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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2211 - Heavenless Takes Action
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Chapter 2211: Heavenless Takes Action

However, the instance Xiao Ling saw the lock of hair, she became stunned. Her large, bright, and pure eyes stared at the lock of black hair that the black-robed old man held with both hands. Gradually, her eyes turned red as tears pooled up rapidly.

In the next moment, Xiao Ling suddenly broke out into tears. Tears ran down her face along with memories.

“Master. Master, where are you? Have you abandoned Xiao Ling? Have you forgotten Xiao Ling? Xiao Ling really misses you so much..” Xiao Ling took the lock of hair from the old man’s hands and pressed it against her face gently as she sobbed with a heavy sense of longing.

Xiao Jin, who stood to one side, could not endure it when he saw how sorrowful Xiao Ling had become. Suddenly, he looked at the old man of unknown origins and asked, “Where did you get the lock of hair from?” Xiao Jin had spent so much time with Xiao Ling. Naturally, he knew that his sister Xiao Ling had a master in the past. Now that he saw Xiao Ling suddenly remember her master from the lock of hair, he naturally understood that the lock of hair came from Xiao Ling’s master.

The old man ignored Xiao Jin. Currently, Xiao Jin was basically non-existent in his eyes. He did not raise the old man’s attention at all. He directed all his attention towards Xiao Ling, who held the lock of hair as she sobbed.

“Little sister, sense it closely. Is the presence on the lock of hair really your master’s? Are you completely certain?” The old man asked carefully. His gaze towards Xiao Ling became extremely strange.

“It can’t be wrong. It can’t be wrong. This is my master’s presence. This is my master’s presence. It’s impossible for me to get my master’s presence wrong,” Xiao Ling said with absolute confidence. With tears on her cheeks, she looked at the old man hopefully and sobbed, “Grandpa, please tell me where you got my master’s hair from. Please. I really, really want to see my master.” Xiao Ling was basically begging. Her longing for her master had basically accumulated over a million years. Even when she came to the Saints’ World with Jian Chen, her primary objective was to find her master.

This was because in Xiao Ling’s life, her master was like her father. He was an extremely important figure in her life that no one could replace.

The old man sucked in a deep breath, and his gaze towards Xiao Ling changed drastically. Only after a while of silence did he say, “I am Cheng Ming, a servant of my master. You can directly call me by my name. The lock of hair came from my master, and he gave it to me. He sent me to the Cloud Plane in search of you with the lock of hair. He wanted me to take you away.”

“If you want to see your master, please come with me.”

“Is your master Mo Tianyun?” Xiao Jin asked as he stared at Cheng Ming in shock.

Xiao Jin was not unfamiliar with Mo Tianyun. He was a legendary figure in the history of the Tian Yuan Continent, one of the four champions of the ancient times. His renown had lasted for a million years, affecting generations to come.

Cheng Ming frowned. He glanced at Xiao Jin with quite some displeasure and said coldly, “I dare not discuss about my master’s name so casually. Do not ask for it recklessly.”

“Alright. I’ll go with you. I want to see my master soon. However, I have to take brother Xiao Jin with me,” Xiao Ling immediately replied. Her master’s position in her heart was unshakeable. No one could replace him. Now that she had finally received news of her master, she was tempted to fly to his side immediately.

“Of course. We’ll set off immediately. Go bid farewell to your friends outside, just in case it leads to some misunderstanding,” Cheng Ming said and glanced outside.

Xiao Ling nodded. Suddenly, her heart began to burn warmly as she ran out eagerly and excitedly. She wanted to bid farewell to the people of the Tian Yuan clan.

However, as soon as Xiao Ling opened the door, she discovered a middle-aged, scholarly man in white robes standing at the doorway. Xiao Ling almost ran into him.

Behind the middle-aged man were Ming Dong and Yun Xiaoyan.

“Why have you come here?” Xiao Ling wiped away her tears and asked in surprise.

“How can I not worry when an uninvited guest barges into the Tian Yuan clan and directly enters sister Xiao Ling’s room?” Ming Dong said from behind the middle-aged man. Suddenly, he looked behind Xiao Ling. He looked at the black-robed Cheng Ming, who made his way over steadily, and he became stern. He said coldly, “Who are you? State your intentions.”

