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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2208 - The Tian Yuan Clan
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Chapter 2208: The Tian Yuan Clan

“Hmph. I’d like to see just who took my Nine Yin Soulgathering Banner,” the Heavenless Demon Exalt snorted coldly afterwards. With a thought, the tremendous senses of his soul surged out like a flood, enveloping the entire Cloud Plane.

However, his face sank very soon. The senses of his soul had engulfed the entire Cloud Plane. Apart from the few peak clans that were protected by formations, he had scoured every inch of the land, including underground. Despite doing so, he still failed to find the missing banner.

“It looks like the missing banner has either been hidden by a peak clan or taken away from the Cloud Plane. However, the eighty-one banners are refined from my demonic blood, so every single one of them are linked to my mind. Let me see just which peak clan dares to take what’s mine.”

“Even if the banner has been taken away from the Cloud Plane by someone, I can still locate it with great precision,” the Heavenless Demon Exalt said coldly. Immediately, the demonic aura around him churned as he emitted a pulse of terrifying energy. He used a secret technique to find the location of the last banner.

The other two Grand Primes of the Tian Empire sat before the Heavenless Demon Exalt silently. Currently, the two of them had become stern as well. The Heavenless Demon Exalt was crucial to whether they could conquer the Cloud Plane. They did not wish to see any accidents happen.

A while later, the demonic aura around the Heavenless Demon Exalt gradually calmed down. He opened his eyes, and they were filled with cruelty. His face had sunken.

“Heavenless, have you found the final banner?” One of the Grand Primes asked rather nervously before the Heavenless Demon Exalt.

“I actually can’t sense the final banner at all. However, even if a banner is missing, it won’t be able to affect our grand plan of unifying the Cloud Plane.”

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian that had once been nameless in the southern region was basically an existence that everyone knew about now.

Not only had it morphed from a weak divine kingdom into an ancient empire with a Primordial realm expert, but most importantly, the Tian Yuan clan existed within it.

In terms of strength, the Tian Yuan clan was nothing on the southern region. Some people would not even take them seriously. However, there were no organisations on the vast southern region that dared to underestimate the Tian Yuan clan, much less offend them.

That was because their greatest elder was the only daughter of the current emperor of the Xi Empire.

The Xi Emperor was a renowned emperor among the four eternal empires. For the sake of avenging his daughter, he went as far as to kill most of the members of his imperial family. Even the prestigious Grand Imperial Protector of the Xi Empire was not spared. His viciousness and mercilessness had already engraved itself into the hearts of people, making countless people shiver.

At the same time, his love for his daughter was something that many people admired.

As a result, with such a forceful and vicious father, there was naturally no one who dared to offend Xi Yu in both the northern and southern regions. The Tian Yuan clan she resided in gained glory as a result, enjoying a status that did not match up to their strength at all.

The Tian Yuan clan remained in the same location in the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. However, it had already changed dramatically compared to when Jian Chen departed in the past. Not only did its territory grow by several times over, but it also possessed a more generous bearing. It was possible to see from afar that their fabulous buildings were laid down in an orderly manner. They seemed grand and magnificent, giving off an almost holy aura.

A few figures strolled through the fragrant gardens of the Tian Yuan clan at this moment.

“I never thought that so much would have happened after I left the Tian Yuan Continent. The world of the Tian Yuan Continent had almost been destroyed as well, but thankfully, everyone toughed it out,” a young man with a striking appearance sighed emotionally. He wore white robes and seemed like he was in his twenties.

“The only pity is that after coming all the way from the Prosper Plane, all I got to see was you, the little tiger, and the two kids. The three seniors, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and that snake are not here,” the young man shook his head in pity.

His voice contained undisguised reminiscence and memories.

Unsurprising, the young man was Ming Dong.

“Hmph, you’re the kid. You’re the kid! You can’t bully people just because you’re taller. Let me tell you, I’m a little ancestor who has lived for over a million years. Who knows how many years I slumbered for before you were born on the Tian Yuan Continent. Even your ancestors aren’t as old as me,” a pure girl who only seemed to be eleven or twelve glared at Ming Dong with her hands on her hips as she fumed.

Naturally, the girl was Xiao Ling.

Xiao Jin and Sacredfeather were with them as well.

Xiao Jin still wore his golden clothes, where he seemed like he was made out of gold. He had already grown up now. He seemed much more mature, no longer the little boy from Flame City.

Sacredfeather seemed like a handsome young man now. He stood up straight as he strolled slowly with his hands on his back. He was serious and cold in everything he did. He gave off the bearing of an expert.

Ming Dong only knew the three of them out of the entire Tian Yuan clan. Nubis, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Ya had already gone out roaming several years ago.

As for Xiong Zhong, Cheng Jingyun, and so on who came from the World of Forsaken Saints, Ming Dong did not know any of them.

“Oh? Is this little sister really that old? Hehehe, I really couldn’t tell,” a beautiful woman in snow-white clothes looked at the unaging Xiao Ling from beside Ming Dong with her large beautiful eyes as she laughed gently while covering her mouth.

She was the princess of the Thousand Lotus Empire that Ming Dong had met and killed a clone of in the Neptunean Divine Palace, Yun Xiaoyan!

Ming Dong did not become interested at all when he looked at the beautiful Yun Xiaoyan beside him. Instead, his heart became filled with bitterness and helplessness, which mixed together in an indescribable mess.

He could not help but think about what his eighth senior had said to him when he emerged from the Neptunean Divine Palace.

“Junior brother, your senior I have a grasp over the Way of Fate. I can see the fates of many people and even vaguely peer into the karma of a person’s past life. In you and Yun Xiaoyan’s past life, Yun Xiaoyan was deeply in love with you and once did many things for you, but you always let her down, deeply hurting her heart. In the end, Yun Xiaoyan died because of you. Her life ended because of you.”

“The two of you having the chance to meet in this life might be the secret arrangement of the strands of fate. As a result, you can’t let her down again in this life.”

The eighth majesty did not tell him about what had happened between them in their past lives because even she was only able to see the surface and not the full picture. However, just that was enough to make it no longer possible for Ming Dong to treat Yun Xiaoyan cruelly.

“Ninth majesty, secret arrangements are occurring in various places across the Cloud Plane. It’s the calm before the storm. Something major might be about to happen,” at this moment, a gleam of golden light flashed through the eyes of the scholarly, middle-aged man who followed Ming Dong every step along the way.

Ming Dong dismissed his thoughts when he heard that. He said indifferently, “I don’t care what happens as long as the Tian Yuan clan is unscathed.”

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