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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2192 - What Haughtiness
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Chapter 2192: What Haughtiness

The entrance of the Gus clan fell silent at that moment. Everyone stared at the disguised Jian Chen and Hei Ya as they all held their breaths.

They could not provoke this person since he had a peak Godking as a bodyguard.

Jian Chen swung his fan gently. He arrogantly looked at the Overgod who had his knees shattered while kneeling before him. Jian Chen raised his hand slightly to signal for Hei Ya to release his presence before saying uncaringly, “Is this how your Gus clan receives guests?”

“Hahaha, I didn’t realise we’d be having esteemed guests, so please forgive me for failing to welcome you from afar,” at this moment, an old voice rang out with a peal of generous laughter.

A white-robed old man strode over from inside. He had a healthy glow to his face. He clasped his fist towards Jian Chen from afar in a modest manner. He seemed extremely polite.

There were over a dozen high-ranking members of the clan of varying ages behind the old man. They hurried over as their gazes were all locked onto Jian Chen.

Jian Chen glanced across them indifferently and saw through their strengths completely. The old man at the front was a late Godking while the people behind him were all Godkings as well. Most of them were early Godkings, with only three mid Godkings.

Including the old man who stood at the very front, there were only two late Godkings in total.

“I am Gu Yuan, the current patriarch of the Gus clan. I’d like to welcome this young master on behalf of the entire Gus clan,” Gu Yuan laughed. He glanced at Hei Ya, who stood beside Jian Chen, and his eyes narrowed by an undetectable amount. Then he began to treat Jian Chen with even more caution. He yelled at the Overgod guard, “Na Ti, how can you be so rude? Why don’t you apologise to the young master?”

At this moment, the guard called Na Ti completely understood that the person before him was not someone he could offend. Let alone him, but even the patriarch of the Gus clan probably could not afford to offend him. As such, without any hesitation, he lowered his head and begged Jian Chen for forgiveness as if he was filled with regret.

Jian Chen did not even glance at Na Ti. He swung his fan gently as he studied the design of the Gus clan. In an arrogant and condescending manner, he said indifferently, “This young master is not a petty person, so rise. I’ll forget about your rudeness earlier, but there definitely won’t be a second time.”

As if his life had just been spared, Na Ti thanked him frantically. Na Ti had already begun to fear Jian Chen seeing how he had a peak Godking as a bodyguard.

Just how great of a background did he possess to have a peak Godking as a personal bodyguard?

At the very least, the Gus clan treated all of their Godkings like treasures, including early Godkings. Their statuses were supreme, and they would never be treated as guards.

“Hahaha, it is my Gus clan’s honour to have the young master visit. Please do come in, young master,” the patriarch of the Gus clan called out to Jian Chen warmly. He spoke very carefully, as he was afraid that he would offend the young master somehow.

In the main hall of the Gus clan, Gu Yuan asked all the previous guests to leave. All the upper echelon of the clan gathered in there to welcome Jian Chen with their greatest courtesy.

Jian Chen sat on a seat very casually within the hall. He behaved naturally and did not act reserved at all. Hei Ya, on the other hand, stood behind Jian Chen emotionlessly like a loyal bodyguard. His heavy presence as a peak Godking revolved around him vaguely, causing great pressure to the early and mid Godkings in the hall. All their expressions became unnaturally forced.

Gu Yuan introduced all the important members of the Gus clan to Jian Chen before clasping his hands at Jian Chen, “May I ask how I can refer to this young master?”

“I’m Chang Yang.”

“So it’s young master Chang Young. Young master, do you happen to come from the central region of planet Tianming?” Gu Yuan clasped his hands with a smile as he thought about the organisations on planet Tianming that had names related to Chang Yang’s.

Jian Chen purposefully acted in an arrogant manner. He gently sipped the tea that was made from precious heavenly resources and said, “I’m not from planet Tianming. I came out with a senior from my clan this time. When we passed by planet Tianming, we made a temporary stop here because my senior wanted to visit an acquaintance. I’ve always liked freedom, and I like to see the various traditions and customs of different places, so I didn’t come out with my senior this time, strolling through planet Tianming by myself.”

“Young master Chang Yang is dignified and of a striking appearance. I can tell with a single glance that the young master is extraordinary. It would go without saying that young master Chang Yang’s senior must be a peak expert who is a natural at cultivation.” Gu Yuan said casually to probe Jian Chen’s background indirectly.

Jian Chen acted like he had no idea. He said seriously, “My senior only managed to break through to Chaotic Prime a few million years ago. That’s nothing impressive in my clan, so how can he be considered as a natural at cultivation?”

Gu Yuan’s hand trembled violently when he heard that, and the teacup he had just lifted up almost fell to the ground. Shock filled his eyes.

The other Godkings in the hall all became shocked as well. All of their gazes towards Jian Chen became filled with respect and angst.

“Let’s go, patriarch Gu Yuan. Let’s go for a stroll outside. Show me the scenery here,” Jian Chen suddenly stood up and directly made his way out. As if the world revolved around him, he did not care whether it was to the convenience of the owner of this place.

However, when Gu Yuan and everyone else saw Jian Chen’s behaviour, they only found it to suit him.

How the young master of a peak organisation like Jian Chen had suddenly become interested in their puny Gus clan was clearly no longer something they could consider. They had been completely stunned by the Chaotic Prime senior that Jian Chen had mentioned. All they thought about was how to treat this young master well and establish a positive relationship with him.

“Young master Chang Yang, this way please,” Gu Yuan and the others immediately led the way for Jian Chen. They behaved even more submissively, attempting to curry up to him along the way.

With their company, Jian Chen strolled through the Gus clan. He seemed like he was just admiring the scenery there, but he was secretly anxious.

After all, the Gus clan was an ancient clan with Primordial realm experts. Therefore, formations and barriers were everywhere here, preventing him from finding anything with the senses of his soul. As a result, he had no idea where Qing Yixuan was imprisoned.

He did not even know whether Qing Yixuan was actually imprisoned in the Gus clan.

Unfortunately, he could not ask about this matter directly. After all, he was playing the role of young master of a great organisation right now. As soon as he asked about a Receival cultivator on his own whim, many holes would appear, and it would lead to many unexplainable questions.

“Young master Chang Yang, this is where the servants and guards stay. I think there’s no reason for us to go there, just in case we end up dirtying the young master’s feet,” Gu Yuan said carefully just when they were about to pass through a barrier. His expression was rather unnatural.

This was because this region had been specially allocated to their first young master. The first young master of the Gus clan was a lecherous fellow, so some shameful acts would happen in there frequently.

Naturally, this was a trivial matter in Gu Yuan’s eyes, but if young master Chang Yang who possessed a frighteningly great status saw this, it would leave a negative impression.

However, Jian Chen ignored him. He strolled ahead and directly passed through the barrier with an arrogant expression while waving his fan.

Gu Yuan dared not stop him. He could only sigh secretly, praying that nothing unsightly was happening inside. Afterwards, he followed Jian Chen in reluctantly.

“Let go of me. If you touch me again, I’ll self-destruct…”

A furious woman’s voice rang out from afar as soon as he had passed through the barrier.

Jian Chen’s face sank and killing intent flashed through his eyes when he heard the familiar voice.

It belonged to Qing Yixuan.

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