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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2223 - A Deal
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Chapter 2223: A Deal

“Senior Mo Tianyun, you seem to understand the Radiant Saint Hall a lot.”

Mo Tianyun smiled mysteriously again, “I’ve come to the Radiant Saint Hall quite a few times. I’ve also entered their sacred hall, so I do know quite a lot about it.”

“It looks like senior Mo Tianyun has close ties with the high-ranking members of the Radiant Saint Hall,” thought Jian Chen. Then he thought of something and asked, “Senior Mo Tianyun, do you know how to enter the Tower of Radiance?” Since Mo Tianyun knew the important figures of the Radiant Saint Hall, his knowledge was naturally greater than his teacher Han Xin. If Mo Tianyun knew the most direct way to enter the Tower of Radiance, it would be good news to Jian Chen.

Mo Tianyun said in thought, “Two vice-leaders need to take part personally whenever the Tower of Radiance is opened, so you can’t just go in when you want to. The easiest way is to become the disciple of a vice-leader and get them to open the Tower of Radiance for you. Once people learn about your talent, there’ll be many vice-leaders who would want to take you in as a disciple.”

“After all, there has only been one other person who became a Hallowed Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore in the past million years.”

“Moreover, the Radiant Saint Hall is about to decide a Chosen Saint. Once they have a Chosen Saint, the Tower of Radiance will be opened once again, and every single Chosen Saint can choose nine retainers to enter the Tower of Radiance with them,” Mo Tianyun paused. He seemed to look at Jian Chen with a smile, “You can choose to become one of the nine and follow the Chosen Saint into the Tower of Radiance. That’s a second way in.”

“Otherwise, there’s only one last method. The Tower of Radiance opens once every five hundred years, and all the Radiant Saint Masters can use their merit to exchange for time in the Tower of Radiance.”

“However, I wouldn’t recommend the last method. That’s because only around two or three hundred years have passed since the last opening, so you’ll need to wait another two hundred years at the very least.”

Jian Chen frowned when he heard that. He murmured, “Two hundred years are indeed a little too long, but the first method will increase the risk of me exposing my Martial Soul Force. It looks like I can only become a retainer of a Chosen Saint then.”

“Being selected as a retainer is not easy. In the history of the Radiant Saint Hall, every single retainer has been a peak Godking. Although peak Godking Radiant Saint Masters have ceased to exist in the Radiant Saint Hall in the recent years, the Chosen Saints have never had retainers who were weaker than early Godking. But right now, your level as a Radiant Saint Master is only equivalent to Receival,” said Mo Tianyun. It was very obvious what he was trying to say. With Jian Chen’s current strength, he had no right to become a retainer of a Chosen Saint.

“It looks like becoming a retainer is almost impossible for me right now,” Jian Chen smiled bitterly. At this moment, he really had no idea what to do. Did he really have to wait for two centuries?

This was because the Tower of Radiance truly possessed something he needed. He might even be able to find everything the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall knew and many powerful cultivation methods and battle skills in there.

This was because Mo Tianyun had already disclosed the fact that whether it was the leader or the vice-leaders, all they knew came from the Tower of Radiance.

As a result, Jian Chen had to enter the Tower of Radiance.

However, out of all the choices presented before him right now, only the third one would work.

He had never even considered taking a vice-leader as a master, as it would definitely increase his chances of being exposed. He could hide the existence of the sword spirits, but he did not have complete confidence in hiding his Martial Soul Force.

As a vice-leader of the Radiant Saint Hall, their cultivation would definitely be far greater than his. Their knowledge, understanding, and the comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed would be at a level that Jian Chen could only look up to. As long as he exposed a single hole in his story, he might end up being exposed.

However, becoming a retainer of a Chosen Saint required the cultivation of a seven-colored soulcore at the very least. He had just condensed a one-colored soulcore, so he was nowhere near that level.

Xuan Ming’s father was one of the eight vice-leaders. Currently, Xuang Ming was hiding in the Anatta Tower. Jian Chen did consider using his connection to Xuan Ming, but he also ended up dismissing the idea. Xuan Ming already knew his identity as a fighter. If he asked Xuan Ming for help, it would be no different than actively exposing his Martial Soul Force.

Seeing Jian Chen’s frown, Mo Tianyun smiled, “If you’re willing to become the retainer of a Chosen Saint, I do have quite a good idea.”

“What idea?” Jian Chen immediately asked. Even if he had to become the retainer of a Chosen Saint temporarily, he would be extremely willing as long as he could enter the Tower of Radiance.

Mo Tianyun waved his hand, and a fist-sized ball of light immediately appeared.

Jian Chen immediately felt an uncontrollable desire rise up from the depths of his soul when he saw the ball of light. He was tempted to devour the ball of light directly.

The ball of light gave off a feeling that brought great comfort to Jian Chen’s soul. Just a few glances at it gave him the impression that the power of his soul had increased drastically.

“This is a puresoul, the purest power of an expert’s soul after it has been refined countless times and purged of all impurities,” Jian Chen called out. He just happened to have read about puresouls from a Space Ring he had obtained, so he recognised it with a single glance.

“This puresoul actually gives me almost irresistible urges. It looks like this puresoul has been refined from a Primordial realm expert’s soul at the very least,” Jian Chen said sternly as his emotions became extremely mixed.

A Primordial realm expert could be considered as someone who had made it to the apex of the Saints’ World. These figures were once supreme existences in his eyes, yet now, he was actually looking at a puresoul refined from a Primordial realm expert’s soul.

“The owner of this puresoul was an Infinite Prime, so the density of the power within it is enough to interest any Godking. This should be enough to tempt those nine star geniuses who are about to take part in the competition to become the Chosen Saint,” said Mo Tianyun.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered as he hesitated. In the end, he shook his head, “Senior, this is just too precious. I can’t accept it.”

Mo Tianyun smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, I’m not giving you this puresoul for nothing. I’ll use this and some other treasures to strike a deal with you.”

“May I ask what item on me has caught senior’s eyes?” Jian Chen’s heart tightened as he suddenly thought of the Anatta Tower on him.

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