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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2155 - The Person Behind It All (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2155: The Person Behind it All (Three)

Jian Chen’s heart also sank. He understood what Shui Yunlan was saying. After the Ice Goddess Hall had fallen into a crisis, Shui Yunlan was afraid that the person in control of the Ice Goddess Hall would find her and discover his sister’s whereabouts as a result. Hence, Shui Yunlan needed to act carefully and not expose herself before those peak experts who could basically peer into everything.

This was because no one could be certain whether any of the people who assisted the traitors of the Ice Goddess Hall among these peak experts.

No one could be certain whether any of them bore ill intentions towards the Ice Goddess Hall or his sister either.

Shui Yunlan’s fate would be evident if an expert like that existed outside once she left through the main door.

With Shui Yunlan’s strength, she could claim to be invincible in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Apart from Qing Shan, who ranked first on the Godkings’ Throne, Shui Yunlan still had not encountered an opponent that matched her evenly. Even the person who ranked second, Zhu Wen, had to work with two other supreme Godkings who ranked in the top ten to reach a stalemate against Shui Yunlan.

However, once she went outside, Shui Yunlan would still be as puny as an ant before those Chaotic Primes or even Grand Primes.

“Are you certain that there’s a teleportation formation in the Neptunean Divine Palace?” Jian Chen asked seriously as he looked at Shui Yunlan with shining eyes.

Shui Yunlan nodded gently, “There definitely are. It’s just that the teleportation formation is in a region sealed up from the public. There are only three ways to reach these. The first method is to overcome the obstructions with absolute strength, opening the sealed region to everyone.”

Shui Yunlan paused there before speaking bitterly, “The Neptunean Divine Palace is a high quality god artifact. Its toughness is unimaginable, so even regular Grand Primes don’t have the ability to open up this sealed region, let alone us. As a result, this method is impossible.”

“The second method is to obtain the permission of the artifact spirit and get the artifact spirit to send us there. However, from how it seems right now, this second method is also impossible. As a result, we only have one last method left, and that is for the Neptunean Divine Palace to take a master quickly before obtaining the permission of the new master and having them send us out.”

“It looks like we really have to get Xiao Man to gain the recognition of the Neptunean Divine Palace as soon as possible,” Jian Chen murmured. His gaze became determined, and he said, “Let’s go to the twelfth floor first.”

Jian Chen immediately held Shangguan Mu’er’s hand and left the eighth floor with everyone, climbing their way up.

When their group arrived on the ninth floor, they discovered over a hundred supreme Godkings covered in wounds scattered around the passageway. They all sat on the ground, silently recovering through ingesting many pills.

Jian Chen glanced at them and discovered that they were no different from the supreme Godkings on the seventh floor. They were all heavily injured and covered with burn wounds. Some of them had even been charred by the terrifying heat of the lava, where a heavy, burnt smell still lingered in the air after a few days.

Everyone was scattered in this region because they were absolutely exhausted. Not only were they extremely weak, but some of them were even barely clinging onto their lives. Even just moving from where they sat was an extremely difficult matter. They could not hurry off, so they could only heal on the spot.

Although they managed to survive the battle against the gigantic lizard, they had clearly paid an unimaginable price as well.

“Jian Chen!” At this moment, a furious call rang out. Several hundred meters away, a supreme Godking with various parts charred suddenly stood up. His eyes were piercing like swords as he stared straight at Jian Chen. A powerful sword intent radiated from him.

Although he was heavily injured and blackened to the point where he was unrecognisable, he still possessed an astonishing presence when he stood up.

“Zhu Wen!” Ru Di and Zhi Ye both called out when they saw this person. Their gazes were strange and filled with shock.

He was the expert who ranked second on the Godkings’ Throne, Zhu Wen!

Not only was Zhu Wen in horrible shape, covered in severe burns, but there were even many vicious wounds on him as well. He was even missing huge chunks of flesh on certain parts of his body.

Zhu Wen’s long, graceful hair had vanished. It had been replaced by a bald, black head. His left arm was missing as well, only leaving behind his right arm.

His current shape really was miserable.

In the surroundings, the healing supreme Godkings all opened their eyes. They all stared at Jian Chen sharply, viciously, and hatefully.

Clearly, these supreme Godkings hated Jian Chen from the bottom of their hearts due to what had happened on the eighth floor.

“Let’s go directly to the twelfth floor,” Jian Chen glanced past Zhu Wen indifferently. He did not stay for long. He made his way through the group with the people behind him as they continued upwards.

He could already tell that the supreme Godkings were basically incapacitated. They no longer posed a threat to him. Since they could no longer kill him, there was no point in wasting time there.

No one dared to stand forward and block them from leaving in such a composed fashion. Many of them had gained a deep impression of Shui Yunlan and Audriana’s strength. Coupled with how Rui Di and Zhi Ye were both experts who ranked in the top ten of the Godkings’ Throne and the five divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, no one could pose a threat to them in the current situation.

Even when Jian Chen’s group made their way past them, they still felt nervous and uneasy, as they were afraid that Jian Chen would suddenly attack them.

After all, they were nowhere close to their peak condition. Now that they had become so weakened that they were basically incapacitated, they could even die to the hands of an Overgod.

At this moment, the ground began to shake violently as if it was struck by something terrifying. It rose and fell drastically in an exaggerated and shocking fashion. The origin energy on the entire floor fell into a state of abnormal disorder as well. Even the moon in the sky completely lost its glow at that moment.

Losing the only source of light, the entire Neptunean Divine Palace plunged into utter darkness.

The sudden occurrence made Jian Chen’s group halt. They were all surprised as they looked around cluelessly. They were surprised and in doubt.

“What has happened? What is happening…”

“No, impossible. The five elements of this space have become unstable. Yin and yang are no longer balanced. Even the laws of the world have become chaotic…”

“Heavens, I think I see the sky collapsing. The Neptunean Moon has vanished. What is happening…”

“It has become much more difficult to condense the power of laws…”

Cries from the supreme Godkings constantly rang out from the surroundings. The sudden occurrence made all of their expressions change as they studied the surroundings uneasily.

Even without the moonlight, the darkness was unable to affect them at all. All the people there could see very far away in the darkness without the use of the senses of their souls.

Jian Chen, Shui Yunlan, Audriana, and so on all frowned. They glanced at the surroundings sternly. They could clearly feel that the laws of the world in the Neptunean Divine Palace seemed to be influenced by a mysterious power, causing it to become extremely chaotic. It became several times more difficult for everyone to use the power of laws.

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