who watched over the organisation was dead, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was still an existence that stood at the apex of the Saints’ World.

“This matter ends here. I can save you once, but not a second time. Jian Chen is the friend of our esteemed War God. I’ve said everything now. You’re on your own now,” Audriana gazed at the injured supreme Godkings with mixed feelings and showed sympathy.

Among the volcanoes on the eighth floor, Jian Chen stood with the damaged Anatta Tower in his hand. He hovered in the sky as he observed the surroundings cautiously. The senses of his soul swept out as he observed the surroundings time and time again. He was ready to enter the Anatta Tower at any time.

“The gigantic lizard is not outside. I wonder what happened during its battle with the supreme Godkings. Has it returned to the depths of the lava, or has it left this floor to hunt down the other supreme Godkings?” Jian Chen wondered. Several days had already passed now, and the eighth floor had recovered its peace. Only the vast expanse of heavily damaged volcanoes depicted the intense battle that happened on the floor earlier.

At this moment, Audriana appeared behind Jian Chen. She studied the messy surroundings and said, “I learnt from those people that all the supreme Godkings trapped on this floor worked together and engaged in a battle to the death against the lizard. In the end, in exchange for the lives of almost four hundred supreme Godkings, they heavily injured the lizard, and it returned to the lava. The gigantic lizard should have been around the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.”

“The Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime? That’s quite unexpected. I never thought that such a powerful lizard would be heavily injured by a group of Godkings,” Jian Chen sighed emotionally. However, he also knew that these Godkings were nothing short of extraordinary. They all ranked on the Godkings’ Throne, and every single one of them possessed extremely great battle prowess. They also had several dozen god artifacts.

Otherwise, let alone a few hundred Godkings, even if there were over a thousand of them, they would have all been slaughtered by the lizard.

Audriana shot a glance at Jian Chen unhappily and said, “You’re still not satisfied? Do you want to see the lizard kill all the supreme Godkings and only then will you be satisfied?” Audriana sighed gently when she reached there. She became sorrowful, “We’ve lost several hundred supreme Godkings all of a sudden. That means almost half of all the names on the Godkings’ Throne have vanished. It has probably caused a huge ruckus outside now.”

“What happened here has probably alarmed quite a few Grand Primes. There will definitely be Grand Primes waiting outside once we leave,” Shui Yunlan said grimly. She looked at Jian Chen and said sternly, “Now that it’s like this, I can no longer leave through the main door of the Neptunean Divine Palace. The only way for me to leave is for the girl to gain the recognition of the Neptunean Divine Palace, and then send us off with the teleportation formation in here.”

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