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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2236 - The Fight In The Ring
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2236: The Fight in the Ring

“You’re called Lian Yan, right? Lian Yan, third disciple of the Snowfall Peak, I formally challenge you to a battle. Will you accept?” Jian Chen called out.

Jian Chen’s words immediately stunned the people present. A Radiant Saint Master who had just condensed a one-colored soulcore was actually challenging a Radiant Saint Master with a two-colored soulcore to a battle? Moreover, the Radiant Saint Master with the two-colored soulcore had broken through many years ago, having consolidated his cultivation long ago. Where did his confidence come from?

“Junior brother, don’t do that. You’ve only just broken through to one-colored soulcore recently. You still haven’t consolidated your cultivation, so don’t fight with Lian Yan,” Bai Yu tried her best to convince Jian Chen. After hesitating slightly, she whispered in Jian Chen’s ear, “This Lian Yan is very powerful. He can’t be compared to Liu Chengbin at all. Your senior sister couldn’t defeat him even with her two-colored soulcore and was injured instead. Junior brother, listen to me. You can’t fight Lian Yan no matter what happens.”

“Since junior sister’s wounds come from Lian Yan, there’s even more reason why I can’t spare him. I’m the second senior brother of the Soaring Clouds Peak after all,” said Jian Chen.

“You’re still arguing with me at a time like this,” Bai Yu was angered as soon as she heard Jian Chen refer to her as his junior sister. He was clearly weaker than her, yet he had become his senior. This had always made Bai Yu very conflicted inside.

“Lian Yan, I will be waiting for you in the ring on the Sky Gazing Peak,” Jian Chen ignored Bai Yu. After saying this to Lian Yan coldly, he flew towards the Sky Gazing Peak while surrounded by light.

There were rules within the Radiant Saint Hall. They did not interfere with spars between disciples of the same level, but once stronger disciples wanted to attack weaker disciples, they would be breaking the rules. It was forbidden. However, these weaker disciples could challenge those stronger disciples.

“Hmph, you sure are arrogant. Do you really think you have the right to fight against me just because you’ve defeated fifth junior brother? I’ll go with you then. I’ll show you that the power of the two-colored soulcore is not something your puny one-colored soulcore can rival.” On the other hand, Lian Yan sneered, flying behind Jian Chen.

There were many mountains around the Radiant Saint Hall. All Hallowed Saint Masters who had reached a level equivalent to Godking would be bestowed a mountain as their territory, and they would become protectors of the Radiant Saint Hall.

However, there were also larger and smaller mountains. The Soaring Clouds Peak and the Snowfall Peak were of the type that could not raise any attention at all.

The Sky Gazing Peak was one of the ninety-nine main peaks of the Radiant Saint Hall. It led close to a hundred peaks nearby, including the Soaring Clouds Peak and Snowfall Peak.

The Sky Gazing Peak was not as quiet as the Soaring Clouds Peak, which only had Han Xin and the three disciples. As one of the ninety-nine main peaks, the Sky Gazing Peak possessed businesses and entertainment, so it was extremely lively. The Radiant Saint Masters from various other peaks roamed on the Sky Gazing Peak. People hurried about constantly on the huge square.

Jian Chen had already understood all the rules of the Radiant Saint Hall, so as soon as he arrived on the Sky Gazing Peak, he directly made his way towards a ring. He stood in the ring leisurely and called out, “Disciple of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Chang Yang, with a one-colored soulcore, would like to challenge Lian Yan of the Snowfall Peak who has a two-colored soulcore!”

“What? A one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master is challenging a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master? That’s a battle of different levels. It’s quite rare.”

“The one-colored soulcore and two-colored soulcore are equivalent to Receival and Returnance for fighters. They’re an entire cultivation realm apart, so where is this guy getting his confidence from?”

“Is he a seven star genius or beyond? If he is a seven star genius, he really might possess the strength to defeat a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master with just a one-colored soulcore…”

Jian Chen’s voice attracted a lot of attention. Immediately, many Radiant Saint Masters gathered in from the surroundings. All of them cast surprised gazes at Jian Chen.

These Radiant Saint Masters were rather weak. Most of them had one-colored or two-colored soulcores. Very few people with three-colored soulcores paid attention.

As a result, when Lian Yan arrived here, over a hundred Radiant Saint Masters from various peaks had gathered around the ring.