Seeing that the person who spoke was actually Ming Dong, Cheng Ming revealed a smear of surprise. He looked at Ming Dong deeply before pointing at Xiao Ling, “My master is her master. I’ve come under my master’s orders to take her away.”

“Your master is Mo Tianyun?” Ming Dong’s eyes narrowed. As soon as Mo Tianyun was mentioned, he could not help but become stern. He asked, “How can you prove it?”

“I can prove it. The presence from this lock of hair belongs to my master. It’s impossible for me to get my master’s presence wrong. I want to see my master immediately,” Xiao Ling said eagerly. Afterwards, she immediately ran past the middle-aged man and headed towards the people she was familiar with in the Tian Yuan clan to bid farewell to them.

“I wonder where senior Mo Tianyun is and how I can find him. I’d like to visit him in person,” Ming Dong also clasped his hands towards Cheng Ming after Xiao Ling left. Clearly, he believed this person slightly. He knew the old man before him had a very powerful cultivation such that the divine general beside him had to face him sternly. Experts like that would not lower themselves by lying.

Ming Dong was filled with admiration towards Mo Tianyun. He came from the Tian Yuan Continent as well after all, so he had heard many rumours about Mo Tianyun. Mo Tianyun had been a great impact on him.

“Please forgive me for being unable to answer your question. I can only pass on your message to master,” said Cheng Ming.

Afterwards, Ming Dong tried to learn some things about Mo Tianyun from Cheng Ming again, but Cheng Ming kept his mouth shut tight, so Ming Dong failed to learn anything. As a matter of fact, Cheng Ming never even admitted that his master was the Mo Tianyun Ming Dong mentioned. He always referred to him as master.

“Alright, let’s go. I want to see my master quick,” very soon, Xiao Ling ran back with lightning speed. Her sudden departure had alarmed many important people of the Tian Yuan clan. Not only had the greatest elder of the Tian Yuan clan, Xi Yu, personally come, but even Sacredfeather came.

Cheng Ming nodded. Without saying anything more, he gently swung his sleeve and disappeared with Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin.

“Who is he? Not only am I unable to sense his cultivation at all, but I also felt nothing when he barged into the Tian Yuan clan,” an old man behind Xi Yu said in complete surprise after the two of them had vanished.

He was a subject of the Xi Empire and an Infinite Prime. He had been specially sent by the Xi Emperor to protect Xi Yu.

“He has already reached the peak of Chaotic Prime and is only a step away from Grand Prime. Naturally, you won’t be able to sense him,” said the middle-aged man who followed Ming Dong.

“What? Peak Chaotic Prime!” All the upper echelon of the Tian Yuan clan paled in fright. They were utterly shocked.

“Uncle Ming, have you heard of the name Mo Tianyun before?” Ming Dong asked the divine general.

The middle-aged man referred to as uncle Ming shook his head, “I’ve never heard of this name before. However, seeing how he can have a peak Chaotic Prime as a servant, he must be a Grand Prime and an extremely powerful one at that. Perhaps, Mo Tianyun is not his real name. He might have another name in the Saints’ World.”

Cheng Ming had already left the Cloud Plane with Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin. He hurried through outer space. He did not use any spaceships. Instead, he walked leisurely, like he was strolling through space.

He moved extremely quickly, passing a world with each step. The stars around him changed rapidly, and in just a few steps, the tremendous Cloud Plane had become the size of a hand, hovering in outer space silently.

“Hehehehe, I never thought the grand elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult and the War Demon, one of the five infamous generals, would actually come to the Cloud Plane personally. Since you’ve come, why leave in such a hurry?”

At this moment, cold laughter rang out in outer space. A huge cloud of demonic aura churned before Cheng Ming, giving off a terrifying, devastating presence.

“The Heavenless Demon Exalt!” Cheng Ming stopped. He glared at the cloud of demonic aura and called out as his face sank.

Beside Cheng Ming, the War Demon who accompanied him appeared. He stared at the churning black cloud sternly and growled, “This Heavenless Demon Exalt has come with ill intentions. Grand elder, you leave with them first. I’ll cover you.”

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