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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2203 - Fleeing Into A Crack
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2203: Fleeing into a Crack

After making up her mind, Xu Ran set off immediately. The Feng Empire had already been reduced to ruins, and even the imperial capital had not been spared. Naturally, the teleportation formation there had been destroyed. She hurried off to a second eternal empire to use their planar teleportation formation so that she could reach the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng sooner.

“Now we’ve done it. We’ve made a huge mistake. Now, not only will we be hunted down by the Azure Peng King relentlessly, but even our clans will be dragged into it…”

The peak experts of planet Tianming and the planet lord gathered together with extremely ugly expressions.

They had truly gone for wool and come back shorn. Not only did they fail to obtain the Anatta Tower, but they had even offended the Azure Peng King as well.

“Since Jian Chen has fled with the Anatta Tower, trying to hunt him down will be completely useless. Even if we ignore the fact that we can’t find Jian Chen as easily as the Azure Peng King, it’s impossible for us to match up to the Azure Peng King in terms of speed…”

“Let’s think about how to deal with the Azure Peng King’s revenge instead. The Azure Peng King is someone who will always seek revenge even for the smallest of things. He will never just let what happened today go…”

“Immediately send people to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Although we can’t hand the Anatta Tower to them personally, if we’re the first people to inform them about the Anatta Tower, it’ll be a matter of great merit as well…”

In a region of space extremely distant from planet Tianming, the calm space there suddenly rippled like water. In the next moment, it suddenly warped violently, and two figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere as if they had teleported.

The two of them were Jian Chen and Kai Ya, who had fled here through the Cosmic Movement Talisman.


As soon as they appeared, Jian Chen could not help but spray out blood from his mouth again. His face became rather pale.

“Jian Chen, are you fine? Are your wounds heavy?” Kai Ya asked in concern. Immediately, she wanted to support Jian Chen. However, as soon as she moved, she discovered that Jian Chen’s arm was wrapped around her waist tightly. It was powerful, preventing her from moving.

Sensing the power and warmth from Jian Chen’s arm, Kai Ya struggled to remain calm. Her heart pounded in a rather uncontrollable manner as the depths of her heart wavered.

Sensing Kai Ya’s movement, Jian Chen immediately released his hand around her. Under such a tight situation before, it was impossible for Kai Ya to enter the Anatta Tower in time. As a result, he could only grab her tightly and flee through the Cosmic Movement Talisman. He had no other intentions apart from that.

The light in Kai Ya’s eyes rippled as she looked at Jian Chen with some mixed feelings. She said in a voice filled with concern, “Here’s a God Tier heavenly resource for recovery. Eat it quickly and stabilise your wounds.” As she said that, Kai Ya took out a heavenly resource she had obtained from her share in the Neptunean Divine Palace and passed it to Jian Chen.

At the same time, Kai Ya opened her hand, and an invisible suction immediately appeared. She gathered all of Jian Chen’s chaotic blood in the surroundings, condensing the blood into a thumb-sized droplet in her hand in the end.

“I know you exhaust a tremendous amount of cultivation resources for each breakthrough. Your blood contains a portion of your energy, so every droplet you lose will mean that you lose a portion of your energy. You can’t waste this blood.” As she said that, Kai Ya slowly raised her hand and made the droplet of blood approach Jian Chen’s mouth.

Jian Chen looked at the droplet of blood and nodded slightly. Sucking gently, he swallowed all of the blood and said, “My injuries are no big deal. I’ll be able to make a complete recovery before long.” As he said that, he paused and looked at the space behind him. His face became extremely stern as he said gravely, “I once heard that the Azure Peng King is unmatched in terms of speed. Although we’ve managed to escape with the Cosmic Movement Talisman, I have a strong feeling that we’re not safe right now. The Azure Peng King should catch up very soon.”

Kai Ya also dismissed her thoughts when she heard that. She became stern and growled, “With our speed, it’s impossible to escape from the Azure Peng King if we hurry through outer space. The Azure Peng King should have many methods to find us, so it looks like we can only enter a spatial crack to avoid being hunted down.”

“You’re right. It is chaotic within a spatial crack, where even the laws of the world are affected. Even if the Azure Peng King is a Grand Prime, he’ll be impacted to a certain degree in a spatial crack. Moreover, we have the Anatta Tower with us, so we don’t have to worry about the spatial storms at all. We can just charge through them fearlessly. To us right now, it really might be a place where we can shake off Grand Primes.” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up, and he immediately took out the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. He said to Kai Ya, “Let’s not tarry and enter right now. However, I won’t be able to rip through space alone. Kai Ya, I need your assistance. We need to unleash our full strengths and rip through the space here.”

“Alright,” Kai Ya nodded in agreement before standing beside Jian Chen and striking out with her full strength. The Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire were all used. The three different types of laws were combined perfectly by her, forming a glyph that she sent towards the space before her.

At the same time, Jian Chen’s sword shone with dazzling starlight. Huge, illusionary stars were conjured one after another. With a force no weaker than the Primordial realm, he struck the space before him.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya had unleashed their most powerful attacks at the same time, causing the space before them to tremble. A meter-long crack suddenly appeared.

“Enter the tower!” Jian Chen called out. With a flash, the two of them entered the Anatta Tower. He controlled the tower to shrink to the size of a fist before passing through the crack.

The crack closed up by itself soon after the Anatta Tower had entered it. It returned to normal, causing the region of space to recover its previous peace.

However, this peace did not last for too long before being shattered once again. A dazzling azure light flickered in the depths of space, heading straight towards where Jian Chen had vanished.

The azure light was just too fast. It was unbelievably fast. The moment before, it was still in the depths of space, but in the next moment, it had arrived at Jian Chen’s previous location, crossing the insurmountable distance as if it had teleported.

The azure figure happened to be the Azure Peng King who was in hot pursuit!

“Jian Chen’s traces have actually vanished here?” The Azure Peng King hovered in the sea of stars alone as he stared at the chaotic blood in his hand for a while. The tremendous senses of his soul immediately flooded out, enveloping an entire galaxy.

But very soon, he frowned. He discovered nothing with the senses of his soul. He failed to find Jian Chen’s traces at all. He had even used a secret technique with the droplet of chaotic blood after arriving here, but he failed to find any trace of Jian Chen either.

It was as if Jian Chen had vanished from the universe.

“Hmph, you’re dreaming if you want to escape right before me!” The Azure Peng King snorted coldly. His eyes were extremely icy. Then he closed his eyes and fused his soul with the world, using his Grand Prime level comprehension of laws to peer into the past and the future.

“So you’ve hidden in a spatial crack. Aren’t you far too naive to think that you can escape from me like that? I have to get the Anatta Tower before the Solitary Sword Ancestor arrives,” the Azure Peng King opened his eyes very soon and sneered. He split open space easily, and with a flash, he disappeared into the spatial crack.

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