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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2233 - The Snowfall Peak
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Chapter 2233: The Snowfall Peak

The number of pills that Mo Tianyun had left for Jian Chen reduced with every passing day, but after ingesting so many pills, the recovery of Jian Chen’s soul was extremely evident. The remaining half of his soul basically strengthened every single day, replenishing the depleted power of the soul at an extremely rapid rate.

After who knows how long, Jian Chen, who had remained seated in the miniature world like a statue, finally stopped healing. At that moment, he slowly opened his eyes.

However, the moment he opened his eyes, they became extremely deep. His pupils seemed to have become two bottomless holes, where a glance at them would make one feel like their soul would be drawn away into the endless darkness.

Jian Chen did not detect what had happened in that instance. With the changes to his eyes, the most evident thing he discovered was that the surroundings, the world, and even the universe seemed different from before.

He was unable to explain exactly how it was different. It was just a feeling that he experienced after the strand of true Chaotic Force had fused with his soul.

It was an indescribable sensation, truly profound.

“The power of my soul has recovered, but my soul is only half in size now. If I want to fill the missing half, it’ll almost be impossible unless I recovered the other half.” Jian Chen stood up and stared off into the depths of space. His feelings were mixed.

After he recovered the power of his soul, he sensed a blurry connection with the other half of his soul. He could roughly feel its current location, and he could even sense it moving at high speeds.

However, Jian Chen also knew that the other half of his soul had developed its own self-consciousness. As he sensed its location, it could also sense his location, which was why it was definitely impossible if he wanted to retrieve the other half alone.

Let alone the fact that the other half was extremely distant from him right now, but as long as it sensed him approach it, he believed it would flee far away.

“Sigh,” Jian Chen exhaled gently. He no longer paid any more attention to the other half. Instead, he wore Mo Tianyun’s mask.

The mask was extremely extraordinary. As soon as he put it on, he felt like a faint, mysterious power had surrounded him. This power was extremely difficult to detect. If it were not for the changes to his soul from the Chaotic force, he probably would not have been able to sense the mysterious power even when wearing the mask.

Jian Chen controlled the mask so that it morphed into Chang Yang’s appearance before taking out the simple talisman he had received from Mo Tianyun. He activated the talisman, and its power took him away.

When Jian Chen appeared again, he had already returned to his dwelling in the Radiant Saint Hall on the Desolate Plane. It was exactly the same location where he had left with Mo Tianyun.

However, as soon as he returned to his dwelling, Jian Chen frowned. His dwelling was completely different from when he left. The flat ground of the dwelling was covered in soil and rocks now. The smooth walls in the surroundings also possessed many uneven nooks and crannies.

Currently, his dwelling seemed like a mess. It did not seem like a habitable place at all. Even the simple formations he had cast down at the entrance of the dwelling had been destroyed. Half of the entrance had collapsed.

Jian Chen looked at his messy dwelling calmly. However, the coldness in his eyes revealed that he was definitely not as calm as he seemed on the surface.

This was his dwelling, where he cultivated alone. From a certain sense, it was also his home. Yet someone had reduced it to such a messy state. It was impossible for him to be in a good mood.

Jian Chen made his way out of the dwelling silently. He did not use the senses of his soul. Instead, his powerful senses had already discovered Bai Yu, who was making her way towards his dwelling.

Jian Chen’s soul was no longer complete, but it was far more powerful than before. Before he had left with Mo Tianyun, he only needed to use the senses of his soul, and he could detect any changes on the mountain and find Han Xin who was cultivating.

But now, he had no need to use the senses of his soul. His five normal senses alone were enough to detect anything that happened on the mountain. He could even directly find where Han Xin was.

Moreover, he could clearly sense that Han Xin’s presence was weak. He was quite injured, currently healing in his dwelling at the top of the mountain.

“Ah. Little junior brother, you’re back?”

Bai Yu flew over while being surrounded by milky-white Radiant Saint Force. As soon as she arrived outside Jian Chen’s dwelling, she discovered Jian Chen with a single glance. She could not help but cry out immediately.

“LIttle junior sister, what has happened during the time I was gone? And what’s up with your wounds? Who injured you?” Jian Chen looked at Bai Yu and asked calmly.

“Hmm? Little junior brother, how did you tell that I was injured?” Bai Yu stared at Jian Chen in surprise. She had already recovered over ninety percent of her injuries, so it did not affect her at all. She was confident that she had recovered to a point where even her teacher, Han Xin, was unable to tell that she was injured. Despite this being the case, her junior who was weaker than her discovered it from a single glance. Naturally, Bai Yu was surprised.

“Tell me what happened,” Jian Chen kept asking.

Bai Yu became gloomy from that. Her pretty face was filled with a sense of being wronged. She said, “It’s all because of the disciples from the Snowfall Peak. The lord of our Soaring Clouds Peak, the teacher, had some grievances with the lord of the Snowfall Peak. A few days ago, the lord of the Snowfall Peak came to make trouble on our Soaring Clouds Peak, injuring our teacher in battle. After the teacher was injured, the disciples of the Snowfall Peak came to provoke our Soaring Clouds Peak time and time again. They challenged senior Zhuo Feng and me. If we did not accept, they would throw various verbal abuses at us. Senior Zhuo Feng and I could not stand it, so we could only accept the challenges. In the end, we were harassed by the disciples of the Snowfall Peak.”

Bai Yu’s eyes became slightly red and puffy when she reached there. When she thought about the abuse she had suffered from the disciples of the Snowfall Peak, she was filled with grievance.

“After harassing senior brother and me, they still were not satisfied. They basically searched through the entire mountain peak and found your dwelling after much difficulty. They wanted to force you out, but fortunately, you were not in your dwelling, or you’d probably suffer a fate even worse than senior brother.”

“Senior brother was very injured. Even though he had a three-colored soulcore, it still took him a rather long time to recover. They went easier on me, so my wounds were lighter.”

“The Snowfall Peak!” Jian Chen stood with his arms crossed as he listened to Bai Yu narrate the entire matter. A cold light flickered through his eyes as he growled, “How many are there, and what are their strength?”

“There are a total of five disciples from the Snowfall Peak. I heard that the most powerful one has already been with the Radiant Saint Hall for two hundred years. He has a four-colored soulcore and has already comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed, becoming a Hallowed Saint Master. He’s the first senior of the Snowfall Peak. However, the first senior did not come. The ones doing the harassing were led by their second senior brother,” said Bai Yu.

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