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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2216 - One-colored Soulcore
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2216: One-colored Soulcore

A layer of milky-white light from the envoy surrounded Jian Chen. Afterwards, he was taken away from the city at the envoy’s full speed, which also happened to be extremely slow in Jian Chen’s eyes.

The black-clothed envoy was clearly a Hallowed Saint Master. He was cool, expressionless, and silent. He did not talk to Jian Chen at all, only focusing on the journey.

Jian Chen said nothing as well. He had closed his eyes now, silently sensing the envoy’s usage and grasp over Radiant Saint Force to comprehend the wonders within it.

The envoy’s cultivation was only equivalent to an early Overgod. In the eyes of someone who could kill Primordial realm experts like Jian Chen, such cultivation was basically as insignificant as an ant. However, the envoy’s achievements with Radiant Saint Force could not be compared to Jian Chen’s, who had only reached Class 9 as a Radiant Saint Master.

As a result, Jian Chen had many things he could learn from the envoy.

Very soon, Jian Chen completely submerged himself in the comprehension of Radiant Saint Force. He was an expert who could fight someone at the Primordial realm after all, so he possessed a rich foundation. His Radiant Saint Force remained at Class 9 and never broke through because he never found a path to continue.

Now, he was able to comprehend the envoy’s usage of Radiant Saint Force at such proximity, so it was like seeing a lighthouse within the dark night. He instantly found his path.

Suddenly, dazzling, milky-white light flickered around Jian Chen. The light shone brighter and brighter, becoming like the sun in the sky. It enveloped Jian Chen completely.

At the same time, strands of extremely pure Radiant Saint Force and origin energy gathered in from all directions, forming a swirl of energy that only Radiant Saint Masters could sense above Jian Chen’s head. Like a whale taking in water, he completely absorbed all the Radiant Saint Force and origin energy that gathered above him.

The soulcore in Jian Chen’s head that had been completely condensed from Radiant Saint Force and origin energy, representing him as a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master, revolved rapidly. It grew at a terrifying rate, undergoing a qualitative transformation.

In the end, the pure-white soulcore became scarlet. It hovered in Jian Chen’s head quietly as it shone with faint red light. It seemed like a scarlet flower.

“You’ve actually broken through at a time like this. It looks like your talent is pretty impressive,” the envoy glanced at Jian Chen and sighed in surprise.

But clearly, even when Jian Chen broke through, his strength was still on a completely different level compared to the envoy’s. As a result, his breakthrough did not raise too much of the envoy’s attention.

The question was, would the envoy still be able to remain as composed as he was right now when he found out Jian Chen that was an expert who could kill Primordial realm experts?

“The seven colors of the soulcore are equivalent to the three levels of the Origin realm and the four levels of Godhood. My soulcore is scarlet right now, which means I’ve formally advanced from Class 9 to Class 10 as a Radiant Saint Master,” thought Jian Chen. He had never thought he would make a breakthrough before he had even arrived at the Radiant Saint Master.

Moreover, he had broken through without a cultivation method, finding his direction completely through the envoy’s usage of Radiant Saint Force.

He could not help but become eager. He had no idea what impressive cultivation method he could obtain from the Radiant Saint Hall and how his cultivation as a Radiant Saint Force would advance at an astonishing rate.

After all, he was different from others. On the surface, he was only a Radiant Saint Master who had just made it to Class 10, but in reality, he was also a fighter with a powerful soul.

“We’re here. This is the Radiant Saint Hall,” at this moment, the envoy said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen looked over with that. He discovered he had arrived amidst a mountain range that was extremely abundant in Radiant Saint Force. Stone huts or dwellings could be seen everywhere as white-robed Radiant Saint Masters moved about all over the place. They flew in the sky, wrapped around by a dense layer of white light. They seemed to possess the slight bearing of an immortal.

Jian Chen only glanced at the landscape around him casually before suddenly raising his head and looking up ahead.

He could see that a colossal divine hall stood amongst the clouds a million kilometres away. It shone with dazzling, pure-white light that illuminated the surroundings and enveloped the endless mountains.

The entire divine hall seemed extremely holy. It gave off a sacred presence, which would make people feel reverence towards it.

“We’re in the exterior mountains of the Radiant Saint Hall. The disciples of weaker strength and talent gather here. You’re a one star genius, so you have the right to directly enter the interior mountains and take a Radiant Godking as a teacher. Each Radiant Godking is referred to as protector in our Radiant Saint Hall.”

“In the past decade, protector Han has been responsible for all the new starred disciples.”

“I’ll take you to protector Han’s territory. You can cultivate under his tutelage from today onwards. If you are outstanding, maybe you’ll gain the right to enter the sacred hall,” the envoy explained to Jian Chen. As soon as he mentioned the sacred hall, he could not help but show anticipation.

The envoy brought Jian Chen to one of the peak of the interior mountain before leaving by himself.

Jian Chen discovered that aside from himself, there were two other people waiting there.

He was familiar with the two of them. They were the two other starred geniuses who had entered the Radiant Saint Hall with him. They were the one star genius Bai Yu and the five star genius Zhuo Feng.

“Hmm? You’re a starred genius as well? Can you tell me how many stars you have?”

Jian Chen’s arrival immediately attracted Bai Yu and Zhuo Feng’s gazes. Bai Yu looked at Jian Chen as she blinked with her large eyes as she asked him curiously.

“I barely just made it into the ranks of the one star geniuses,” Jian Chen showed off his token of authority and said indifferently.

“How many colors does your soulcore have?” Zhuo Feng asked with undisguised arrogance as if he was superior to Jian Chen.

There were no Class 10 or Class 11 in the Saints’ World. Cultivation level was determined by the colors of the soulcore.

“I only just condensed the first color,” Jian Chen ignored Zhuo Feng’s attitude and said indifferently. He was not a fighter anymore. He was just a weak Radiant Saint Master.

“You’ve only condensed the first color? Hehehe, then I’m stronger than you. I’ve already condensed the second color. Senior Zhuo Feng is the most powerful. He has already reached the peak of the three-colored soulcore. If no accidents happen, senior Zhuo Feng should be our first senior brother, while I will be the second senior sister. As for you, you’ll be our little junior brother.”

“Little junior brother, what’s your name? Oh right, quickly greet me as your senior sister,” Bai Yu was especially active and open. She giggled at Jian Chen.

As for Zhuo Feng, he could not help but begin looking down on Jian Chen after he heard that Jian Chen only had a one-colored soulcore.

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