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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2186 - Planet Tianming
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Chapter 2186: Planet Tianming

The old woman was stunned when she heard that. She stopped laughing, and she stared at the two divine generals blankly. Disbelief filled her face.

“W- what did you say?” Only a while later did the old woman ask blankly.

“The hall spirit has retracted the order to hunt you down. Xu Ran, you are no longer a target of us, so congratulations, you are truly free,” one of the divine generals said again.

The old woman was completely dumbstruck as if she was unable to process that. Quite a while later, she smiled idiotically and murmured, “I’m free. I’m free. I’m actually free again..” The old woman laughed louder and louder, where she seemed like she had become insane at the end.

In all these years of being hunted down, she had looked forward to and hoped that the majesties of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng could look into the matter and deem her innocent countless times. She hoped that they would not draw her into her master’s past mistakes.

This was because she was truly innocent. She had no idea that her master had committed such a sin in the past.

But unfortunately, she had waited painfully for so long while being on the run, but the divine generals continued to hunt her down relentlessly. This made her understand the brutal truth that perhaps the majesties of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng really did not care about her at all. In other words, whether she was related to the matter at all, and whether she died or not, would not raise the attention of the majesties at all.

The first majesty, in particular, could look into the matter and clear her name easily with the former’s shocking level of cultivation.

In reality, from how the first majesty never personally took action against her, Xu Ran already understood that the first majesty knew she was innocent, but she said nothing for her.

The actions of the majesties from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng allowed Xu Ran to understand something quite some time ago. The majesties never targeted her. But it was also because of this that they would not stand forward for her. They did not take her seriously.

Otherwise, how would she still be alive today? After all, she was only a Chaotic Prime when she was at her peak condition.

Across all the great planes and planets of the Saints’ World, Chaotic Primes were experts who could reign over an entire region. They were existences of great status, but they were nothing before the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

As a result, after fleeing for her life for so many years, Xu Ran gradually gave up on the hopes of living. She knew that she was going to die and only hoped for liberation.

But she had never thought that when she truly gave up on living and was about to die, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng would rescind their initial order.

The two divine generals did not stay for long. After declaring that they had received orders to spare Xu Ran, the two of them directly flew towards where the ancient Skywolf had passed away in cultivation.

They were Chaotic Primes, so they had discovered the dwelling as soon as they arrived here. However, they were in no shape to think about it as they fought Xu Ran earlier.

The stone door to the dwelling remained wide open. When Jian Chen emerged from there, he did want to close the door again, but he was unable to find a method. As a result, he could only allow the doorway to remain open, allowing the two divine generals to enter the dwelling without any obstruction.

However, they did not stay in there for long. They left after just a short while, hurrying back to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng to report their success.

“Congratulations on your new life, senior.”

Jian Chen clasped his fist at the old woman and congratulated her sincerely after the two divine generals had left.

By now, the old woman had gradually calmed down. She stared at the vast, starry sky above her head and sighed deeply. The emotions in her eyes were extremely mixed. After a moment of silence, she said slowly, “The concealing formation has already shattered, and the heavenly secrets here have now become exposed. Before long, those peak experts who are skilled at foreseeing things will sense this place. It’ll become a place of trouble very soon. We can’t stay here.”

The old woman glanced at the small spaceship behind her and said to Jian Chen and Kai Ya, “It’ll be extremely dangerous for you to move through outer space with your strength. It’ll be very difficult for you to fend off Primordial realm space beasts once you encounter them, so let’s go. I’ll leave with you.”

With that, the old woman directly made her way towards the spaceship nearby.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya looked at each other before making their way towards the spaceship as well.

Before long, the spaceship turned into a streak of light and left the place.

“Where are you going to next?” The old woman sat in the spaceship as she rested and healed.

In thought, Jian Chen said, “Senior, to be honest, we’re lost in space. Right now, we only want to find a place where there are teleportation formations that can transport us to another plane. We’re going to decide where we go next after that.”

The old woman nodded. A while later, she said, “The closest place is planet Tianming of the eighty-one great planets. I have the spatial coordinates of planet Tianming, so let’s go there for now.”

“planet Tianming,” Jian Chen was surprised. Afterwards, he obtained the coordinates from the old woman, and they directly made their way towards the planet.

“My wounds are rather heavy. Xuan Ming’s abilities as a Radiant Godking can assist me in healing. Without the concealing formation, Xuan Ming can’t come out, so let me into the tower,” said the old woman.

“Yes, senior,” Jian Chen answered straightforwardly and immediately took out the Anatta Tower.

“My name is Xu Ran. You must have learnt it from the two divine generals already. I don’t need that much respect, and coupled with what happened with the Origin of Ways, I owe you a huge favour, so there’s no need for you to be so polite with me. You can just call me by my name. Remember, if you encounter any dangers outside, you must contact me immediately.” After telling Jian Chen some things, Xu Ran vanished into the Anatta Tower.

Afterwards, Jian Chen steered the small spaceship through the vast outer space in a straight path.

He had already broken through with the Way of the Sword, so his Chaotic Body could reach the thirteenth layer now. However, he could encounter various dangers at any time in outer space, so Jian Chen needed to maintain his greatest vigilance at all times. As a result, it was impossible for him to cultivate here peacefully.

He could only delay the breakthrough.

After flying through space for five years, Xu Ran finally made a full recovery under Xuan Ming’s assistance. When she emerged from the Anatta Tower, they no longer used the spaceship of poorer quality and limited speed. Instead, she carried Jian Chen and Kai Ya with her as she moved through outer space with her own cultivation. They were countless times faster than the spaceship.

After another year of travelling like this, they finally arrived at their destination, planet Tianming.

Jian Chen stared at the huge planet from outer space, and he was greatly shocked. Just the diameter of the planet had left him stumped. He had no idea how wide it was. That was how large the planet was. If it was flattened, it would basically be the same size as the Cloud Plane.

“The Saints’ World has a total of eighty-one great planets. planet Tianming ranks towards the bottom, but no matter how low its ranking is, there are still many large organisations and clans on them. Even during my peak, I dared not stand against them, so don’t act recklessly on planet Tianming,” Xu Ran said to Jian Chen and Kai Ya sternly.

“There’s a rather special organisation on planet Tianming. It’s called the Empyrean Demon Cult. Even though their strongest experts on the planet are only Infinite Primes, bear in mind that you should never provoke them. In the past, the strongest expert of planet Tianming, the planet lord who ruled the entire planet, was slain by a supreme expert of the Empyrean Demon Cult because he had provoked the Empyrean Demon Cult. His head was hung high up above the planet lord’s estate.”

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