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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2157 - Samsara (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2157: Samsara (One)

“I can’t even use origin energy. W- what’s happening here…”

“Oh no, a mysterious power has invaded my body. Not only have I lost all power, including my control over origin energy, but I can’t even use the senses of my soul. My Godking level laws that I have comprehended have departed from me. H- has the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace suffered an accident…”

“Has the Neptunean Divine Palace already gained a master? H- how is this possible…”

At that moment, the expressions of all the supreme Godkings changed, and they cried out. They all lost their composure as their minds were filled with fear and great dread. Everyone faced the same situation. In that split second, these glorious supreme Godkings had been completely reduced to ordinary people.

Jian Chen’s heart became extremely heavy as well, and his face was ugly. He could sense that a mysterious power existed within his body. Even though it only seemed like an insignificant sliver, it was extremely powerful. Not only did it suppress the power of his soul, but even his Chaotic Force was suppressed.

Even his loss of control over his body was caused by this power.

“What is this power? It’s so terrifying,” Jian Chen was shocked. Currently, he had become extremely frail. Not only was he unable to stand, but he was not even able to take out the Anatta Tower.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He stared ahead in shock. His gaze pierced through the darkness. With great clarity, he saw an extremely terrifying power turn into thick mist at a visible rate. It rolled towards everyone, blotting out the sky and swallowing everything it passed by.

“Oh no! Run…”

“Leave here, quick! The Neptunean Divine Palace has already gained a master, and they’re hostile. They want to kill us all…”

The supreme Godkings gathered there all cried out. All of them exerted all their efforts to crawl towards the eighth floor. Many of them were panic-stricken because they could all sense a heavy killing intent from the mist that rolled over. It was terrifying, enough for all of them to experience chills.

Even experts as powerful as Zu Wen, Shui Yunlan, and Audriana experienced chills across their body as if they could not escape from the crisis.

However, these people had lost all their power. Even when they strained every single muscle to crawl towards the eighth floor, they were as slow as snails. On the other hand, the mist that rolled over with sharp killing intent moved faster and faster. It was impossible for them to reach the eighth floor before the mist engulfed them.

Jian Chen stared straight at the almost-demonic mist as he felt extremely flustered. He tried to come up with a countermeasure as hard as he could.

Unfortunately, he was no different from the other supreme Godkings. He too had been reduced to an ordinary person. He could not use the Profound Sword Qi. He could not even open a Space Ring and take out the Cosmic Movement Talisman inside.

But just when Jian Chen was at the end of his rope, his face suddenly froze, and afterwards, one of his eyes began to shine with a faint violet glow, while the other turned to a faint azure.

The sword spirits in his body had suddenly appeared. They were cautious about being in front of so many supreme Godkings, so they did not dare to appear directly. They could only borrow Jian Chen’s eyes to observe the situation of the outside world.

“It really is the power of samsara,” the sword spirits seemed to confirm their thoughts as they saw the terrifying power that flooded over. They cried out, clearly extremely shocked.

“Oh no. Master, this power of samsara is extremely terrifying. You can’t come in contact with it at all. With master’s current level of cultivation, master can’t put up any resistance against it. Even just becoming tainted by a tiny sliver will doom master,” Qing Suo said in a panic.

“The power of samsara from the Samsaric Immortal Exalt?” Jian Chen smiled bitterly. The sword spirits had warned him far too late.

It was also at this moment that the mist-like power of samsara rolled in like a storm. It engulfed Jian Chen and all the supreme Godkings.

Immediately, Jian Chen felt his vitality rapidly leak away. The tremendous life force within him quickly withered while his soul dimmed. He became more and more powerless.

In a daze, he seemed to see six huge discs hanging high above his head as if they were trying to pull him in.

The power of samsara was just too terrifying and frightening. Jian Chen could not resist at all before the power of samsara.

Even Shui Yunlan and so on faced the same situation as Jian Chen. Before the power of samsara, none of them could resist. Their life force withered away as their souls dimmed.

At this moment, the ninth floor was not the only place where the power of samsara had appeared. All twelve floors had been engulfed by the power of samsara.

The eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace also became filled with the power of samsara. The burning hot lava below darkened at a visible rate. The power of samsara seemed to be able to permeate everything, where both the endless volcanoes and scorching hot lava were unable to stop its pace.


At this moment, a furious beast’s cry rang out. The gigantic lizard leapt out from the lava. There were vicious wounds on it. Its huge eyes were filled with a strange fear and alarm as if it wanted to escape from here.

However, the light in its eyes dimmed very soon as if all of its power had vanished at that moment. Its colossal body that had been thrown into the air slammed into the lava loudly, gradually sinking back down.

Even the twelfth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace failed to avoid this fate. The four Grand Primes’ statues were also flooded by the power of samsara. One of them collapsed, while the three remaining statues shone with a hazy light as they endured stubbornly.

The only place unaffected in the entire Neptunean Divine Palace was the Neptunean Mountains on the ninth floor. However, the Grand Exalt’s formation under the mountains was operating at full capacity as well, forming a huge barrier of energy that enveloped the entire place, blocking the power of samsara.

Master Chanlong stood on the highest peak in there as he stared at the rampaging power of samsara outside. He was extremely stern.

The huge snake wrapped around beside him. Its illusionary eyes were grave as it stared at the world outside without blinking.

“Ancient Paths!”

At this moment, an obscure voice appeared in the surroundings. The voice was ancient and also seemed aged as if it had experienced countless eras. It boomed through the entire Neptunean Mountains with an aloof feeling as if it was indifferent to everything.

Chanlong and the huge python’s eyes narrowed as they all looked at the same place.

Right in front of them, a blurry figure hovered in the sky beyond the Neptunean Mountains. The power of samsara surged around him, seemingly forming a cloud that he stood on.

From just a single glance, the blurry figure seemed like the ruler of the world. He even stood on the great power of samsara.

“Who are you?” Master Chanlong asked sternly. As soon as he saw the blurry figure, all the hairs on his body stood up as a chill ran down his spine.

All the scales on the python beside him stood up as well while its eyes had shrunken to the size of a speck.

“I am Samsaric!” The blurry figure said. His ancient voice was filled with the endless power of the universe, disturbing the three thousand laws and throwing them into disorder.

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