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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2180 - A Stone Door
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Chapter 2180: A Stone Door

A smear of wonder appeared in Kai Ya’s eyes. She stared at Jian Chen, and after a moment of silence, she said in doubt, “Do you think how the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf is acting up suddenly has something to do with this place?”

“It can’t be, right?” Jian Chen shook his head as he struggled to believe Kai Ya’s guess.

However, just when Jian Chen said that, his eyes suddenly narrowed. Surprise filled his face. He turned his head towards the distance and said, “Through the power of the bloodline within me, I can vaguely sense a calling. The calling originates from up ahead.” Jian Chen’s eyes shone extremely brightly. They were sparkling. He stared at the place that was calling towards him as he showed both surprise and doubt, “Is it really like what you said, that how the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf has suddenly acted up is related to this place?”

“Let’s go over and have a look first,” said Kai Ya. She was also curious.

Afterwards, the two of them no longer remained where they were. Immediately, they approached the place that seemed to be calling towards Jian Chen.

The meteor was very large, but Kai Ya and Jian Chen were both Godkings after all. With their speed, they only took a short while to arrive where the calling was coming from.

It was an empty plot of land. The place was deathly silent as far as the eyes could see. There was no vegetation, making it barren.

“Is it here?” Kai Ya studied the surroundings and asked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen said nothing. He glanced around at the surroundings before closing his eyes. He sensed through the power of the bloodline to search for where the calling came from.

“It’s right here, right beneath my feet.” Jian Chen opened his eyes and looked at the tough rock beneath him. The senses of his soul immediately radiated out, piercing the ground as an invisible sword.

However, when the senses of his soul reached a few thousand metres deep, a mysterious power obstructed it, and it could no longer travel any further.

“There seems to be a formation below the ground,” said Kai Ya. Clearly, she had also probed the situation underground with the senses of her soul.

“Let’s open up a path,” Jian Chen said firmly. He took out the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. As he poured Chaotic Force into the god artifact, the sword immediately shone with a light that seemed to come from stars. Jian Chen swung it and directly struck the ground in an attempt to open up a hole.


With a deafening sound, the tough rock beneath Jian Chen immediately shattered. Loose rubble shot off in all directions, exposing a pit that was over ten meters deep.

The meteor was extremely tough. Jian Chen’s strike was enough to cleave a normal meteorite several tens of thousand metres across in half, yet he only managed to create a pit here.

“Jian Chen, let me help you,” Kai Ya took action as well. The Laws of Destruction descended. Like threads, the laws struck the ground one after another.

Immediately, deafening booms constantly rang out. Under Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s combined attacks, the ground shook violently. Web-like cracks appeared as dust filled the surroundings like a dense mist.

Under their continuous attacks that were on par with attacks of supreme Godkings, the tunnel rapidly deepened.

But the deeper they went, the tougher the rock became. As a result, as the tunnel grew longer, their advance became slower and slower.

In the end, it took Jian Chen and Kai Ya three days to dig a hole that was several thousand metres deep. They saw the formation hidden beneath the ground.

Before them, there was a simple, stone door that seemed to have existed since time immemorial. It was like it had existed through all ages. The formations engraved on the door were extremely profound. They seemed to contain the truths of the world and hid endless mysteries. It also gave off a terrifying killing intent that sent chills running down spines.

Kai Ya stared at the formation on the stone door closely as she became stern. She said grimly, “I can sense that this formation is very terrifying. It’s extremely terrifying. It’s countless times more terrifying than the formation we encountered earlier.”

Jian Chen stared at the simple, stone door ahead as he remained silent. He stood before the stone door, and the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline seemed to bubble. Not only did it act up with great intensity, giving off a burning presence, but it even seemed like it wanted to break free from his control and burst out of his body.

The activity of the power of the bloodline allowed Jian Chen to confirm that this place was either related to the ancient Skywolf, or there was something that could call the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline from afar behind the stone door.

“From how profound the formation on the stone door seems, the concealing formation outside really might not have been naturally created. Instead, it might have been personally cast down by a peak expert who had reached the limits of cultivation. However, what I don’t understand is why a killing formation of a clearly lower level appear in this powerful concealing formation?” Jian Chen asked in confusion. He could still remember that he and Kai Ya had been forced into the Anatta Tower by a killing formation as soon as they had entered the concealing formation.

The killing formation was indeed very powerful, but it could not kill Infinite Primes at all. Compared to the concealing formation that could obscure the heavenly secrets and render the searching methods of peak experts useless, they were on two completely different levels.

“Because that killing formation was set up by Xuan Ming in the past,” at this moment, an old voice rang out from behind.

The old woman had appeared behind Jian Chen and Kai Ya at a certain time, hovering there silently.

“As one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall, Xuan Ming’s father gave Xuan Ming many items to save his life. The killing formation you encountered in the concealing formation was cast down by Xuan Ming through a formation disc. It was to prevent outsiders from entering this place,” explained the old woman. Then she looked at Kai Ya and said, “Girl, it looks like you are anything but simple. Even I could not see through the secrets of this concealing formation, making me believe it was formed naturally the entire time, yet you saw through it with a single glance.”

“You overpraise me, senior. Junior only had a gut feeling,” Kai Ya replied modestly.

The old woman looked at Kai Ya deeply and said, “If it really was a gut feeling, your gut feelings are far too terrifying.”

Jian Chen coughed gently and pointed at the stone door. He changed the topic of the conversation, “Senior, let’s study this stone door instead. Does senior have any way to get through the formations on this stone door?”

The old woman sighed gently, “Let’s go. Let’s leave here. Don’t eye the stone door. Although I too am interested in the secret behind the stone door very much, this stone door is not something we can touch because the formation on it makes even me shiver in fear. If I’ve seen correctly, the formation should come from a Grand Exalt.”

“Only a Grand Exalt, someone who has become an existence equivalent to laws and can twist the laws to their whim, can cast a concealing formation to the level where it would seem like it had formed naturally.”

“This formation cannot be broken. Those who try will die…”

The old woman stared at the stone door and said extremely sternly. With that, she turned around and left.

Jian Chen did not plan on leaving. He stared at the stone door quietly, and after hesitating for a while, he made up his mind in the end and let go of the power of the ancient Skywolf’s bloodline within him.

Without Jian Chen’s restraints, the power immediately turned into a blood-red light and shot out of Jian Chen’s body towards the stone door.

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