Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2210 - Going To The Desolate Plane (Two)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2210 - Going To The Desolate Plane (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2210: Going to the Desolate Plane (Two)

“Alright. The Desolate Plane it is then!” Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before agreeing. Indeed, there was a reason why he had to go to the Desolate Plane – the Radiant Saint Hall resided on the Desolate Plane.

Ever since he came to the Saints’ World, he had struggled to make any progress with his Radiant Saint Force. Even now, his cultivation realm as a Radiant Saint Master remained at the same level as when he was on the Tian Yuan Continent. It was not because he did not want to increase it. Rather, it was because he lacked the cultivation method.

During this time, he had considered creating his own cultivation method, but the creation of each one would take a lengthy period of time. It required countless predictions and experiments before taking shape. As a result, creating a cultivation method clearly did not suit Jian Chen.

“I have a star chart here. It accurately displays the locations of the forty-nine planes and eighty-one planets of the Saints’ World as well as some forbidden zones that you should never set foot in,” said Xuan Ming. Jian Chen’s decision to go to the Desolate Plane immediately delighted Xuan Ming. Immediately, he gave Jian Chen his star chart as if he was afraid that Jian Chen would get lost.

The Desolate Plane was Xuan Ming’s home, so Jian Chen perfectly understood Xuan Ming’s feelings. He accepted the star chart from Xuan Ming and said to Kai Ya, “Let’s not tarry. We’ll head there right now. We have to get to the Desolate Plane before the Azure Peng King breaks free.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen piloted the Anatta Tower in search of a way out.

In the Saints’ World, when he and Kai Ya combined their efforts, they could just barely rip open space. However, they dared not do that in the spatial crack, even when Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body had reached the thirteenth layer.

This was because it was just too dangerous. Danger basically laid at every step. Even the slightest ripple of energy could set off a chain reaction and lead to even more severe danger. If they used their full strength here, terrifying consequences would have occurred before they could rip open space.

After all, they did not possess strength as terrifying as the Azure Peng King’s, where he had no need to fear the threats here.

As a result, they had to find another way out.

However, Jian Chen had the Anatta Tower protecting him. As long as he did not go outside, he could go anywhere in the spatial crack. As a result, he found a crack that led to the outside world. The crack was very small, only a metre long.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen immediately shrunk the Anatta Tower to the size of a finger and charged out from the tiny crack.

However, as soon as he returned to the Saints’ World, pulses of powerful energy swept over.

Nearby, a colossal space beast was engaged in an intense battle against a bloodied old man.

Whether it was the space beast or the old man, they were both extremely powerful. The shockwaves of energy from their fight formed terrifying storms that swept through the sky, causing it to collapse and become covered with cracks.

The Anatta Tower charged out from one of those cracks.

Jian Chen did not stick his nose into the old man’s business. He carefully hid and charged far away because the space beast and the old man were both existences that he could not deal with.

The old man was completely suppressed by the space beast. He devoted his efforts to the battle, so he clearly failed to notice the tiny Anatta Tower. In the end, Jian Chen basically slipped away from right in front of them with the Anatta Tower.

“Fortunately, we’re close to planet Scarlet Cloud of the eighty-one planets. With our speed, we should be able to reach there in a day. Hopefully, we can make it.” Jian Chen stowed the Anatta Tower away and took out a small spaceship that Xuan Ming had given him. He unfurled the star chart and hurried off to planet Scarlet Cloud full speed ahead.

Xuan Ming’s spaceship was of impressive quality. It was extremely fast. In the end, the estimated day’s journey was completed in just four hours. They arrived on the Scarlet Cloud Plane.

This time, he did not have Kai Ya accompanying him. After disguising himself once again, he set foot on the planet alone. He directly made his way to a teleportation formation that could take people across planes.

“The Desolate Plane is five hundred five-colored divine crystals per a person. Remember, you can’t have anything living in your spatial treasures. Once the formations senses something, there’ll be severe consequences,” a guard who managed the teleportation formations warned Jian Chen sternly.

Jian Chen was secretly stunned when he heard the price. He knew that the price would be very high, so high that even a Primordial realm expert would become troubled, but he had never thought it would be so high.

A hundred supreme quality divine crystals were only worth a single one-colored divine crystal. Ten one-colored divine crystals were worth a single two-colored divine crystal, while ten two-colored divine crystals were worth a single three-colored divine crystal. This went on, so a single five-colored divine crystal was equivalent to ten thousand one-colored divine crystals. If it was exchanged to supreme quality divine crystals, a single five-colored divine crystal would be equivalent to a million supreme quality divine crystals.

Yet, a single teleportation cost five hundred of them!

It simply had to be mentioned that the price for teleportation this time was exorbitant.

Jian Chen gasped. He handed over five hundred five-colored divine crystals rather painfully before entering the teleportation emotionlessly.

The guards near the teleportation formation all paid close attention to Jian Chen. Along the way to the teleportation formation, there were special formations that could check whether people were carrying anything living in their spatial treasures.

Basically, all the people who controlled planar teleportation formations in the Saints’ World would forbid people from carrying anything living with them for the sake of profit.

It would not affect the stability of the formation at all. It was purely for profit.

It was also because of this reason that many rather powerful clans and organisations would rather take an arduous journey through space on a spaceship than to take teleportation formations.

However, Jian Chen was not worried about the formations discovering that he carried other with him. The Anatta Tower was an impressive god artifact after all. It could not be discovered through any old formation. Even Qing Yixuan and Hei Ya had been shifted from the divine hall into the Anatta Tower.

In the end, Jian Chen passed through the formation successfully and left planet Scarlet Cloud to go to the Desolate Plane.

When Jian Chen left planet Scarlet Cloud, the Azure Peng King finally charged out of the temporal vortex in the spatial crack. He could see that the Anatta Tower had already vanished, so his expression became extremely ugly.

“Even its traces have vanished. It looks like I’ve been trapped for quite some time. However, I have a droplet of your blood, so no matter where you go, you can’t escape from me,” the Azure Peng King said through gritted teeth.

In a primarily pink, warmly-decorated room of the Tian Yuan Clan, Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin sat at a table. They ate fruit as they talked to each other leisurely.

At this moment, a black-robed old man with an ordinary appearance appeared behind Xiao Ling silently like a ghost.

The first to discover the old man was Xiao Jin, who sat opposite to Xiao Ling. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and he immediately stood up. He called out, “Who are you?”

The old man was amiable. He looked at Xiao Ling curiously, but he felt confused inside. He thought, “This girl is only at Reciprocity, so why has master sent me personally to receive her?”

“Wah! Grandpa, who are you? How did you get in here?” Xiao Ling also discovered the old man behind her. Her pure little face was filled with surprise.

The old man said nothing. He did not give off any presence either such that he seemed ordinary. He studied Xiao Ling for a while before carefully taking out a lock of hair.

He held the lock of hair with both hands as if it was extremely important. Even respect filled his face.

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