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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2179 - The Bloodline Acts Up
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Chapter 2179: The Bloodline Acts Up

“I never thought that this person would actually be so powerful, where he can hold off the Radiant Saint Hall, a peak organisation, all by himself. What I don’t understand is why such a powerful expert will lower himself to attack these Radiant Godkings?”

“Perhaps he has some irresolvable grievance with your Radiant Saint Hall?” Jian Chen asked with much confusion.

However, Xuan Ming shook his head to deny it without any hesitation whatsoever, “Although I don’t know why this great demon is targeting us Radiant Godkings, there is one thing I am certain about. The great demon does not hold deep hatred towards our Radiant Saint Hall. If he really has grievances, he can make our Radiant Saint Hall suffer unimaginable losses with his unrivalled strength. However, he hasn’t done that.”

“If you put it like that, this is quite strange. Has he been targeting Radiant Godkings specifically for other reasons?” Jian Chen murmured.

“I don’t know about that. Anyway, all the Radiant Godkings from our Radiant Saint Hall have been in a constant state of anxiety due to the great demon. They’ve all begun to flee the Radiant Saint Hall and hide in various places, afraid that the great demon would find them. However, even with that being the case, the great demon still found many hidden Radiant Godkings and murdered them.”

“Who knows if this great demon has lost his mind or not. He specifically targets peak Radiant Godkings who are about to condense soultrees. Even when people of other cultivation realms are presented before the great demon, he would not even glance at them.”

“I’ve reached the peak of Radiant Godking long ago, and I’m about to condense my soultree. Condensing a soultree is akin to your Infinite Prime. It’s anything but easy to go from being a Godking to an Infinite Prime. Moreover, we Radiant Godkings experience a difficulty several times greater than going from Godking to Infinite Prime for you due to the unique laws we comprehend,” Xuan Ming said in low spirits.

“As a result, you hid here for several hundred thousand years, and you remained as a Radiant Godking?” Jian Chen asked. He learnt an extremely important piece of information from Xuan Min. It was more difficult for Radiant Saint Masters to break through compared to fighters.

“It’s not because of my talent. Instead, it’s because of the formation. If there are benefits, there are also downsides. The formation can conceal the heavenly secrets and render all methods of forecasting useless, allowing me to live safely. However, it’s also because of its existence that the heavenly secrets have been cut off, interfering with the laws, so comprehension became several times more difficult in the formation, preventing me from breaking through the entire time.”

“I dare not go outside without condensing a soultree. Although a very long time has passed, no one can guarantee that the great demon will not suddenly come for me…”

In order to gain Jian Chen’s trust and assistance, Xuan Ming said a lot. He explained everything thoroughly, hiding nothing from Jian Chen.

This was because he knew that he could only survive by relying on Jian Chen.

Although he had no idea how the damaged tower covered in sword slashes could be extraordinary, he firmly believed what senior Xu had said.

“Jian Chen, the concealing formation is damaged and can probably no longer obscure the heavenly secrets. D- do you think I can go in now? I’m afraid that the great demon will discover me if I stay out for too long. Although this place is far enough from the Radiant Saint Hall, you need to know that a peak expert like the great demon tends to have many methods,” Xuan Ming looked at Jian Chen hopefully, unwilling to show any resentment towards Jian Chen anymore.

Jian Chen smiled slightly, “Of course you can. I’m just curious about a lot of things about Radiant Saint Masters, so I might need your guidance in some knowledge about Radiant Saint Masters in the future. At that time, I hope that brother Xuan Ming would be willing to enlighten me.”

Xuan Ming was overjoyed, “No problem. It’s no problem at all. Of course, it’s not a problem. As long as it isn’t the secrets of our Radiant Saint Hall, everything and anything is fine.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen took out the Anatta Tower and let the impatient Xuan Ming in.

“Heavens, what a large miniature world. Jian Chen, the quality of this tower must be impressive…”

“Ah! What terrifying sword Qi. There’s actually a large region of space that has shattered up ahead. J- just how vast is this miniature world…”

“I can actually comprehend laws without any obstructions at all here, unlike in the concealing formation where I felt like I was peering through mist. I can swear that as long as I cultivate in an environment like this, the bottleneck to condensing a soultree won’t be able to keep me trapped for much longer…”

Xuan Ming exclaimed as soon as he entered the Anatta Tower.

Jian Chen shook his head with a smile as he listened to Xuan Ming’s voice. His gaze towards the damaged tower became mixed.

He had exposed the Anatta Tower several times in the Neptunean Divine Palace. Although the supreme Godkings could not recognise it with their knowledge, he knew that once the experts behind them heard about the tower’s appearance and power, it would be extremely likely that they would be able to guess what the tower was. This was extremely bad for him.

After all, these people were not like the old woman, who had no interest in possessing the Anatta Tower.

“I probably can’t keep this tower for much longer,” Jian Chen murmured. The artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace was right. The Anatta Tower was an object of desire. Although he had brought it up from a lower world, it did not belong to him. It would still return to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in the end.

This was because he had nowhere near enough strength to keep the Anatta Tower.

“Jian Chen, I feel like this place isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface,” at this moment, Kai Ya emerged from the Anatta Tower. She said sternly as she studied the surroundings seriously.

Jian Chen’s face hardened when he heard that. He looked at Kai Ya with shining eyes, “Kai Ya, what have you discovered?”

“Can you sense a faint, desolate presence in the surroundings? This presence seems to be extremely ancient, with a presence of time a- as if it holds endless history,” Kai Ya closed her eyes and sensed the surroundings carefully as she said to Jian Chen softly.

Jian Chen also closed his eyes and sensed carefully, but in the end, he shook his head. He sensed nothing.

“The presence is too thin. It seems like it has merged with the space, becoming part of the surroundings…” Kai Ya continued. Then she paused and said, “And I have an extremely strange feeling that is telling me that this concealing formation in outer space is not natural but cast down by someone.”

“What did you say?” Jian Chen’s face immediately changed as he exclaimed from what Kai Ya had said at the end.

He thought of the old woman. The old woman was a grand-disciple of the Anatta Grand Prime, and she herself was a powerful Primordial realm expert. Both her knowledge and insight were extremely broad, yet even she insisted that the formation was natural. How did Kai Ya conclude it was man-made?”

“My instincts are telling me that this formation is not natural but cast down by someone,” Kai Ya affirmed.

Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya silently. Were Kai Ya’s instincts even greater than the old woman’s knowledge and insight?

But in the next moment, Jian Chen’s face suddenly changed. He could not help but clutch his chest as confusion and surprise flooded his face.

“Jian Chen, what’s wrong?” Kai Ya immediately supported Jian Chen and became concerned when she sensed Jian Chen’s abnormal behaviour.

“The power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline within my body has suddenly acted up. It has broken free from my control slightly,” Jian Chen said grimly.

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