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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2206 - Movements In The Dark
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2206: Movements in the Dark

One of the two old men was an ancestral emperor who had abdicated many years ago, while the other was the first Imperial Protector since the Tian Empire’s founding.

The two of them were the most ancient existences of the Tian Empire. They had reached Grand Prime many years ago and were peak experts who stood at the apex of the plane.

At this moment, the demonic aura around the tower where the Heavenless Demon Exalt resided receded, revealing a black figure in the demonic clouds.

He was a black-robed middle-aged man with a rather cold and malevolent expression.

He hovered in the air like a sovereign of the world as a supreme presence radiated from him. The presence was so powerful that the world seemed to pale and space seemed to distort. It seemed like he had already become the ruler of the world, where his eyes possessed a sense of coldness that looked down on all lives.

This person was the Heavenless Demon Exalt as well as the second Imperial Protector since the founding of the Tian Empire.

Right when the Heavenless Demon Exalt broke through, a ruddy, sagely old man sat on the ground on the peak of a mountain clad in formations with origin energy so abundant that it almost condensed into liquid. He focused on explaining the laws of the world and the mysteries of the cosmos to an old man in blood-red robes. Every single word and action from him seemed to represent the truths of the world, enough to resonate with the laws. The laws seemed to be rumbling and revolving around him.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed through the old man’s eyes. In that instance, his gaze became as profound as the universe. He stared into the distance as he abruptly became stern.

“Something terrible has happened. I never thought the Heavenless Demon Exalt of the Tian Empire would actually break through. The Cloud Plane will no longer be at peace,” the ruddy, sagely old man stood up and said sternly while he gazed into the distance.

“Peak lord, what has happened?” The red-robed old man also stood up as he asked cautiously.

“Something major is about to happen on the Cloud Plane. Peak organisations might vanish from history. However, this has nothing to do with you. Houston, all you need to do is cultivate here in peace and wait for that person,” the sagely old man referred to as the peak lord said.

He was the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak. He possessed extremely great status on the Cloud Plane.

Houston became stern when he heard that. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Will the Tian Yuan clan be dragged into whatever happens this time?”

“The Tian Yuan clan will be able to avoid it. After all, with their strength, they have no right to get involved. Unfortunately, the Tian Yuan clan is connected to the Xi clan of the northern region,” the peak lord sighed gently.

“Peak lord, I want to return to the Tian Yuan clan immediately, “Houston immediately made up his mind.

“Once you leave, you’ll be in great danger. Houston, before that person arrives, just cultivate here in peace. I won’t let you take a single step away from this place,” the peak lord said firmly. He left no room for discussion.

At the same time, many peak existences hidden across the ancient lands of the Cloud Plane roused from seclusion. They all looked towards the Tian Empire in the central region. They were either grave or filled with eagerness and excitement.

“The Heavenless Demon Exalt has actually broken through…”

“The Tian clan is filled with wild ambition. They’ve never given up on conquering the entire Cloud Plane. Only the lord of Heaven’s Link Peak prevented them from acting recklessly. Now that the Heavenless Demon Exalt has broken through, the Tian clan will truly possess the power to suppress the peak lord. No one can stop the advance of the Tian clan on the Cloud Plane anymore…”

Extremely powerful senses of the soul crossed the regions in various places of the Cloud Plane and discussed with one another.

At the same time, a majestic divine hall stood silently like a primordial beast in an unknown space extremely distant from the Cloud Plane. It gave off a terrifying presence that was enough to frighten the world.

The divine hall seemed to suppress an entire region of the world. When it stood there, the independent, unknown space seemed to submit itself to the divine hall, kneeling below the divine hall’s feet.

At this moment, a rather stern voice suddenly rang out from a gloomy secret room at the top of the divine hall.

“Something big is about to happen on the Cloud Plane. Even I might get involved in this. It looks like I can’t let her remain there any longer.”

After a period of silence, the voice suddenly yelled out, “Cheng Ming, come see me immediately.” The voice was not loud, but it reached every inch of the divine hall.

With that, a black-robed old man silently appeared outside the secret room. He bowed politely and said, “Greetings to master!”

“Go to the Cloud Plane immediately and bring her to me from the southern region safely. This is an image of her and her presence. With your cultivation, you should be able to sense her immediately when you reach the Cloud Plane.” As he said that, a stream of consciousness flowed out from the secret room and directly entered the old man’s forehead. It formed a little girl.

“If she’s unwilling to leave with you, take out this lock of hair.” With that, a tied-up lock of black hair appeared outside the secret room, floating before Cheng Ming.

Cheng Ming’s eyes suddenly narrowed when he saw the lock of hair. He could tell with a single glance that it belonged to his master. His master’s presence clearly lingered on it.

Cheng Ming dared not tarry. He carefully accepted the lock of hair and stowed it away carefully before leaving immediately.

“Where is War Demon?” Cheng Ming arrived in an empty hall within the divine hall and called out.

“Grand elder!” A deep voice rang out in the empty hall. A terrifying pressure suddenly permeated the surroundings when the voice sounded. It seemed like it could collapse the sky as it filled the entire hall with a devastating force.

“Come with me to the Cloud Plane. I have an ill foreboding about this trip, so we have to be extra careful,” Cheng Ming said grimly.

“If the grand elder can sense an ill foreboding, it means that the trip to the Cloud Pane this time might not be peaceful. Hehe, it has been quite some time since I last fought. I really do look forward to what I can encounter this time. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me too much.”

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