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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2200 - The Peng King’s Descent
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Chapter 2200: The Peng King’s Descent

Jian Chen and Xu Ran returned to the imperial capital of the Thousand Leaf Empire as quickly as they could. After calling Kai Ya, the three of them immediately hurried off to the teleportation formation cast down in the imperial capital.

Kai Ya knew that Jian Chen’s location had probably been exposed along the way, so she also became stern, realising the severity of the matter.

The three of them were silent along the way. They arrived before the teleportation formation very soon. Hei Ya was already waiting around it with Qing Yixuan.

Kai Ya naturally recognised Qing Yixuan with a single glance, and she was slightly surprised. She glanced at Jian Chen with much shock.

Clearly, she too had never thought that she could encounter an acquaintance from the Tian Yuan Continent on planet Tianming.

However, Kai Ya and Qing Yixuan were not on any particular terms on the Tian Yuan Continent, so they did not greet each other when they saw one another.

“Master,” Hei Ya brought Qing Yixuan to Jian Chen before standing behind him conscientiously.

“Where are we going next?” Qing Yixuan looked at Xu Ran, Jian Chen, and Kai Ya. She bit her lip gently as she said softly.

She could see the sternness of the three of them with a single glance. In her eyes, Jian Chen was still that young master Chang Yang that had a significant background. Clearly, something bad had happened for the young master to show such an expression. Qing Yixuan became rather uneasy as a result.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya had already disguised themselves when they set foot on planet Tianming, so even until now, Qing Yixuan still had not discovered their real identities.

“Let’s leave first. The two of you, enter the divine hall,” said Jian Chen. He took out a divine hall casually and let Hei Ya and Qing Yixuan in before entering the teleportation formation with Kai Ya and Xu Ran. With a flash, they vanished.

After they vanished from the teleportation formation, the guards who watched the place immediately began to whisper to each other.

“It’s forbidden for people to take others in spatial treasures when they use the teleportation formation. That’s the rule of the Thousand Leaf Empire. Captain, why didn’t we stop them…”

“Shh… Be quiet. Their background is just far too great, so great that our Thousand Leaf Empire cannot afford to provoke them. I received firm orders from the higher-ups earlier that we can’t provoke them. I think one of them is some young master Chang Yang…”

“Young master Chang Yang? Who’s that? Why have I never heard of him…”

The captain said grimly, “I don’t know who young master Chang Yang is either. Anyway, these were orders from the higher-ups. We just need to carry them out. We don’t need to know the reason…”

The Feng Empire was one of the few eternal empires on planet Tianming. They possessed Chaotic Primes and were far more powerful than the Thousand Leaf Empire.

On the entire Dark Sky Planet, there were only four eternal empires like the Feng Empire. The Feng Empire ranked second among the four of them.

On the square within a bustling city of the Feng Empire, the teleportation formations would flicker with white light from time to time, where cultivators would come and go basically at all times.

At this moment, the light on one of the teleportation formations vanished, and Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Xu Ran appeared there.

“There are six known teleportation formations that can cross planes on planet Tianming. Four of them are in the four eternal empires, while the other two are under the planet lord’s estate’s control. The teleportation formation of the Feng Empire is located in its imperial capital,” Xu Ran said to Jian Chen and Kai Ya in the teleportation formation before taking Jian Chen and Kai Ya and hurrying off to the imperial city.

A black-robed, burly middle-aged man sat boldly on a throne in a majestic hall within the planet lord’s estate, distant from the Feng Empire. He gave off a terrifyingly powerful presence, where it seemed like his burly body contained devastating energy. It seemed like he stood above the heavens, powerful enough to control all lives.

He was the lord of planet Tianming, the existence who stood supreme there. He reigned over the entire place.

Just when Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Xu Ran reached the Feng Empire, the planet lord’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He frowned slightly as he seemed displeased. He murmured, “The Azure Peng King wants me to seal up the entire planet? Does the Azure Peng King think he stands supreme in the Saints’ World, to ask for something so overboard from me? Sealing up the planet is not something small.”

“But the Azure Peng King is infamous for his pettiness. He’ll take offence over tiny things and remember it for the rest of his life. Whatever, I’ll just do it for him this time.”

“Seal up the entire planet immediately. Get the four empires to close their teleportation formations to other planes,” the planet lord immediately passed down orders. Although he was reluctant, he dared not offend the Azure Peng King over such a puny matter.

The planet lord’s orders reached the four eternal empires in the shortest amount of time possible. The four empires dared not disobey or tarry with carrying out the orders, so they did it as quickly as possible.

Immediately, the defensive formation of planet Tianming was activated. No one could leave the planet and fly into space anymore while the teleportation formations in the four empires were shut down at basically the same time.

“Oh no! planet Tianming has been sealed up!” Xu Ran’s face suddenly changed, and she stared at the sky gravely.

Jian Chen’s face also changed suddenly from that. He called out, “Go to the teleportation formation!” The three of them immediately rushed over to where the planar teleportation formations were.

However, when they arrived there, their faces became very ugly. The only planar teleportation formation in the Feng Empire had already been shut down. Only the teleportation formations for locations on planet Tianming still functioned.

Jian Chen’s heart sank. He had realised that the sudden closure of the teleportation formations and the sealing of the planet had to do with him being exposed.

“We’re in trouble now. Once the Solitary Sword Ancestor and the Azure Peng King learn that you’re on planet Tianming, it’ll be impossible for us to shake off the two of them even if I charge through the seal with you and flee into outer space, even if I was at my peak condition. Moreover, the Azure Peng King’s speed is basically unrivalled. There is barely anyone in the Saints’ World that can much up to him, and it’s the same with chasing down people. No one will be able to escape from him,” Xu Ran became grimmer than she had ever been.

Just when Xu Ran finished talking, a terrifying presence radiated from the sky above in a mighty manner, enveloping the entire planet. Before the suffocating presence, all of the space where the planet occupied twisted drastically. Even the sky seemed like it was about to collapse.

An extremely huge shadow had appeared near planet Tianming silently. Even compared to the planet itself, it was not much smaller.

This was the Azure Peng King in his original form. His colossal, planet-sized body was simply breathtaking.

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