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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2234 - The Provocation
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Chapter 2234: The Provocation

“What’s the cultivation of the second senior brother?” Jian Chen continued to ask.

“The second senior of the Snowfall Peak is the same as senior Zhuo Feng. He also has a three-colored soulcore, but he has already touched on the basics of the Laws of the Hallowed, so he’s slightly more powerful than senior Zhuo Feng,” said Bai Yu.

Jian Chen nodded slightly. The battle prowess of Radiant Saint Masters was very weak. Even if they grasped the Radiant Artes, it was impossible for them to be particularly powerful. A Radiant Saint Master with a three-colored soulcore was definitely not the opponent of a Hallowed Saint Master with a two-colored soulcore. Since the second senior of the Snowfall Peak had touched on the basics of the Laws of the Hallowed, he was indeed not someone Zhuo Feng could deal with.

At this moment, Jian Chen glanced at the foot of the mountain and pointed at the distance, “Are they from the Snowfall Peak?”

Bai Yu’s heart leapt in surprise when she heard that. Immediately, she looked towards where Jian Chen was pointing at, and her face changed drastically. She said in a rather frantic manner, “It’s them. It’s them. The people from the Snowfall Peak are going overboard. They’ve actually come again. Junior brother, they’ve come to make trouble; they want to purposefully harass us who are weaker. Hide quick. Don’t let them find you. I’ll go find senior brother right now.” Before Bai Yu could finish speaking, she had already rushed off in a panic to find Zhuo Feng.

After Bai Yu had left, Jian Chen sat down on a boulder nearby and purposefully allowed his presence to radiate.

At this moment, four young men in white robes that signified their identity as Radiant Saint Masters were surrounded by a layer of milky-white light at the foot of the mountain. They talked and laughed along the way, steadily flying just slightly higher than the mountain itself.

The four young men were disciples of the Snowfall Peak. The person who led them was a handsome man who seemed to be twenty-five or twenty-six. However, when he glanced past the territory that belonged to the Soaring Clouds Peak, arrogance filled his face.

The young man was the second senior of the Snowfall Peak, Wen Cheng.

He had brought his three juniors brothers with him as he glanced across the Soaring Clouds Peak like he was inspecting it. He acted like the territory that belonged to Han Xin was his own.

“The three disciples under protector Han really aren’t anything special at all. I heard that person called Zhuo Feng was even a five star genius, yet he was still unable to withstand a single strike from second senior brother…”

“Though that Bai Yu really does have an extraordinary appearance. Whether it’s her face or her body shape, it is all basically perfect. It’s impossible to find any flaws. Honestly, only someone pretty like that is worthy of serving second senior brother…”

“That’s right. Second senior brother, with your background, it’s nothing difficult for you to subdue Bai Yu…”

The three junior brothers of the Snowfall Peak constantly sucked up to Wen Cheng from behind, trying to ingratiate themselves with him.

As for Wen Cheng, he seemed to enjoy this very much. He smiled arrogantly and said confidently, “Don’t worry. This Bai Yu won’t be able to escape from my hands. She’ll yield to me sooner or later. A mere protector Han Xin can’t protect her.”

Wen Cheng spoke arrogantly. He did not take the protectors of the Radiant Saint Hall seriously at all.

“Of course. With second senior brother’s background, let alone the mere protectors of the Radiant Saint Hall, but even the people on par with elders in the sacred hall probably dare not offend you…” The three junior brothers said.

Wen Cheng smiled indifferently and did not try to deny that fact. Just when he was about to say something else, his eyes suddenly narrowed, and he looked in another direction.

The direction happened to be an extremely remote region of the Soaring Clouds Peak, a place where very few people set foot in.

Yet Wen Cheng stared in that direction. The light in his eyes flickered as he gradually began to smile mysteriously, “It should be that person called Chang Yang. He was lucky last time. When we found his dwelling, he had already hidden himself, so we failed to find him. However, I’d like to see where you hide this time.”

“Chang Yang? The second senior brother of the Soaring Clouds Peak? Let’s head over there. I’d like to see the coward of the Soaring Clouds Peak.”

The four disciples smiled and changed their direction, directly flying towards Jian Chen’s dwelling.

Bai Yu, who had always paid attention to their movements, naturally discovered that they were approaching Jian Chen’s dwelling. Immediately, her heart tightened, and she rushed off to Zhuo Feng’s dwelling.

“Senior brother, something bad has happened. The people from the Snowfall Peak have come to our Soaring Clouds Peak again. They’re heading towards junior brother’s dwelling. Senior, let’s go help junior brother,” Bai Yu called out from outside of Zhuo Feng’s dwelling in a panic.

“Chang Yang, that coward that only knows how to hide, has returned?” Zhuo Feng’s voice rang out from the dwelling.

“Senior brother, you must be mistaken. Junior brother is definitely not someone like that. Maybe junior brother just happened to be out when the people from the Snowfall Peak came to cause trouble,” Bai Yu argued for Jian Chen.

Zhuo Feng snorted coldly, “Junior sister, you’re far too naive. You may know him, but you’ll never understand his true nature. Don’t get caught up in his appearance. Perhaps it’s exactly because Chang Yang learnt we were not as powerful as the Snowfall Peak that he hid. Perhaps Chang Yang already knew something like this would happen the moment he joined our Soaring Clouds Peak, so he set up a dwelling in an extremely remote region so that he would have a path of retreat.”

“Junior sister, go back. I look down on someone as cowardly as Chang Yang from the bottom of my heart. Even if I had the power to help him, I would never help someone like Chang Yang. And you shouldn’t go to Chang Yang’s dwelling anymore. He has no right to be my junior, nor does he have the right to be your second senior brother. Forget about him. Treat him like he doesn’t exist.”

Zhuo Feng spoke firmly, leaving no room for discussion.

“Senior brother, we all have the same teacher, so how can you be so merciless? Whatever. If you’re not going, I’m going,” Bai Yu said furiously and left.

At this moment, the four disciples of the Snowfall Peak led by Wen Cheng had already arrived near Jian Chen’s dwelling. They saw Jian Chen with a single glance as he sat on a bolder. Currently, he was surrounded by a milky-white light, seemingly in the midst of cultivation.

“He’s Chang Yang? Hehe, he’s actually cultivating outside. The environment outside is extremely complicated. In a situation where he gets frightened, he’ll suffer from cultivation deviation, and he can’t blame anyone else for it,” Wen Cheng sneered when he saw the cultivating Jian Chen before glancing at the people behind him.

A one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master behind him understood. He sniggered before directly casting a Radiant Arte, condensing a sword from Radiant Saint Force that shot towards the boulder beneath Jian Chen.


The rock under Jian Chen was blasted to pieces in an explosion.

Wen Cheng and his lackeys all stared at Jian Chen closely. They wanted to see whether Jian Chen would suddenly be frightened during his cultivation and suffer from cultivation deviation, or perhaps he would suffer from a backlash from the Radiant Saint Force and be reduced to a miserable state.

The cultivation of Radiant Saint Masters differed greatly from fighters. They condensed the pure Radiant Saint Force origin energy in the surroundings and fused it with the soulcore in their heads. The head was where the soul resided, so it was the frailest place. As a result, if they suffered some overly great stimulation or were frightened, it could easily lead to a loss of control over the Radiant Saint Force in the soulcore, leading to cultivation deviation.

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