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Chapter 221: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (Two)

The Tianxiong clan was positioned in the northern part of the city. Just past the large halls of the Tianxiong courtyards, the Tianxiong clan’s leader Tianxiong Lie sat upon his throne with two people by his side. Both of them were young, but their presence was unusual and their eyes flickered with an unusual light, making others feel that these two were not like common people.

A year ago, even though the Tianxiong clan had suffered a tremendous loss from Jian Chen and were no longer the number one clan in the eyes of Wake City, everyone still understood that the Tianxiong clan’s peak experts had not weakened at all. In terms of martial prowess, they still maintained the spot of the number one clan.

The main reason was because of Tianxiong Lie. Although he had stopped at the Middle Great Saint Master level, he had an earth attributed Saint Force which granted him superiority over others. Even those at the Peak Great Saint Master level wouldn’t be able to contend against Tianxiong Lie.

However, in terms of controlling Wake City, the Tianxiong clan was no longer in power like it used to be. That was because Tianxiong Kang’s death, had brought a great amount of pain to Tianxiong Lie. Because of that, he didn’t pay enough attention to the control his Tianxiong clan had over Wake City, therefore their power declined despite having enough martial power to maintain it. Tianxiong Lie himself had changed drastically during this year as well. His entire body grew thin and even his hair became gray.

Tianxiong Lie had a smile on his face as he looked at the men in front of him. There was a lively look to their faces, and if anyone were to recognize them, they would be so surprised that their jaws would drop. That was because these people were the very well known figures and captains of the larger mercenary groups in Wake City. Each one of them represented a different mercenary group and were very strong men in their own rights. Each mercenary group had a number of over a hundred people with a strength that was not like most groups. Among the group in front of him, there were even two elders who held two different clans with large amounts of political power.

These groups of men could even be said to hold an incredible amount of power within Wake City. It was only when something major was about to happen that they would all convene together. Otherwise it would be very hard for everyone to meet up, thus anyone that saw this sight would be astonished.

“Fellow brothers, I’ve invited everyone here today for their assistance in helping me kill a person!” Tianxiong Lie spoke out to the representatives of each mercenary group with a loud voice.

“Haha, Tianxiong Lie, we’ve been friends for over a dozen years now. Whatever it is you need help with, then all you need is to ask. As long as I have the power, I will do it.” After Tianxiong Lie had spoken, a sturdy looking middle aged man had answered him.

“That’s right, Tianxiong Lie. With our friendship, whatever it is you need help with you just have to ask. You don’t have to beat around the bush like a virgin on her wedding night!” Spoke a dark tanned man. He wore short pants, revealing bulges of muscle on his legs. From the looks of it, those legs looked as if they were capable of bending a steel plate in half with a simple kick.

After that, the entire group of men began to call out their agreement to helping out Tianxiong Lie.

After hearing this, Tianxiong Lie had a faint smile on his face as he sat there. Almost if he had remembered something, the smile on his face quickly receded.

In a circle of emotions, Tianxiong Lie suddenly had a painful expression, “Fellow brothers, do you still remember when my son Tianxiong Kang was killed a year ago.”

Hearing that, everyone looked at each other with a solemn face. However, no one spoke out it was as if they were waiting for Tianxiong Lie to say something.

Tianxiong Lie continued to speak, “A year ago, a single youth entered Wake City and murdered my son Tianxiong Kang. Not only that, but he dealt a serious blow to my Tianxiong clan, and despite me personally chasing after him, it was to no avail due to his cunningness. Using the terrain of the Magical Beast Mountain Range to ambush and kill the experts of my Tianxiong clan, in the end, he finally escaped from my grasp.”

Tianxiong Lie’s face began to grow more and more wrathful as he talked. He despised Jian Chen down to the bone because not only did Jian Chen kill his son Tianxiong Kang, but he had even played around with Tianxiong Lie while in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. To him, this was a personal disgrace; he had never been beaten to such a miserable degree by anyone of a lower level of strength like this before.

“Tianxiong Lie, could it be the murderer of your son has returned to Wake City once more?” The dark skinned person from before spoke out once more.

Tianxiong Lie nodded his head slightly, “Surely everyone has heard about the major event yesterday. Not only was the Zhou Mercenaries eradicated, but the Zhou clan itself was destroyed in a single day. However, after a small investigation, the man who destroyed both the Zhou clan and Zhou Mercenaries was a twenty year old youth named Jian Chen.”

Everyone’s face immediately hardened like stone the moment they heard that final sentence along with a mixture of extreme shock. They had already heard about the massacre of the Zhou clan, but they hadn’t known as much about the matter as Tianxiong Lie. What surprised them the most was that the person who had destroyed both groups in a single day was merely a twenty year old youth. This was all but inconceivable to them.

Immediately the whole group went quiet as they processed this piece of information. After a while, an elder broke the silence. “Tianxiong Lie, this Jian Chen who destroyed the Zhou clan, he surely must not be weak at all.”

Tianxiong Lie shook his head slightly with furrowed eyebrows. “I fought against him a year ago and understood his strength quite well. At the most, he was nothing more than a Saint Master and wasn’t even able of handling a single blow from me. Yet, he was also extremely fast so that even as I chased him I had to use quite a large amount of energy. Because of this, he escaped from me. Furthermore, his sword strokes were extremely fast as well. Anyone on his level of strength would simply not have enough time to react, and in that moment, he was able to kill the Saint Masters of my clan in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Although this was a year ago, even if he was able to improve his strength, there must be a limit. Even a genius with an outstanding potential would not be able to make a breakthrough from a Saint Master to the Peak Great Saint Master or Earth Saint Master in the span of a single year. So it is my guess that he had some help with eradicating the Zhou clan.”

“Tianxiong Lie, do you mean to ask if you want our help to capture the assassin who killed your son?” A regular looking man asked.

“I’ve invited everyone here today not to help capture him, but to help block him if he tries to escape once more. I do not wish for him to slip away from my grasp again, and if he truly does dare to appear within Wake City, then I, Tianxiong Lie, swear that he will not leave the city alive.” Tianxiong Lie pledged. As he spoke, his tone gradually grew colder and colder as his eyes began to spark with a killing intent.

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