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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2167 - The Azure Peng King
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2167: The Azure Peng King

As Jian Chen looked at Xiao Man’s hateful gaze, he could not help but think about his earlier encounter with the Samsaric Immortal Exalt and how he had passed on his Way of Karma selflessly. Jian Chen sighed inside.

He knew that Xiao Man would probably never be able to reach the same level as a Grand Exalt. Exacting revenge on the Samsaric Immortal Exalt might have only been a wish for her, where it was completely impossible. However, he did not want to see a seed of hatred being planted in Xiao Man’s heart at such a young age either.

“I wonder if I was right in helping Xiao Man take back the Neptunean Divine Palace,” Jian Chen looked at Xiao Man and the artifact spirit silently as he felt mixed inside.

However, he showed none of this on his surface, as he was afraid that the artifact spirit who had existed for countless years would see something.

The artifact spirit’s gaze deepened. His ancient eyes burned with hatred as he said softly, “This revenge must be completed. Although the little master may never be able to become Samsaric’s opponent, there are many methods to revenge.”

The artifact spirit looked at Xiao Man deeply and said, “Let’s talk about revenge later. The priority right now is for the little master to gain control over the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“I can gain control over the Neptunean Divine Palace right now?” Xiao Man asked. She had felt eager and excited to gain control over the Neptunean Divine Palace before she had learnt the exact reason for her parent’s deaths.

However, she could not light up no matter what right now. Her heart weighed extremely heavily.

The artifact spirit coughed gently and said with hesitation, “A- about that. Due to the little master being too weak right now, gaining full control of the Neptunean Divine Palace is impossible. As a result, I can only take the little master to the central point and have the little master refine the very basic part of the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“Once the little master has refined the very basic part, you’ll be able to move in and out of the Neptunean Divine Palace freely. Of course, the little master’s current cultivation is nowhere near enough to use the Neptunean Divine Palace against enemies or to use the power of the Neptunean Divine Palace.”

“After all, you need a cultivation of Chaotic Prime at the very least to gain full control over a high quality god artifact. Maybe even Grand Prime is required,” the artifact spirit looked at Xiao Man who was nowhere near Godhood helplessly.

Probably even he had never considered that the only descendant he had been waiting in slumber for all those years would be so weak.

Her level of cultivation could still be described as unfit to be seen.

“However, the little master is still young and has cultivated for far too short of a period, which is why little master’s cultivation is so low. There are a large amount of resources and various records in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Under my guidance, it won’t be difficult for the little master’s cultivation to increase,” thought the artifact spirit.

At this moment, Xiao Man could also tell that she was about to leave here. She said to Jian Chen gratefully, “Brother Jian Chen, I will never forget about the kindness you have shown me. I’ll be leaving with the artifact spirit first, and once I’ve gained a basic grasp over the Neptunean Divine Palace, I’ll complete my end of the deal.” Xiao Man paused before continuing, “Brother Jian Chen, since you’re all safe now, please bring out sister Zi Yun.”

Jian Chen glanced at the artifact spirit, and after hesitating slightly, he still took out the Anatta Tower in the end and let out Zi Yun.

“The Anatta Tower!”

The artifact spirit’s knowledge could not be compared to those supreme Godkings. The moment he saw the Anatta Tower, he immediately recognised it. Shock filled his face as his gaze towards Jian Chen became rather strange.

“You little bastard, you sure are blessed. Even the Anatta Tower, one of the Anatta Grand Prime’s three great treasures, has ended up in your hands. Although I don’t know where you got the Anatta Tower from, it’s an object of desire, so keeping it won’t necessarily bode well. Let me give you a piece of advice. You better return the Anatta Tower to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng as soon as possible. As soon as you become interested in keeping it, those majesties from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng will not spare you.”

“Returning it sooner might even benefit you somehow,” the artifact spirit said sincerely.

With that, the artifact spirit vanished with Xiao Man and Zi Yun, leaving Jian Chen there alone.

Jian Chen sighed gently as he looked at the empty space around him. He also left there, directly making his way to the ninth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace.

Before long, Jian Chen stood outside the Neptunean Mountains. However, when he arrived there again, all he saw was empty land that stretched into the distance.

The Neptunean Mountains that originally stood there had completely vanished.

“Hei Ya, have a look at where Chanlong is,” Jian Chen immediately summoned Hei Ya.

“Master, I can’t sense Chanlong’s whereabouts anymore. His soul has either been dispersed, or he has left the Neptunean Divine Palace,” said Hei Ya.

Jian Chen gazed at the empty land and fell silent.

At the same time, in a dark, cold, and lonely region of space outside the Neptunean Divine Palace, experts from major clans and organisations across the Saints’ World had already gathered. They were all scattered around the entrance of the Neptunean Divine Palace, staring at the structure as they conversed.

All of them were Primordial realm experts. There were not just a few Chaotic Primes anymore. With so many of them gathered there, the terrifying presence that permeated the surroundings had distorted space.

Even further away, there were countless spaceships. A few people, sometimes more and sometimes less, stood on the decks of each spaceship. They also stared ahead at the Neptunean Divine Palace that stood silently in outer space like a tremendous primordial beast.

“What has happened inside the Neptunean Divine Palace? Not only has a large number of supreme Godkings from the Godkings’ Throne died, but a supreme expert even suddenly descended and used her terrifying cultivation to bypass the various formations in the Neptunean Divine Palace, forcing her way in…”

“Just who was that woman who was shrouded in light? Her strength was just too terrifying. With my cultivation as a peak Infinite Prime, I actually shiver in fear before her…”

All the Primordial realm experts discussed with one another as they felt very perturbed.

“The formations within the Neptunean Divine Palace are so powerful that they can even stop Grand Primes. Yet, that senior used just a few seconds to get in. Is she a legendary Grand Exalt?”

“What? A Grand Exalt?”

All the Primordial realm experts gathered there were shocked when they heard this.

In all of their eyes, Grand Exalts were existences of legends. They were existences that could control the laws of the world, truly making them supreme.

“She’s not a Grand Exalt, but she’s close. If I’ve guessed correctly, she should be the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng,” an ancient voice rang out. It came from a grey-robed old man who carried a sword on his back.

The old man sat on a huge meteor with his eyes closed. His presence was concealed, making him seem like someone ordinary.

However, when all the Primordial realm experts gathered there looked at the old man, they all revealed fear.

“Solitary Sword Ancestor, I never thought you’d come as well,” at this moment, a great voice boomed through outer space like a great chime. Terrifying sound waves ripped open space, causing huge black cracks to appear in the surroundings.

A huge peng that flickered with dazzling azure light shot over from the depths of outer space. He moved at an unbelievable speed as if the concept of distance did not exist before him. He could travel millions of kilometres in a split second.

The moment before, he was in the distant depths of space, but in the next moment, he had already arrived outside the Neptunean Divine Palace. He was so fast that it seemed like he could teleport.

“Azure Peng King!” The old man on the meteor opened his eyes as looked at the gigantic azure peng that had wings that could shroud the skies.

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