Seeing Jian Chen standing there leisurely and the Radiant Saint Master in the surroundings, Lian Yan’s expression sank slightly. He seemed to understand Jian Chen’s intentions now. Even if he defeated Jian Chen before everyone, it would bring him no glory at all. After all, it was expected for a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master to defeat a one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master.

But on the other hand, if he was defeated, it would not be as simple as a failure for him.

“Junior brother, you have to be careful,” Bai Yu followed Lian Yan closely and arrived here as well. She called out in concern at Jian Chen.

“Who’s Lian Yan? Hurry up and get in the ring and defeat him. You can’t lose to a one-colored soulcore disciple with your two-colored soulcore. Otherwise, that would be truly humiliating..” At the same time, a few interested Radiant Saint Master called out from around the ring.

Lian Yan snorted coldly and looked at Jian Chen venomously. He sneered before entering the ring as well.

“Not only will I achieve a beautiful victory, but I will also make Chang Yang pay a heavy price. I will return fifth junior’s humiliation by tenfold,” Lian Yan secretly made up his mind. He stared at Jian Chen coldly and said, “Chang Yang, do it. I’d like to see what you’re capable of.”

Jian Chen smiled strangely when he heard that. He cut to the chase and condensed a sword from Radiant Saint Force, shooting it at Lian Yan.

“That’s a basic Radiant Arte, the Radiant Sword…”

“He’s dreaming for sure if he wants to defeat a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master with just a Radiant Sword…”

A few two-colored Soulcore Radiant Saint Masters gave their opinions.

Lian Yan sneered when he saw Jian Chen use the basic Radiant Arte. He thought, “With my cultivation as a two-colored soulcore, the Radiant Sword I cast definitely won’t be something you can fend off with your one-colored soulcore.” With a thought, Lian Yan condensed a Radiant Sword from Radiant Saint Force as well and shot it out.

On the surface, his Radiant Sword did seem much more powerful than Jian Chen’s.


Just as expected, as soon as the two Radiant Swords collided, Jian Chen’s Radiant Sword exploded loudly, having been destroyed by Lian Yan’s Radiant Sword. It dispersed in the surroundings as dense Radiant Saint Force.

Lian Yan’s Radiant Sword continued onwards without slowing down, shooting towards Jian Chen as a strand of white light.

“Be careful, junior brother!” Bai Yu called out in a panic from the surroundings. She was extremely nervous.

“He has gained the upper hand right from the start. It looks like the person called Chang Yang has already lost.”

“A one-colored soulcore is still a one-colored soulcore. The difference is extraordinary. Losing is nothing strange…”

“Indeed. If he won, it would be strange…”

Many Radiant Saint Masters discussed around the ring. They did not find this outcome to be surprising.

“Third junior, you have to properly teach Chang Yang a lesson. You need to show him how ignorant he is,” Wen Cheng called out from outside the ring. His gaze towards Jian Chen was also icy-cold.

Jian Chen was not surprised at all. He smiled mysteriously, and just as the Radiant Sword was going to hit him, Radiant Saint Force surged behind him. Immediately, he condensed a pair of snow-white wings. With a slight flutter, he left behind an afterimage and dodged the Radiant Saint with great composure. He charged right towards Lian Yan.

“It’s the Radiant Wings that can temporarily boost speed. But how can he move so quickly with them?”

“What speed. Even I didn’t see it properly. How can he reach such speeds with the Radiant Wings?”

“He’s two or three times faster than when I use the Radiant Wings. How did he achieve this?”

Cries immediately rang out in the surroundings.

Bai Yu, who had always been worrying for Jian Chen, also became stunned when she saw the speed Jian Chen had unleashed through the Radiant Wings. She covered her mouth and was left speechless.

This was because even she was unable to achieve Jian Chen’s speed after casting the Radiant Wings.

As Jian Chen charged over with the Radiant Wings, he suddenly extended a finger towards Lian Yan gently.

With that gesture, the Radiant Saint Force from the dispersed Radiant Sword immediately condensed rapidly. It turned into a white band of light, tying up Lian Yan completely under his stupefied gaze.

At the same time, Jian Chen arrived before Lian Yan with his Radiant Wings. He lifted his hand and directly swung it towards Lian Yan’s left cheek.


With a crisp sound, Lian Yan was knocked away by a slap just like his fifth junior.

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