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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2189 - Seeing The Immortal Peach Again
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Chapter 2189: Seeing the Immortal Peach Again

He was a mere Godking, yet he could make two famed Grand Primes place a bounty on him. Not only did the bounty reach the other planes and planets in the shortest amount of time possible, but Jian Chen had even become a familiar figure between all the major and minor organisations.

Even though everyone knew that it was countless times easier to find a needle in a haystack than to find someone hidden in the vast Saints’ World, the promises of the two Grand Primes was an irresistible temptation to many clans and organisations.

This was because all they needed was the support from one of the two experts, and their organisations would rise up.

As a result, even when they knew that it was hopeless, many organisations still decided to search for Jian Chen painstakingly.

There were even some organisations that had begun investigating Jian Chen’s identity and background.

They were not the only people searching for Jian Chen. There were many peak clans searching for Jian Chen as well, where a few of them were even renowned throughout the entire Saints’ World.

These people did not search for Jian Chen for the Solitary Sword Ancestor or the Azure Peng King’s rewards. They only wanted to kill him.

After all, Jian Chen had killed quite a few supreme Godkings in the Neptunean Divine Palace. There were even more supreme Godkings who had not died to his hands directly but whose deaths were caused by him. He had caused around half of the Godkings’ Throne to empty out.

Quite a few of these supreme Godkings were the futures of these peak clans. They had been nurtured with endless resources. As a result, many people hated Jian Chen dearly in the Saints’ World.

Still in seclusion, Jian Chen had no idea he had become a famed figure that shook up the Saints’ World. Currently, he was devoting all his efforts to breaking through to the thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body.

Very soon, he used up all the heavenly resources that could increase cultivation. Only recovery heavenly resources were left. Not a single high grade or supreme grade divine crystal remained either, having all been refined into strands of Chaotic Force.

Now, the only resources he had left from the Neptunean Divine Palace were one thousand five-colored divine crystals and the tens of million fire divine crystals.

Jian Chen was unable to resist his desire for strength now that he neared a breakthrough. As a result, he ignored the wastefulness and took out a large number of fire divine crystals without any hesitation to cultivate.

His Chaotic Body could refine all the energy in the world. As a result, even though the fire divine crystals were filled with pure fire-attributed energy, it was not too different from the supreme grade divine crystals.

The only difference was that the energy within the fire divine crystals was two or three times purer than supreme quality divine crystals.

Time passed silently. After absorbing over ten million fire divine crystals in who knew how long, Jian Chen’s body shook loudly. The chaotic neidan in his dantian had finally shattered.

Jian Chen was experienced with the process that followed. In just a few days, his Chaotic Force and Chaotic Body completely changed. The fist-sized chaotic neidan had shrunken back to the size of a soybean, but the Chaotic Force within it was several times more powerful than before.

He had formally reached the thirteenth layer of the Chaotic Body, having reached Major Achievement!

Even in the Immortals’ World, only a handful of people had a Chaotic Body at Major Achievement.

“I never thought that the amount of resources exhausted to reach the thirteenth layer would be so terrifying.” Jian Chen opened his eyes. There was no longer the joy from breaking through on his face anymore. He soon frowned instead.

The amount of resources he exhausted for this breakthrough had completely surpassed his expectations. However, for each layer of the Chaotic Body, the resources required would be several times or even over a dozen times more than the last. He could not help but worry about the resources he needed in the future.

“Sigh, whatever,” Jian Chen exhaled gently. He dismissed his thoughts before leaving his room.

Kai Ya and Xu Ran’s formations were tightly sealed, so Jian Chen did not disturb him. Instead, he left the inn alone to investigate some things outside.

On the wide, bustling streets outside, Jian Chen could hear people discuss about him everywhere while his wanted posters were stuck everywhere. It caused many people to slow down and take a look.

“The Azure Peng King has actually placed a bounty on my head as well,” Jian Chen frowned. He had already learnt about Mo Cheng’s death from everyone’s discussions, but Mo Cheng’s death actually had nothing to do with him. He only had been in conflict with Cang Ying at most. He did not understand why the Azure Peng King had placed a bounty on him.

“Whether it’s the Azure Peng King or the Solitary Sword Ancestor, they’re both famed experts of the Saints’ World. They have terrifying techniques. Although the Saints’ World is vast, it shouldn’t be anything difficult for them to find a puny Godking. All they need to do is forecast my location. It made sense that they could not find me when I was in the concealing formation before, but I’ve already left it now. Just the time I spent travelling through outer space has amounted to several years. Coupled with the time I spent in seclusion, they should have been able to locate me long ago if they were really searching for me, but they’ve never come. Instead, they’ve set a bounty for me across the Saints’ World, mobilising the power of all the cultivators to find me.”

“Seeing how they’re paying such a hefty price to mobilise everyone, there’s only one explanation, and that’s the great abilities of the Azure Peng King and the Solitary Sword Ancestor cannot forecast where I am,” Jian Chen thought and instead felt relieved.

At the same time, there was a store that especially sold heavenly resources near Jian Chen. A slender woman stood at the counter.

Logically speaking, the woman should have possessed impressive beauty from her figure, but her face just happened to be extremely ugly. It was covered with vicious scars that crisscrossed one another.

“Shopkeeper, please have a look at my heavenly resource and tell me how many divine crystals I can exchange it for,” the woman took out a crudely-crafted wooden box from her Space Ring and opened it hesitantly.

Immediately, an intoxicating fragrance poured out. Just a single whiff of it was enough for people to focus their minds.

A violet peach lay within the crudely-crafted box.

“This is a heavenly resource that can increase the cultivation of people by five hundred years. Moreover, its effects are mellow and leave no side-effects. Even if mortals ingest them, it will cause them no harm. Shopkeeper, how much do you think it’s worth?” The woman asked rather uneasily. Even though she could tell that the peach was extraordinary, its grade was just far too low.

The moment the woman opened the wooden box, Jian Chen who was only a few kilometres away immediately shuddered. He looked ahead as his eyes shone. He said in surprise, “This is the presence of Xuanhuang Qi…”

In the next moment, Jian Chen vanished. Like a bolt of lightning, he crossed the distance as quickly as he could and arrived before the woman silently.

“What a peculiar presence…” The shopkeeper was an old man who seemed to be in his seventies. He studied the peach closely as he showed surprise. He secretly estimated its value.


At this moment, Jian Chen took action with lightning speed, slamming shut the wooden box in the woman’s hand to stop the presence from leaking out any further. The wooden box also ended up in Jian Chen’s hand.

“W- what are you doing? Are you trying to steal from me?” The woman stared at Jian Chen who had suddenly appeared beside her in surprise and fear. She actually failed to react when Jian Chen took the wooden box from her.

This meant that the unfamiliar man with an ordinary appearance possessed a cultivation far greater than hers.

“Dear customer, the item in your hand was brought here by this lady to be sold. You’ve stolen it without this lady’s permission, so you’ve broken a rule of the imperial capital,” the shopkeeper looked at Jian Chen furiously as he growled

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